Best Way to Teach Your Child to Recognize & Count Money

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Teaching your children to recognize and count money is a very valuable skill that they will use throughout their lives.  Teaching your children to recognize various coins and bills is a skill that you will teach very early in your child’s homeschooling journey. After they have mastered coin/bill recognition, and have learned the basics of skip counting and addition/subtraction, they are then ready to begin learning to count money.

The BEST Way to Teach Your Child to Recognize and Count Money

The key to successfully teaching your children to count money is to make it fun….and make it apply to their lives! This is a skill that your child will use most days of his/her life and it is a skill that they need to be fluent in.

So, how do you make learning to count money fun for your children?


Children LOVE stickers! The best way to get your children interested in learning a new subject is to use a tool that they love. Stickers make learning to recognize and count money more fun!

I recently came across the U.S. Coin & Currency Money Stickers set from Bright and Bold. Oh, how I wish that I would have access to this resource when my children were learning to recognize and count money. These stickers are SO much better than those cheap plastic “play” coins that we used….and here’s why:

Easy and FUN Way to Teach Your Child to Recognize & Count Money

  • Did I mention that they are stickers? And kids LOVE stickers! Enough said.
  • This set includes 1,346 stickers…you will NOT have the issue of running out of pennies like we always faced. To be exact, there are 330 pennies! I think our plastic play set included 10 pennies!
  • Not only does it include coins…but the set also includes BILLS!
  • The set has the latest 2017 images that are highly detailed and completely color accurate. Bills aren’t grey, but that’s how they were pictured in our “play money” set. That is confusing for children.
  • The stickers include both fronts and backs of coins. You can totally stick a front and back together {sticky side to sticky side}and have an actual coin/bill replica to use in games/activities.
  • The coin stickers are true to size, so there is no confusion for your children.

I know what you’re thinking– “but stickers are thin, flimsy, and tear easily!” And typically, you’re probably right…but not with these stickers! These stickers are THICK and durable. They don’t rip when you remove them from the backing….and they have a great adhesive and they actually stick when you want them to! Check out the video below where I show you just how amazing the quality of these stickers actually is–


The U.S. Coin & Currency Sticker Set from Bright and Bold is perfect for:

  • homeschooling parents
  • teachers
  • parents
  • anyone who wants to help a child learn to recognize and count money

Easy and FUN Way to Teach Your Child to Recognize & Count Money

Also included in the set, you will find:

  • 3 reproducible educational worksheets
  • lesser known coins such as the Kennedy 1/2 dollar & Sacagawea dollar

This currency and coin sticker set is the perfect addition to your math manipulative collection. Click here to learn more and purchase your set now!

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