Aunt Phil’s Trunk- Bringing Alaska’s History Alive Review

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If you want to teach your children about the rich history and highlights of Alaska, you simply must check out Aunt Phil’s Trunk!

Aunt Phil’s Trunk is an engaging curriculum that offers an enjoyable unit study approach that is great for teaching your child about Alaska.

Alaska is on my bucket list to one day go and see the wonders that it has to offer. I think letting your child use Aunt Phil’s trunk is a perfect way to help your child become knowledgeable of Alaska and learn about all the wonderful history that makes Alaska so unique. 

For homeschooling, I need a variety of lessons for my children. I find if we do the same thing over and over again we all become exhausted and burned out rather quickly. So having Aunt Phil’s Trunk available to offer unique and engaging approach to learning about the history of Alaska offers a breath of fresh air to our lesson plan for the day. 

Laurel Downing Bill has brought Alaska’s amazing history to life in this first book of a total of five in the series. It has wonderful highlights and short stories of Alaska that include the arrival of Native people, the Gold Rush, and more. The photos really help your imagination take you back to the day when the gold craze was taking place and you can imagine all they went through. 

Each book comes with an accompanying instructor’s guide which includes:

  • vocabulary
  • comprehension questions {with answers}
  • discussion questions
  • enrichment activities
  • fun activities {word scrambles, crossword puzzles, etc}
  • unit tests
  • and more!

For me, Aunt Phil’s Trunk has been a welcomed addition to our homeschool lesson plans, and we are excited to read the other books in the series over the school year. The kids are loving learning about the extravagant moments in history that took place in Alaska. I think if you have a general yearning to learn about Alaska or want to add it to your work studies with your child, this is a great option! I am all for learning about history, and even I took away a lot of fun facts about Alaska after going through the first book. 

If you would like to try out the first book in the series {along with the student book and instructor’s guide!}, click here and use the code Homesteader and you can save $15 and get FREE shipping!

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