10 Ways to Include Dad in Your Homeschool

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Whether Dad works outside the home or works in the home you can include him in the kids learning process. It is so important to make sure that he is a part of your homeschool in some capacity to encourage bonding so that he knows what is going on in the kid’s education, and because sometimes you need some help…maybe a break to step away from the chaos for a few minutes.

You can include him in little ways or make him a larger part of your homeschool day with these 10 ideas to give him a special role in the kid’s education.

10 Ways to Include Dad in Your Homeschool

  1. Checking papers– Hand Dad papers, a red pen, the answer key, and let him go to town checking spelling tests, essays, sentence structure, etc… This helps give Dad a basic understanding of how the kids are doing, frees up some of your time for other tasks, and lets the kids see him being involved in the day to day of homeschool.
  2. Take over a subject– Does Dad really excel in a particular area?  Is he a math whiz or a wonder at history? Maybe dad’s strength is creative writing or nutrition…Put him in charge of teaching or at least supplementing in that subject area. The kids will love the extra bonding time with dad and he will enjoy showing off his knowledge while you enjoy a little coffee break.
  3. Reading to/with the kids – Doing daily read alouds or listening to the kids do their reading outloud is a great way to get dad involved. It gives them great one on one time together, cuddle time, and improves the kids skills. If dad works full time out of the home schedule it around it, make it a bedtime or after dinner ritual.
  4. Substitute – Maybe mom is ill, has doctors appointments, or needs to go out of town. Put together a substitute packet to have on hand and let Dad fill in when needed. They may get through all of it, they may do their own thing together, Dad may take them out for ice cream and to a rock and mineral exhibit. Don’t stress if he doesn’t do it exactly the way you would, it’s okay, he brings his own special skills to the table.
  5. Practice spelling words – This is a quick and easy way for dad to get involved. It can even be done while waiting in the car or at a restaurant with flashcards. Ask him to come up with some creative ways to study with the kids, or give him a few ideas if he is short on coming up with some.
  6. Presentations – Occasionally when your children are working on a special assignment like a science report, file folder unit, or making dioramas make a special presentation night. Let them work and plan out the night while you and dad watch them give their presentations, perform, or share new skills they have learned.
  7. Life skills – This is such an important part of homeschool but we often overlook it as not being a part of it, but it really is! Fixing the family car, painting the house, grocery shopping, balancing the checkbook, caring for pets or livestock, and many more similar tasks are such an important part of a child’s education. Making lunch and snacks can be part of the kid’s education! These type of things are what we will end up using the majority of our life.
  8. Science Experiments – From the basic vinegar and baking soda to a full on volcano model science experiments can be dad’s special contribution to their learning. I think kids and dads will especially enjoy hands-on science experiments once or twice a week.
  9. Field trips – Whether the whole family heads off on a vacation or day trip together, or Dad takes them on his own, field trips get him right in the middle of one of the most fun parts of homeschooling. Not to mention that it is just wonderfully fun family time together!
  10. Tests – Dad can administer tests, verbal, written, or on the computer. He is can be on standby for questions, fresh pencil requests, and helping to decipher the questions.  Hand him an answer key and let him join in on the homeschool journey in a more hands on way.

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