Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money by Being the Solution Curator presented by Katie Hornor– A long-time affiliate marketer, Katie will show you steps you can take to “get into the heads” and hearts of your readers to find out what they want, and offer solutions to their problems. You’ll learn how to know what they need, where to find affiliate offers for them, and ultimately grow your authority as the solution person in your niche.

5 Secrets Every Podcaster Should Know presented by Felice Gerwitz– Podcasts are cropping up everywhere you look. It’s easy right? Create a topic and away you go! Did you know that most podcasters fail in the first few months? Failure is avoidable, but only with these top five secrets! Felice Gerwitz has several successful podcasts, beginning in 2009. Here current podcast is in the fifth year. Come listen to these insider’s tips.

How to Become a Speaker presented by Hal & Melanie Young – Have you wondered what it takes to get up on a stage? Do you have a message you are daring to share with the world? Speaking allows you to minister to folks in a really personal way. Learn how to get speaking engagements, put together great presentations, and overcome your jitters to reach your audience. Hal and Melanie have been full-time speakers and authors for over eight years, serving as keynote and featured speakers across the country.

Mastering the 7 Pieces of Relationship Marketing Success presented by Katie Hornor-Marketing is an essential part of business, but so are relationships. In this session, Katie will show you how to use the power of positive relationships within the context of 7 important elements to serve your people, grow your influence and ultimately your bottom line.

Home Office and Home School: How to Make it All Work presented by Richele McFarlin– Richele has been homeschooling and working from home for years. Sit down and let her share with you her mistakes, pitfalls, and flaws and how she learned to settle into a method that works for her. Allow her to guide you into avoiding the same mistakes she made.

From 700 to 70k in 9 Months: How I Built an Engaged Email List from Scratch presented by Heather Bowen– Heather makes over 6 figures each year from her email list alone. In this session, Heather will take you through the exact steps she took to build a large and engaged list and help you develop a strategy to boost income and traffic by building an effective email list.

From Inspiration to Income, From Ideas to Products presented by Katie Hornor– Confident that you have a message the world needs, Katie will take you through the 5 steps that will lead you from inspiration to income. You’ll leave this session inspired, with an action plan in hand, excited about creating your product, and having it begin to earn an income for you.

How to Write a Book presented by Hal & Melanie Young – Hal & Melanie had been writing blog posts and magazine articles for years, but we were still intimidated when someone suggested they write a book. Where do you even start to write something of that length? Here’s a little hint: You don’t start at the beginning! Learn where you do start and how to get all that great information out of your head (or blog) into a cohesive whole that will change lives – yours and your reader’s. Writing a book exploded their ministry and pushed them into full time speaking and writing. In this session, they’ll share how.

Creating a Unique Subscriber Freebie presented by Richele McFarlin– Are you terrified of hex colors and Jpegs? Does the word “formatting” make you cringe? If the obstacles keeping you from creating your subscriber freebie center around fear or a lack of idea, then learn from a designer who has created countless successful freebies for many bloggers. Yes, you can create it all on your own!

I Want to Start a Blog. Now What? presented by Heather Bowen– You’ve been playing around with the idea of starting a blog for years…now is the time! What are you waiting for? You likely have no idea where to begin. No worries- in this session, Heather will share with you the 8 essential steps to starting a successful blog. Your blog will be off the ground in no time!

Releasing Your Purpose presented by Michelle Huddleston– Join Michelle as she helps you understand your value, learn how to navigate the detours, and sharpen your focus so you can release your purpose! You are awesomely and wonderfully made, and you have a purpose divinely given to you. No matter where you are in your blogging journey, Michelle will help you see your true potential and give you the tools to transform your mindset to live unapologetically authentic in your calling to blog.

How to Organize Your Day with Trello presented by Monique Boutsiv– Tired of losing your to-do list or forgetting what you need to get done today? Tired of missing appointments or keeping up with your clients? Enter Trello, a digital task list and calendar that will help you stay on task. Use it for your home, homeschool or business. In this session, you’ll learn how to use Trello to organize your tasks and how to use Trello 3 ways to organize your day.

Work Smarter, Not Harder presented by Stephanie Huston – A lot has changed since she published her first website back in 2000! Blogging is hard work; plain & simple. Stephanie will share her favorite resources so that you can work smarter, not harder, so you have more time and energy for the things you want to do.

7 Work-From Home Opportunities for the Homeschool Mom presented by Heidi Kreider– Working from home sounds like every homeschool mom’s dream but how do you go about the finding opportunities that are available? Even further, how can you decide which opportunities fit you? In this workshop, Heidi explores seven work-from-home opportunities that are easily available for homeschool moms to consider. Within these seven work-from-home opportunities, Heidi provides twenty-eight actual, legitimate, income creating positions that can provide you with income as you work from home. By using a simple venn diagram, you will be able to see how your passion and your profession can provide provision and purpose.

How to Create a Drool-Worthy Printable in Canva presented by Monique Boutsiv– Want to offer your readers a reason to sign up for your email list? Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Learn how to use Canva to make gorgeous email opt-ins like weekly schedules or handy checklists that your readers won’t be able to resist signing up for your email list. In this session, you’ll learn how to use Canva (free program) to create amazing printables, how to create a daily schedule and checklist in Canva,  how to create a printable mock-up, and tips on how to create printables faster.

From Homeschool Mom to Homeschool Blogger: Why Blogging About Homeschool Is Important presented by Ana Willis-  Homeschool blogs are the best channel for homeschool advocacy, information, clarification, network, and support for homeschool parents and for those who have been considering homeschooling their children. Homeschool blogging can be a profitable income stream that allows a homeschool mom to work-from-home while helping to add to the family’s finances.

I don’t know what to write about! Finding your writing mojo for your blog and in your creative writing lessons presented by Stephanie Huston – Writing is an important part of any Language Arts or English curriculum. It’s also what many of us do for a living. In this session we will address what to write about when you do feel like you have anything to say or any ideas left. All tips and strategies work for both bloggers and homeschool students.

Time Management Tips for Busy Moms presented by Shaunna Evans- In this session we’ll tackle your busy schedule head on with a printable weekly planning sheet, tips for using it to map out a personalized weekly schedule that includes all the busy mom tasks we need to keep track of while working from home, and tips for making the most of those work blocks so you can rock this WAHM gig while also keeping your other priorities in check.

Use the Skills you Already Have to Grow a Successful Virtual Assistant Business presented by Alexis Matthews– Do you want to homeschool your children but bring in extra money to make ends meet? You can use the skills you already have to grow a successful virtual assistants business. As a virtual assistant you will have the flexibility to work around your homeschool and family schedule while still earning an income. Learn how to enjoy the benefits of homeschooling with the freedom of a work from home business.

Blog/Life Balance: How to Have it All presented by Heather Bowen– You really can run a successful home-based business AND homeschool your children well while still having a life and balancing all of the other plates that you juggle on a daily basis. In this session, Heather will share with you the keys to having a successful work/life balance and will equip you with a strategy to do it all {or not!}…well!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Pinterest presented by Shaunna Evans– In this session we’ll learn how to save time and drive traffic to your website with Pinterest and Tailwind. We’ll dive into key Tailwind features that save time, how to batch schedule, how to use Tribes, and how to confirm the ever popular question of whether Tailwind Tribes are worth it.

Creating Low Cost Facebook and Pinterest Promotions to Drive Traffic presented by Jennifer Meckling– Learn how to create low cost and effective Facebook and Pinterest Ad campaigns! Jen Merckling is sharing her strategy for keeping ad costs way down! Her cost per link click is less than 95% of others of similar ad sets, and it’s all because of very detailed audience targeting! But–some posts perform better on Pinterest! Jen will also be teaching you how to get your Pinterest promotion costs way down–and target the right audience! Start saving money, and get your
page views up today!

Micro Business for Moms presented by Carol Topp– Your family may need to increase its income. Starting a business might help, but it steals time from your family and homeschooling, may involve risk, and will take start-up money that you don’t have. Carol Topp, CPA and small business consultant has a solution: launch a micro business from your home. Micro businesses are great for moms (or even teenagers). Carol will share ideas for businesses, tips for making a profit, and the advice and encouragement you need to get started

Business Tips and Taxes for Bloggers presented by Carol Topp– Blogging is a business! Are you treating it that way? Blogger, retired homeschool mom, and accountant Carol Topp, CPA explains blogging as a business and explains common tax deductions for bloggers.

Blogging: Is It a Hobby, Business or Ministry? presented by Carol Topp– Maybe your blog started as a hobby but is growing into a business. Or maybe you see your blog as a ministry, but what about taxes? Carol Topp, CPA, blogger and retired homeschool mom explains the differences and pitfalls of each type of blogging.

6 Tips for Search Engine Optimization {SEO} to Grow Your Blog’s Revenue- presented by Claudia Pennington- Search engines are often the top source of traffic for a blog — bloggers can and should capitalize on all this free traffic to grow! In this session, Claudia will provide you with easy to follow tips to master SEO.

Make More Money Talking to Less People: The Power of Embracing a Niche presented by Crystal Paschal- As bloggers, we all want to grow our audience. We think that the more appeal people we appeal to, the more money we’ll make? But what if you could increase your income by sharing one specific message only wth the people who really need to hear it?

Take Your Blog on the Road presented by Jen Reyneri– Have you ever stopped to think “What’s in my blog?” Using ancient Biblical wisdom, successful travel blogger and influencer, Jen Reyneri, helps you creatively craft ways to think outside your homeschool blog and on the road with your family and your following. Learn practical tips to work with destinations, and yes, even travel for free!

Reset and Retreat presented by Jen Reyneri– Have you ever felt torn between a life on- and off- line? While we build friendships with other online influencers, bloggers, “friends,” we sometimes need to step away and back into a real sacred space.  It’s this space, in between: a “social sabbatical” where you can truly grow and mature in faith, friendships, family, and your blogging. Founder of the #LetYourWriteShine retreats and author of the Amazon best-selling inspirational book, Reset, it’s Jen’s prayer that this session inspires you to RESET, retreat, and continue to find the balance between living life in the tangible and the life behind our keys.

Authenticity in Affiliate Marketing presented by Amy Blevins– description forthcoming.

The Fastest Way to Start Your Own Business as a Stay at Home Mom presented by Karrie Chariton– As a stay at home mom, we often lack the time, money, and knowledge of how to start a viable at home business, but want a way to bring in income for our household. Learn why you should start a network marketing business and how to evaluate a network marketing company to see if it is the right fit for you and your family.

How to Rock that MLM Opportunity presented by Lindsey Stomberg– MLM opportunities are a dime a dozen, but it IS possible to make bank as a stay at home mom if you know what to do. I have built multiple thriving businesses using the MLM structure. Let me show you how to ROCK that business you just started or REVIVE that business you couldn’t get off the ground.

Uncovering the Homeschool Mom to Find the Professional Woman Underneath presented by Heidi Kreider- Homeschooling day after day can leave any mom feeling like she is stuck in a rut, or at least stuck in her yoga pants, especially moms who balance homeschooling with working from home. Most days, it’s hard to find the professional woman you aspire to be under the ponytail and dark eye circles. With humor and honesty, Heidi will help you take off those fuzzy pajama bottoms or yoga pants and dress to impress yourself. By letting your hair down and accessorizing to increase your productivity, you can be a successful professional woman, who incidentally is also a successful homeschooling mom.

4 Things You Need to Know to Work-From-Home as a Homeschool Mom presented by Heidi Kreider– In this information age, it can be hard to sort through all of the expert opinions on how to do anything, including working from home as a homeschool mom. Too much information is overwhelming! Though she certainly isn’t an expert, Heidi has simplified the lessons she’s learned while homeschooling and working from home. Heidi will share the somewhat hilarious, albeit often embarrassing, true life stories of how she discovered four simple truths that can shape your work-from-home experience as a homeschooling mom.

How to Find Blogging Balance presented by Tiffany Andrews- Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of being a blogger while  also being a mom, wife, and homeschool teacher? Learn some simple strategies to maintain your family life, homeschool, and blog schedule without loosing your sanity in the process.

A Busy Mama’s Guide to Home Business presented by Jenny Ervin– Having a home business these days has never been easier, but how does on manage to get it all done.  Learn Jenny, Mama of 8’s, secrets as she share practical tips on running a thriving home business while still raising a large family.

Blogging with an Infant or Toddler presented by Annette Breedlove– After delivering your newborn, life is crazy. You’re tired, exhausted and find yourself just worn out thinking about writing a blog post. Sound familiar? After delivering her fifth child and her husband’s job loss, Annette knew it was time to get serious about blogging more consistently to support her family. With a toddler in tow, it was a little more difficult to find not only the time, but also the energy to blog consistently. Now with a newborn due in May, she is finding a new balance to working from home while making a steady stream of income. In this session, she will share how she has managed to find a groove, consistency and her passion again while blogging with little ones.

How to Find Balance Between Homeschooling and your Side Hustle presented by Heather Lane– Moving from the traditional two income household to a one income household while you are also homeschooling is a challenge. You want to add to the bottom line of your household by starting a side hustle, but then once you are there you realize you are either spending all of your time with your business, or you are spending all your time parenting/homeschooling/taking care of your home. Where is the balance? Learn some easy ways to bring that elusive balance into your own home by block scheduling, and learning to let go of some of the ideas you had before you decided to have your kids home with you

The Most Important Question You Must Ask Yourself Before You Take on a Work from Home Job While Homeschooling presented by Terri Hedrick– Why do you want to work from home? Your answer must be more than “I want more money, or I need more money”. If you have a deeper desire, you must speak it out loud, put it out there, pray about it, and knead it like dough, until you find your answer. In this session, Terri will help you to walk through this question to set yourself up for success.

How to Actually Get Work Done with Kids at Home presented by Connie Deal- Being a stay-at-home mom,  a work-from-home mom, a homeschooling mom, or any combination of those  isn’t an easy task and it’s easy to feel like despite our best efforts, we don’t accomplish much during the day. In this session, we’ll talk about ways to get work done with kids at home, whether it’s work for an online business, household stuff, or carving out some time for yourself.

From Taskmaster to Routine Queen: Setting Up Routines So That Your House Runs Smoothly presented by Connie Deal– Being a modern mom means we have a lot on our plates, and that we’re constantly being pulled in different directions. Sometimes, it feels as if nothing gets done unless we do it ourselves or make everyone in the house help out. Learn how to set up routines (or fine-tune routines you already have) that actually work, so that your house runs smoothly without you orchestrating everything. You’ll carve out more time for yourself, help your children be more independent, and have less “stuff” to do.

Time Blocking for Work at Home, Homeschooling Moms presented by Melissa Langford– It is possible to work from home as a homeschooling mom.  However, managing your time is absolutely essential to being successful in this endeavor.  Time blocking allows moms to get out of the constant cycle of robbing time from one activity to make time for another and finally be able to get it all done!

Business Budgeting 101: How to Grow Your Business Without Draining Your Bank Account presented by Danielle Tate– You want your business to grow how do you know you know if you’re making money or just spending the family’s income on your business venture? Starting a budget for your business does not have to  mean complicated profit and loss statements.  No matter if you’re a start-up business or part of an MLM a budget allows you to evaluate spending and your business’s growth. In this session you’ll learn how to start a simple business budget, plus tips to make tax time easier.

Goals & Grace: How to Navigate being a Work-at-Home Homeschool Mom presented by Lara Molettiere – Learning how to set good goals for your home, business, and homeschool is imperative to staying on course as a work-at-home homeschool mom. Find out how to thrive while successfully homeschooling and providing for your family.

How to Make Freelance Writing Your Side Hustle presented by Betsi Hill– Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.  – E. L. Doctorow. Betsi believes that everyone has a hidden writer inside of them – you just have to tap into it. This session will cover:-Tools of the trade – apps & writing help -Where to find publications to write for and how to know what type of stories they take? -Creating your writing database -Crafting your pitch and what to include -How to follow up  -You got the acceptance, now WRITE! -Marketing yourself as a freelance writer for your side hustle

Finding Focus and Follow Through presented by Amy Michaels– If you want to reach your goals without making life crazy to complete them, join us for Finding Focus and Follow-Through. In this session, we will talk about which goals we need to address first, how to break them into manageable steps, how to plan for distractions (because life happens), the value of rest, and the importance of accountability

Using Printables to Make Money presented by Stephanie Eidson– description forthcoming

The Importance of Good Pins presented by Stephanie Eidson– description forthcoming

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