Maintain Your Homeschool Focus presented by Tiffany Andrews– Many homeschooling struggles such as time management, bad attitudes, and even discouragement steam from a lack of focus. Learn how to aim and set your focus on what is truly important, even amongst the chaos of homeschooling mom life!

Successful Transitions: From Public School to Homeschool presented by Tara Bentley– Beginning their homeschool journey with their daughter’s 7th-grade year, Tara understands the unique challenges that come from transferring a student out the public school system. The older the child, the more it feels like jumping into the deep end of the pool. We’ll share some common mistakes, the challenges of the middle years, and tips and tricks for getting a strong start.

Disciplining the Strong-Willed Child presented by Tiffany Andrews– Struggling to raise and homeschool a strong-willed child? Thousands of homeschooling parents feel defeated by the constant power struggle. Let’s follow in Jesus’ footsteps in our parenting, as we learn from how He handled leading and training the strong-willed personality.

Remnant of Righteousness presented by Anne Marie Gosnell– This session focuses on moms being leaders of the remnant. We will dig into the book of Judges and pop into Ruth as we discuss teaching ethics and sanctification to our kids. Let’s make sure they know the WHY and the HOW of being a Christian.

A Relaxed and Eclectic Charlotte Mason Homeschool presented by Richele McFarlin– I bet you never thought you would hear “relaxed”, “eclectic”, and Charlotte Mason used in the same sentence. After years of following a Charlotte Mason approach, Richele developed her own style based on her children’s needs and interests as well as her lifestyle. If you are interested in the Charlotte Mason method but want to find an approachable way to confidently apply it to your homeschool in your own way, you came to the right place.

Boy-Schooling presented by Hal & Melanie Young – Have you ever had a war break out in the middle of history or had a math lesson last three hours? You may be teaching a boy! Research shows that boys and girls learn differently, which can be a real challenge for moms – former girls. Come hear parents who’ve taught six boys from kindergarten to graduation, the award-winning authors of Raising Real Men, share how to turn wiggle worms into scholars – and enjoy doing it!

Middle School Madness presented by Hal & Melanie Young – When their oldest was eight, they were thinking that they were pretty great homeschool parents. Then he hit nine or ten and the wheels fell off his educational train. Another child did pretty well until he was eleven, then all-of-a-sudden he couldn’t focus at all or remember things he’d learned last week. What makes middle school so hard – and how do you live through it? Is it possible to make the middle school years great? Join Hal & Melanie for practical ideas and real hope for getting through the challenging tween/preteen years.

How to Balance Working Full-Time While Homeschooling presented by Heather Bowen– Despite popular belief, you really can be an incredibly effective homeschooling mom all while providing a stable income for your family. Heather has been a working homeschool mom for the past eight years. She has worked full-time both outside the home AND inside the home. If you find yourself in a position of wondering how in the world you can be both a working mom AND a homeschooling mom, this session is for you. Heather shares practical tips and personal experiences that will leave you feeling empowered and encouraged to be both an amazing homeschooling mom and a working mom at the same time!

‘Not Now’ Parenting presented by Sean Allen– Most parents are on a mission. We’ve got things to do, places to go, and people to see and we often allow these things to get in the way of discipling our children. In order to make room for “life” we employ those two terribly deflating words to buy ourselves some extra time. This talk explores the reasons behind why we are so fond of ‘Not Now’ parenting, how it can have a profoundly negative e ect on our relationship with our children, and what we can do about it.

Teaching Language Arts at Home: Simplify to Succeed by Cathy Canen– Why is it that kids study language arts for 12 years, but then 75% of graduates can’t write a paper? At this workshop we’ll talk about simplifying the process: teach the four skill sets of writing and present the mechanics in sequence.

Don’t Just Survive Homeschooling ~ THRIVE! presented by Felice Gerwitz– Homeschooling can be the greatest thing you ever do, or your greatest regret. Juggling cooking, cleaning, parenting, marriage and now add homeschooling to the mix for a schedule that can intimidate even the most determined mom! In this session, Felice Gerwitz shares how to turn your homeschool into a success and thrive as a family.

Choosing the Right Curriculum presented by Amy Michaels- Want to know the BEST curriculum for your child? It all depends on what is important to YOUR family. In this power-packed session, Amy Michaels from, shows you the exact steps to know if a curriculum will work for your family BEFORE you buy. This session will help both new and experienced homeschoolers save time and money. The customizable
action sheets come straight from Amy’s newly released book, Choosing the Right Curriculum. Join us to
choose the right curriculum options that will truly work for your family.

Creative Reward and Consequence Ideas for Children presented by Sean Allen– Sometimes parents get caught in a rut. One rut consigns us to the same old consequences in response to poor behavior while the other ensures that we almost never make any special e ort to reward good behavior. By the time we discover that these two ruts are one in the same, we’ve discouraged our children and missed some key opportunities along the way. By o ering a number of creative reward and consequence ideas (and some encouraging words), this talk will help you to train your children in a more e ective, consistent, and memorable way.

I’m Telling You For The Last Time presented by Sean Allen– Have you ever used the words, “I’m telling you for the last time?”; otherwise known as “This is your last chance!”, “Don’t make me tell you again!” and “I’m counting to 10!” You know, that famous stop gap string of words that seems to thrive in the domain of parent-child relationships? If you have, you’re certainly not alone. After all, it’s easier to count to 10 than to work at gaining first-time obedience. Or is it? This talk explores what you’re trading every time you give your child multiple chances to do what you ask of them and offers some helpful solutions on how you can get the number of times you ask your child to do something down to one.

Building Godly Character Through Homeschooling presented by Kathie Morrissey– Character is the foundation for academic learning, and the most important fruit that parents can nurture in their children. Discover how character is learned, how to establish a plan for teaching it to your children, and creative ways to encourage your children to develop in this important area. After hearing this you will be motivated, and full of ideas to use with your own children.

School on a Shoestring: How to Homeschool on a Bare Bones Budget presented by Cathy Canen- When we homeschooled the kids we didn’t have much money, so we used a research approach. Not only did we save hundreds of dollars each year on curriculum, but the kids’ standardized test scores were consistently two grade levels ahead of their peers, they were equipped for college research, and the stress level in our home reduced by half. Come learn how to reap the benefits of this wonderful approach to learning.

3 Most Important Things I Learned From 31 Years of Homeschooling presented by Kathie Morrissey– There are SO many things that we learn, when we begin to home school our kids. It’s not just the KIDS that learn! God had lessons that He wanted Kathie to learn over her 31 year homeschooling journey. In this session, she wants to share with you the three most important lessons that she learned over the years. These thoughts will be encouraging to you, will help you to remember what is really important, and will help you to keep going and finish strong in your parenting and homeschooling.

Simple Homeschooling for Busy Families presented by Amy Michaels- In a world of constant busyness, simple homeschooling can be a refreshing way to teach our children. In this session, we will discuss 10 areas of homeschooling that can be simplified. Learn these tips while providing a more engaging learning experience for your children.

Dealing With A Difficult Child presented by Kathie Morrissey– Do you struggle with a child that is difficult or challenging? One that causes you exasperation and takes more time and energy than all your other children put together? How do you respond to the resentment and anger he stirs up in you? How do you respond to him? There IS hope and help!! Get answers to these questions that will encourage you and help you deal wisely and lovingly with that child.

How to Lifeschool: Merging your Master Plan with the Master’s Plan presented by Danielle Papageorgiou – Lifeschooling sounds nice and you fully embrace the concept, but just can’t quite figure out how to make it work with your need to schedule and organize. This presentation will help those with more scheduled personalities, as well as those with more of an unschooling approach, to find the practical ways to schedule their lifeschooling, while still allowing God to direct each day and holding loosely to the plan.

Homeschool Schedules for Reality Living presented by Cathy Canen– In this session, you will learn how to stay structured, flexible, and realistic. Give yourself schedule options that really work.

The Power of a Label presented by Danielle Papageorgiou – Lazy, slow, depressed, fearful, angry, rude, disabled—bright, funny, gifted, faithful, diligent, kind, intelligent. Which set of labels would you like to have? Words have power, and how we use them matters profoundly. But often we allow the perception of others (including so-called experts) to influence us in the labels we put on our children, rather than asking God, “Who is this child?” Instead of employing negative labels, we must learn to see our children as who they are to become, not as who they are now. But rather than just turning to positive labels, we must help them to find their gifts.

98% Mom, 2% Teacher presented by Michelle Huddleston– Let’s be real. Parenting is tough. Now add being with your child 24/7 and being their teacher. We have just put this [sanctifying] journey on a whole new level. Join Michelle as she reassures you that just being mom is all the teacher our children will ever need.

How to Homeschool When You Have Lots of Littles to Entertain presented by Lindsey Stomberg – Lindsey has six children ages 9 years old and younger. She knows how hard it is to complete a homeschool day with littles interrupting at every turn. She loves to encourage moms in the same place, as well as, give tips for how to overcome this very common homeschool mom complaint.

Unit Studies are NOT Dead presented by Felice Gerwitz- Homeschooling is filled with paper, textbooks and lots of boring studies. Yes, each year your should cover certain subjects but can’t you do this in a way that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your child’s face and begging them for more school? In this session, Felice shares her years of teaching with the unit study method and how her children still talk about those studies. Learn how to make unit studies a central part of your homeschool.

Inspiring Students to be Internally Motivated presented by Kimberly Garcia– To be successful as adults, one must be internally motivated. Homeschooled students often face unique opportunities that play a role in teaching them to be internally motivated. Whether these opportunities inspire or discourage them to be internally motivated often depends upon us as parents and teachers. Join Kimberly in this session on internal motivation as she discusses how you, as both parent and teacher, can help your students become internally motivated when it comes to their education.

Raising Tiny Entrepreneurs presented by Lindsey Stomberg – Lindsey will show parents how to train their children from a young age to develop a skill that interests them, create a product, market that product, provide great customer service, and sustain a business. She also shares specific ideas and tracks for families to consider for their children with a business building guide for parents. She has done this with her own kids and it has been such an amazing part of their homeschooling journey!

Teaching Language Arts the Natural Way presented by Sheri Graham– In this session, Sheri will be sharing how you can use your child’s own interests to not only teach them language arts skills but to ignite their love of learning. Join Sheri as she talks about how to use real life experiences so that learning is relevant and useful for our children.

Teach Almost Anything With Read-Alouds presented by Sheri Graham– Sheri’s family has used read-alouds as the basis for many of their homeschool subjects. Find out how you can use reading aloud to not only teach the subjects but also instill in your children a love of books and reading. Sheri shares some resources to get you started, at well as tips on how to plan out your read-aloud times. Get ready to dig into some great books and enjoy learning together!

Created to Be Creators- Making Hands-on a Part of Your Homeschool presented by Penny Mayes– In this session, Penny shares important reasons why we need hands-on creativity in our homeschools. Using biblical examples of creativity, quotes from Christian and secular writers about creativity, and wonderful examples of works of art, you’ll explore how man is created in God’s image and made to be a creator. And why it is so very important to include hands-on learning in your homeschool day.

Homeschool Planning for the Unorganized Mom presented by Monique Boutsiv- Are you new to homeschooling and feeling overwhelmed with homeschool planning? Don’t know where to start and not even sure what you should look up. Tired of your kids asking you what they should work on next? You need a plan and Monique will get you started on the right path to success. Including teaching you what you need to start with first so you know what to focus on, sharing tips for those who don’t like to plan, and showing you examples of schedules for multiple kids.

Homeschooling the Large Family presented by Marianne Sunderland– Encouragement and practical help for the large family. Including: • organizational tips • scheduling/flexibility • getting away from the school-at-home mentality • multi-level learning • keeping little ones happy and engaged • setting reasonable expectations

Avoiding and Overcoming Homeschool Burnout presented by Marianne Sunderland– Marianne provides encouragement to step back from a busy mom’s everyday tasks and get her eye on the big picture. How to know the warning signs and how to avoid burnout. How to create priorities and work towards meaningful goals for the whole family and you, Mom.

Teaching Students to Embrace Hardwork presented by Kimberly Garcia– Have you ever encouraged your children to fail? If you haven’t before, you might consider doing so. Often the deterrent to embracing the hard work required to conquer a difficult task is fear of failure. That fear can be so overwhelming that it paralyzes children, causing them to stare at one math problem for an hour without ever touching a pencil. To help her own children overcome that paralysis, she had to encourage them to fail. That change has allowed them to approach their school work with more confidence, enabling them to accomplish more work in a shorter period of time and to achieve greater academic success. Join Kimberly in this session as she discusses how important it is that our children learn to overcome fear and embrace the hard work required to be academically successful–a skill they will need throughout their adult lives.

You Can Homeschool Your Child With Dyslexia presented by Marianne Sunderland– Dyslexia affects 20% of our kids. Research shows that dyslexic kids become dyslexic adults. Early intervention with researched-based teaching methods can help your child avoid many of the struggles with school caused by poor reading skills. This session will help parents understand what dyslexia is and what it isn’t, provide practical help to understand learning styles and how to choose teaching methods that are more effective. The session will also include encouragement for the day to day struggles, both academic and emotional, and conclude with learning the advantages to the dyslexic way of thinking.

Homeschooling Outside the Box presented by Marianne Sunderland As the mother of teen sailors, Zac and Abby Sunderland, Marianne has a unique perspective on what real education is and how to nurture and encourage your child’s God-given strengths and talents. God has a plan for all of us, including our children. Marianne will show you simple, practical and often times, overlooked ways to help your child grow into his or her

Homeschooling a Child with a Mental Illness presented by Michelle Cannon– The challenges of both educating your child and managing health issues can be daunting, and caring for a child with mental illness can be exhausting physically and mentally. The good news is, it can be done and you are the perfect person to do it. Michelle will be sharing tips and encouragement based on personal experience with raising kids who have bipolar and borderline personality disorder.

How to Get your Homeschooled High School Athlete NCAA Ready presented by Elena LaVictoire– Getting into college can seem relatively easy compared to getting your student/athlete eligible by the NCAA to play sports in college. It doesn’t matter if your student is a star athlete playing a marquee sport for a Division 1 school, or a student that just wants to continue in a less popular college sport in Division 3, the homeschool mom needs to be aware of what the NCAA requires starting in 9th grade. But don’t worry if you waited until later in the high school years to get ready for this. Elena was unaware until her cross country runner was in the spring of his senior year. It was intense but in one month she was able to get all of his paperwork complete and get him approved to run the next fall. This presentation will make it easier for other moms to deal with the NCAA requirements.

Successful Transitions presented by Tara Bentley– Beginning their homeschool journey with their daughter’s 7th-grade year, Tara understands the unique challenges that come from transferring a student out the public school system. The older the child, the more it feels like jumping into the deep end of the pool. We’ll share some common mistakes, the challenges of the middle years, and tips and tricks for getting a strong start.

Classical Homeschooling 101 presented by Kristi Bothur– What comes to mind when you hear about the classical approach to education? Latin? Old novels? Ancient history? And what is the trivium, anyway? Join homeschool mom Kristi Bothur as she reveals what the classical approach is all about, how it can breathe new life into your homeschool, and why it is a fabulous way to prepare your students for the future.

How to Homeschool Teens Without Losing Your Mind presented by Meryl van der Merwe– Why is it so hard to homeschool teens? Do you feel like you’re the only one experiencing problems? This session will address some of the reasons why “the struggle is real” and then offer 7 practical ideas to help you navigate the high school years.

Preparing High School Students for the SAT and ACT presented by Kimberly Garcia– When colleges look at the transcripts of homeschooled students, they are often more interested in our students’ standardized test scores that their grades. Because so many homeschool transcripts are homemade , colleges rely on the SAT and the ACT to verify the grades that they assume were given to students by their biased parents. Because of these homemade transcripts, colleges often rely on the SAT and the ACT to compare homeschooled students to other incoming freshman, making standardized test scores very important for many homeschooled students. My husband and I have successfully graduated two homeschooled students so far. Both have scored fairly well on the SAT and the ACT, achieving scores high enough to earn both of them full ride scholarships to a 4 year university. Join me as I detail our families approach to preparing and studying for the SAT.

Technology in the Homeschool Classroom presented by Meryl van der Merwe- Technology changes so rapidly that it is hard to keep up with the latest resources available. This session will cover websites and online resources that will make your life as a homeschool parent easier, online tools your teen students should be familiar with and ways to use technology in your children’s daily lessons. You will learn how to be more efficient in your homeschooling and also how to engage your children even more in the learning process.

Unschooling and Delight Directed Learning in High School presented by Jennifer Duncan – Is unschooling/delight directed learning really only for younger students? Can it also work for your high schoolers? And what about college, the job market, and other post-graduation options? How do they fit in? Learn more from a homeschool mom who’s been there!

Are Your High Schoolers Ready For College? presented by Meryl van der Merwe– Will your students be ready for college by their senior year?  Will their applications be good enough for them to be accepted to their desired colleges? Will they be able to afford college? Will they have all the skills they need to be successful at college?Meryl van der Merwe has helped her own children as well as numerous other homeschooled students prepare for college. She will answer these questions and cover many other topics related to college-readiness. Parents and students should be planning ahead from as early as middle school.

Dos and Don’ts of Successful Homeschooling presented by Ana Willis is a collection of 30 full-proof tips and strategies that will immediately improve your homeschool journey, engage your students, prevent homeschool burnout, and bring joy back to your homeschool.

A Four-year Guide to Preparing your Homeschooler for College presented by Michelle Osborn- Preparing your teen for college can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Michelle Osborn, a 21-year homeschool veteran, will walk you through what is necessary during each of the four years of high school. She will offer extremely helpful guidance, including tips, landmines to avoid, and encouragement for the process ahead.

Educating for Greatness presented by Britton LaTulippe- Why do some parents spend $50,000 a year to send their child to an elite prep school? What do prep schools do that public schools don’t? Simple. Elite prep schools educate for greatness. Having attended an elite boarding school in Virginia, Britton knows what it takes to give your children an elite education. And you don’t need $50,000 to send your children off to prep school; you can provide an elite education from your kitchen table. Education is an art, and like any art, there are certain principles, strategies and techniques that set the masters apart from the amateurs. During his “Educating for Greatness” workshop, Mr. LaTulippe will reveal the secrets, 7 practical tips that will dramatically accelerate your children’s learning!

Making Early Literacy Fun presented by Stephanie Huston– So many parents stress out about teaching their children to read. The reality is that reading, like walking & talking, is completely developmental. That said, you don’t have to wait until your child is reading for literacy instruction. There are so many fun resources available for early literacy, and Stephanie can’t wait to share them with you!

Teaching Social Skills to Homeschooled Children with Autism presented by Penny Rogers- If typical families deal with the socialization question, how much more do autism families hear it? Children with autism need to be taught social skills on a consistent basis with peers at their developmental level as opposed to their chronological age. Penny shows you how to do add social skills to your curriculum frugally as well as how to use everyday outings to work on socialization.

Homeschooling Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Kids and Teens presented by Jennifer Duncan – Homeschooling in and of itself can be quite the challenge. Homeschooling gifted and 2E students adds its own ups and downs! Find out how to navigate this journey, keep up with your kids, and provide them with the resources and opportunities they need.

How to do Therapy at Home for Special Needs Children presented by Penny Rogers- Do you spend too much time going back and forth to various therapies? Is your child needing a break from the frantic pace? Do you need to supplement therapy at home to make greater progress? In this workshop Penny shares how to put together an at home speech, occupational, physical, or sensory therapy program at home for your child with special needs.

Homeschool Sanity Support for Kids and Parents presented by Karrie Chariton– As a homeschooling mom, you know it can be stressful and overwhelming sometimes. Learn how Karrie uses essential oils in their daily routine to bring peace and calm to our homeschooling days. Follow along with her as she shows you their homeschooling routine.

Homeschooling Autism presented by Penny Rogers– In this workshop, you will learn the basics of what you need to be successful in order to homeschool your child with autism. Penny will discuss methodology, various curricula, schedules and more. Learn how to set your child with autism up for success in learning.

How to Find and Use Free Foreign Language Resources in your Homeschool presented by Lisa Yankey– Stop wasting your time and money teaching a foreign language. Learn what works, where to find it, and how to make it all fit your budget. Lisa Yankey, the author of The Homeschool Path to Foreign Language, shows you FREE easy changes you can make today to get your kids off to a great start learning a foreign language.

Fear Not! How to Stare Down Fear as a Homeschool Mom presented by Kristi Bothur- What scares you about homeschooling? Is it the fear of failure? Of a specific subject area? Of what other people will think? Or of possibly “ruining” your child’s future? Whatever your fears are, you can move through and past them and be the confident homeschool mom that you want to be. Let’s look together at what our fears are, what God says about them, and how to defeat them for good.

How to Make Year Round Homeschooling Work for You presented by Misty Leask- When you mention year round homeschooling it can sound daunting, but it actually is quite the opposite. The beauty of year round homeschooling is that it honestly provides the most freedom of any homeschool schedule. Whether you have looked into year round homeschooling before or not, you’ll find tips, encouragement and lots of new ideas to help you learn how year round homeschooling can work for you through this session.

Teaching Beginning Writers with Ease presented by Shaunna Evans- This session will include tips on guiding young children (ages 3 to 7) to beginning writing. We’ll explore fine motor activities that support writing development, the early stages of writing, and how to develop a regular writer’s workshop routine to support early writers.

Using Science to Teach Your Child Who Can’t Hold Still presented by Carla Jansen- Find out why a science-based, interest-driven curriculum can be a solution for your active child, and learn how to get started using and creating educational experiences you will both love!

Electives in The Homeschool: How To Choose Them – How To Implement Them – How to List Them on A Transcript presented by Jan Burt– Homeschooling through the high school years can be daunting, to say the least! Join a 25-year homeschooling mom in this session to learn how to choose, implement and document electives of all shapes and sizes. What counts as an elective course? How should you plan for “irregular” electives? What needs to be included on a transcript? Need help writing a course description? Then this session is for you! Electives are a wonderful addition to your homeschool. Let’s make the process as easy as possible!

The Homeschooling Mothers Bible Study: Biblical Encouragement for Women Who Homeschool presented by Jan Burt– In this session, Jan will be drawing from a Bible study she wrote specifically for women who homeschool. Crafted in the heart of a busy, 25-year homeschooling mother of five who understands the ups and downs of the homeschool lifestyle, this session will dive deep into the Word of God, providing encouragement and refreshment directly from the Bible. Discussion will touch on topics that are unique to homeschooling families and will be a boon to women who home educate their children. Jan will seek to lighten your burden and encourage you with her love for Jesus, His Word, and homeschoolers. Be sure to join us for this conference session for direction and blessing for you and your homeschool!

RV Homeschooling- Homeschooling on the Road presented by Annette Breedlove- After living in a travel trailer for the last year, the Breedlove family of 8 has learned a thing or two about homeschooling on the road. In this session, Annette will talk about the steps to take toward homeschooling on the road, how best to organize your curriculum and how to turn your travels into to learning!

Getting out of the Public School Mindset presented by Heather Lane – Understanding the difference between “school-at-home” and the freedom that you actually have as a homeschooler. We all have preconceived notions of what education is and what it should be – often due to the education we received while growing up. Homeschooling is so different than how most of us were educated, even if we think we can realistically be “unschoolers” right off the bat, that doesn’t usually happen. Find the true freedom that homeschooling brings without the stress and pressure of “keeping up” with certain public school standards.

Keeping it Simple in the Elementary Years presented by Kristi Bothur– No one begins homeschooling with the goal of making it complicated and chaotic, but many of us slip into that trap. There is so much good to choose from, whether curriculum, co-ops, or community activities, and we hate to miss out on any of it! But there is peace and beauty in simplicity, especially in homeschooling. Join Kristi Bothur to examine how to keep your homeschool simple during the elementary years and still prepare your children for the complexities of the world in which we live.

Homeschooling as an introvert presented by Heather Lane– We know that this is the calling that we have on our lives – to educate our children at home. But, what happens when you are an introvert who is with clingy children Find some solace in knowing you are not the only introverted mama out there, and in fact we are very common – about 50 % of the population is introverted. Learn what introverted truly means and how to take the time to recharge as an introvert, even when you feel guilty about taking time for self-care.

“Travel” the World- Make Geography Memorable presented by Misty Mendoza– Geography is more than studying maps and memorizing locations; it’s learning about the world we live in. Discover ways your family can “travel” the world, without leaving the comfort of your home. Misty shares techniques you can use to make geography fun, all while making memories together as a family.

Early Reading and Writing Strategies presented by Jennifer Merckling– Discover strategies and become confident in your ability to teach reading and writing to your primary (K-3) aged students! You will learn simple tools to implement right away—regardless of what curriculum you use! Topics include: Shared reading, Guided Reading, Shared Writing, Beginning Spelling, and Phonics-Based Lessons.

Teaching Math with Manipulatives presented by Jennifer Merckling– Make math more fun! Discover strategies for teaching primary math (grades K-3) with an emphasis on using manipulatives! Walk away with fresh ideas that will compliment any curriculum!

Strengthen the Brain! presented by Laurie Geary–  Learn how to improve cognitive skills like working memory, visual and auditory processing, visualization, and more through games and exercises. You’ll gain understanding and tools for improving these skills and guiding your student to academic success. Geared toward teaching students ages 5-18, parents will leave with practical and actionable steps to strengthening the brain while still having fun!

The Brain-Based Homeschool Day presented by Laurie Geary– Are you exhausted from struggling to homeschool? Get tools and resources to help remedy some common homeschool battles through brain based approaches! You’ll hear ideas for time management, scheduling, movement, study techniques for visual and auditory learners, how to make math fun and successful, and more! These tips are tried and true methods for making your homeschool day more productive while also strengthening cognitive skills!

Eliminate the Study Struggle presented by Laurie Geary–  Come learn all about executive functioning and study skills for your teen! Prepare your teen for success in high school, college, and life by helping then strengthen their executive functioning skills, such as time management, organization, impulse control, and more! We’ll discuss practical and actionable ideas for helping your teen master these skills!

How to Organize Your Homeschool Life the Easy Way presented by Melanie Wilson– Does disorganization steal your joy and cause you to question if homeschooling is still your calling? If you keep saying this is the year you’ll get organized and it doesn’t happen, you won’t want to miss this session. You’ll learn the easy way for getting every aspect of your home and life in order, even if you weren’t born organized. Homeschool happiness can be yours once again.

How to Raise Writers Even When You Don’t Write Well presented by Melanie Wilson – If writing isn’t your strength, you may worry about teaching it. Will your child learn the writing skills necessary for college or career? Even when grammar and spelling are your downfall, it is possible for you to teach students who get A’s in college composition. This session will show you how.

Choices: Intentional Living vs. Let’s Just See What Happens presented by Phyllis Sather– Choices: We make hundreds every day, from what’s for dinner to difficult parenting decisions. This has never been easy for Phyllis. Purposeful Planning simplifies it. Now she has a prayed-for plan in place. Would you ever get in your car, step on the gas, and drive without using the steering wheel? Hopefully, you would say no. But how often do we start our days without a plan? With a prayed-for plan in place, you can ask yourself a simple question and see if a project or item qualifies. Will this fit into our plan? Will it help us reach our goal? With a prayed-for plan, questions like this will automatically help you decide which options will work. Join Phyllis and she will train you to set your family’s prayed-for plans in motion.

If I Can Do It, You Can Do It presented by Tauna Meyer– Top tips and hacks from one domestically challenged homeschool mom to another on how to overcome obstacles to successful homeschooling and family discipleship.

Overcoming Overwhelm presented by Tauna Meyer– Stuck in overwhelm mode with your homeschool? Not sure how to get back on track? Find your groove as well as your joy with these helpful tips.

Prayerful Homeschooling presented by Tauna Meyer– Struggling in your homeschool or just want to set yourself up for success? Tauna will help give you a prayerful perspective for your homeschool and practical tools to help pray consistently.

Teaching Preschool with Dollar Store Supplies presented by Jeniffer Do Nascimento– Teaching preschool doesn’t have to be expensive. With a few supplies from your local dollar store and some free online resources, you’ll be on your way to teaching your little one to love learning and have lots of fun without breaking the bank.

Keeping the House Clean AND Homeschooling, It Can Happen! presented by Jeniffer Do Nascimento– Having a rough time keeping the house clean and getting school done each day? Learn the simple tricks and routines that Jeniffer has adapted over the years to keep the house clean and the schoolwork done. When everyone helps and routines are established, you won’t believe how easy it is to get it all done.

Reading Aloud in Your Homeschool presented by Jeniffer Do Nascimento– Reading aloud is one of the best things you can do for your children, no matter what age they are. It can take some time to establish reading aloud as part of your day. The kids fight you, complain, or just don’t know what to do. Find out what Jeniffer learned over the years to make read aloud time her kids’ favorite part of the day.

How to Start Homeschooling Your Toddler or Preschooler presented by Connie Deal– Deciding how to educate our children is a big decision, and it’s often a decision that we’re faced with earlier than we anticipate (sometimes right after our babies are born!). In this session, you’ll learn: how to integrate learning into your daily activities (homeschooling doesn’t have to be your WHOLE day!), how to decide what to teach your child, how to set up a learning space, what supplies you’ll need to get started, tips for evaluating how you and your child are doing (is it working? Are you doing enough?), and how to know if homeschooling your toddler or preschooler is right for you and your family.

The Lost Art of Discipling Your Children presented by Team Skill Trek– Families are busy these days, and oftentimes we become so caught up in the everyday to-do lists and responsibilities that we forget we aren’t simply maintaining our lives, we’re discipling our children. Andrew and Sara Elizabeth share their journey and realization that they were missing out on important opportunities to reach the heart of their children and what they did to remedy it.

Creating Culture; Breaking Tradition presented by Team Skill Trek- We all have a culture, whether from our upbringing or from the people around us. Coming from different cultures, Andrew and Sara Elizabeth share how they broke from past traditions they once thought were important and forged ahead, creating a new culture for their family. Change can be hard, especially when going against the mainstream, but it can be done successfully.

Overcoming Anger Issues in Your Homeschool presented by Amy Blevins–  Sharing her personal experience with four boys who have had or do have too much anger and real life examples of how we have taught our children self-control in the midst of a busy homeschool day.

Why Academics Are Only Half The Story presented by Team Skill Trek– Academics are important, in fact, standardized tests are often the standard to determine if a homeschooler is learning enough. Parents are often under so much pressure to ensure their children are academically prepared, that the importance of teaching well-rounded youngsters is forgotten. Andrew and Sara Elizabeth speak not only from their hearts as parents but also as employers and what the pattern they see among recent graduates.

Time Blocking for Teens presented by Melissa Langford– Teach your middle and high school students how to balance their time in a way that will allow them to get more done and accomplish their goals.

Creating and Implementing a Plan for Your Homeschooled High School presented by Pat Fenner – Many parents are a bit intimidated at the thought of homeschooling through high school. They may be surprised to know that not only are they better prepared than they might think, but there are tools they can use that makes homeschooling high school not only doable, but also a rich time for the whole family.

Incorporating Travel into Your Homeschool presented by Jen Reyneri- description forthcoming

Post-graduation Alternatives to College presented by Pat Fenner – “Back in the day” college was a given next step for most high school graduates. But times have certainly changed! While college is still an option many young adults choose, the rapidly increasing cost doesn’t always make it viable for others. Discover options that you and your teen can consider after their high school years are wrapped up – and what they can do to prepare for them.

Preparing for the Empty-Nest: Is There Life for Homeschooling Moms After the Last One Leaves? presented by Pat Fenner – After years of homeschooling, some moms are left feeling a little off-balance, thinking that homeschooling is “all they can do.” Pat offers practical encouragement and shares real-life stories of long-term homeschool moms who successfully made the transition to fulfilling lives away from the kitchen table.

Homeschooling When Your Heart isn’t In It presented by Dana Hanley– Do your homeschool days sometimes seem to drag on, with little life left in them? Whether you are struggling with homeschool burnout or the challenges of a major life change, this session will help you get to the heart of the matter and work through a plan to address the spritual basis of burnout and develop a plan to make the best of even the worst days.

What is Your Child’s Learning and Thinking Style? presented by Katie Glennon– Based on the Gregorc Mind Styles, we will explore what is the best way to present information to your child, so he/she can effectively take in new information, process it, and make it his/her own. We will have fun looking at the different characteristics of the Concrete Sequential, Concrete Random, Abstract Random, and Abstract Sequential mind styles.

Developing Language Skills in Your Children presented by Katie Glennon– With practical tips and modeling in how to introduce reading and writing, we will discuss how to naturally develop language skills in your children. Join us as we discuss what kinds of books to read with your children, even as infants, and how to get started with basic writing skills.

Why Study Literature in Middle and High School presented by Katie Glennon– Studying literature is more than just reading and answering questions about a story. In this session, we will discuss what to include in your literature study and why, and what it does for your child. This will include looking at literature as a reflection of culture, society, history, worldviews, human nature, the art of written expression and rhetoric, and why the study of this is important.

Budgeting Your Homeschool So You Don’t Break the Bank presented by Danielle Tate- You know the value of having a well-planned day for your homeschool, but do you have a well planned budget? Homeschooling has the potential to stress the wallet but with some planning you can create a simple budget for your homeschool needs so you don’t break the bank. In this session you’ll learn why budgeting is important, how you can get started today for the coming school year, plus practical tips for saving money on your homeschool needs.

Cultivating Grace: Finding Joy in Motherhood presented by Lara Molettiere -An encouraging look at the hard parts of homeschool,  motherhood, and practical ways to reclaim all the joy that motherhood and homeschool has to offer.

How to Make Art Appreciation a Natural Part of Homeschool Life presented by Erica Johns- Many homeschool moms want to include art appreciation in their lives, but don’t have the time or energy to add one more thing to their schedule. In this fun and engaging talk you’ll get some great ideas for easily and inexpensively making art appreciation a natural part of your life without breaking the bank or threatening your sanity.

Rediscovering Yourself As a Homeschool Mom presented by Erin Persinger– Have you ever felt like you could shatter into a million pieces but quickly realize that would only leave another mess?  As a busy homeschool mom, sometimes we give and give until there’s just nothing left.  We become so immersed in homeschool life that we forget about our own needs, wants and desires.  Let Erin help you ignite a drive to live your life with purpose, while also empowering you to be the best version of yourself.

How to Deal with Homeschool Naysayers presented by Erica Johns- Have you had a hard time with negative people that share their concerns and criticisms about your decision to homeschooling? Join longtime homeschool mom Erica Johns and she talks about the three different types of homeschool naysayers, and how to handle each one.

How and Why to Do End-of-Year Evaluations for your Homeschool presented by Erica Johns– It’s the end of the school year and you’re probably ready for a break. But wait! Give a gift to your future self by taking a little bit of time to reflect and organize your thoughts about the closing school year, and learn how to benefit from it as you plan for the coming year. Longtime homeschool mom Erica Johns will show you how.

Make Music at Home: How to Access the Benefits of Early Childhood Music Education (with or without a musical background) presented by Kathryn Brunner– Music education is an untapped goldmine for child development! The benefits of early childhood music education for ages one to seven last a lifetime. Find out how to give your child the strongest possible foundation for musical and academic development at home in the early years. You’ll learn how consistent participation in music education activities boosts your child’s overall development. You’ll get all sorts of practical tips for weaving musical play into your homeschool day. Plus, you’ll walk away with a free resource “30 Days of Music Making: For Homeschooling Families.”

Finding Homeschool Balance presented by Erin Persinger – Being a homeschool mom can be overwhelming.  The schoolwork, the house, the laundry, the meals, it can all bury us if we let it.  Eventually we are left feeling spent and frustrated, and we all know who feels the effects of that frustration…..our kids.  One important part of being a successful homeschool mom is finding balance in our busy lives.  Find out Erin’s top tips for establishing balance as a homeschool mom.

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