Why The Hope Deck is a “Perfect” Gift

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With Christmas right around the corner, everyone is on the hunt for the “perfect” gift.

What exactly is this “perfect” gift? Does it exist? I really think that the “perfect” gift is totally subjective. What may be the perfect gift for me, might not necessarily be the perfect gift for you. However, I DO think that the “perfect” gifts all share a few similarities.

I believe that a “perfect” gift, must meet a few qualifications:

— it must be personal
— it most invoke emotion
— It must have multiple uses

Recently, I’ve received something meets all of these criteria. I can honestly say that it is the perfect gift….for me, and honestly for any Christian woman on your shopping list.

Now, you’re interested, huh?! What IS this amazing gift?

Let me introduce you to The Hope Deck.

The Hope Deck is the perfect Christmas gift for any woman on your shopping list!

The Hope Deck is a pack of 30 inspirational Christian postcards. Now, you’re having doubts, right?? Postcards? The perfect gift? How can that be? Who wants postcards??

Well, let me give you a few suggestions on how these absolutely stunning Christian cards can be used, and I know you’ll see what I mean!

The Hope Deck contains 30 beautiful cards {each card is totally different- with its own design and verse}. The back of each card contains lined space for writing, and the deck comes with a handy wooden stand to display the cards throughout your home or office.

Here are some of the ways that I have been using my Hope Deck:

  • I have displayed one card each day on it’s wooden stand in our home, homeschool, or my office. This has helped us to stay connected to God throughout our day. Each morning, I let my daughters choose the card that they would like displayed for that day. During the day, we will routinely pause to read the card and discuss what it means to each of us.
  • I have chosen a card with an appropriate verse and sent it to my friend whose mother passed away recently along with a personal note on the back. She was so touched by the card and has told me that she has displayed it in her home to remind her of God’s constant presence during this dark period of her life.
  • I have used the cards as a mini-Bible study. I choose a card, look up the verse, read surrounding text, and do word studies on various aspects of the verse. I journal my thoughts and revelations on the back of the card.
  • I have chosen an applicable card and included a word of encouragement to my daughter and included it in her gymnastics bag. She just so happened to find it during a particularly difficult practice and the card helped to brighten her day.

There are so many other ways that you can use The Hope Deck:

  • They make great recipe cards.
  • They make beautiful framed gifts.
  • They are perfect to use in your homeschool for scripture memorization and/or copywork.

Do you need the perfect gift for a teacher, coach, friend, coworker, mom, daughter, aunt, sister, or neighbor? The Hope Deck is it. It is the gift that they truly make them smile time and time again.

The Hope Deck is the small gift with eternal impact….and it comes with a tiny price tag as well.

Purchase your own Hope Deck for only $23/deck…or if you’re like me and have a huge list of people who will LOVE The Hope Deck, you can purchase 5 Hope Decks for $19/per deck, or if you need 10 or more, you can purchase them for just $17/per deck.

Remember, each deck comes with 30 unique cards, 1 wooden stand, and a cute cotton bag. You can choose to give the entire set to one person or use one set to create multiple gifts. The possibilities are endless.

Click here to learn more and purchase your perfect gift now!

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