I’m Not Superwoman & Other Lesser Known Secrets of Homeschool Moms

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The first thing that I often hear as a homeschool mom is, “Wow, I could never do that…” It is usually followed by some form of compliment about my insanely inhuman patience, and then something along the lines of how my abilities are somewhat akin to Superwoman.

I have a secret though, I am no more of a superwoman than the next mom out there. I lose my patience, my house is messy sometimes, I doubt myself on occasion; in other words, I am just like any other mom out there just trying hard to raise some decent humans.

There are other secrets though…

Homeschool moms don’t know it all

Seriously, I don’t remember any more about quadratic equations than you do. However, I am quite handy at Google searching and luckily, all of our textbooks and programs come with an answer key. I am not exceptional in all academic areas, I have my strengths and weaknesses just like any other teacher, I have just perfected the ability to research on the fly and teach myself, along with my kiddos.

I also realize, as I learn alongside my children, that I didn’t learn as much as I thought I did when I was in school. Now with adult experiences under my belt, this learning thing is kind of fun, but I definitely don’t know it all.

Homeschool moms sometimes fail Home Ec

Hear me out on this one, we sometimes fail at the most basic of mothering duties, keeping our home. I know all too well how to cook, clean, and run a home smoothly, but knowing it and executing the knowledge, on days when Murphy’s Law is in full effect, are two different things. There are days when my home winds up looking like Hurricane Katrina resurrected and dinner never made it out of the freezer, some days are just like that.

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Homeschool moms are in debt

I don’t necessarily mean in the Dave Ramsey is going to come and get you kind of way, but usually, a homeschool mom can be found shelling out wads of cash to the library, of all places.

For some reason, those huge piles of books that lend themselves well to rabbit trail learning, can often turn up missing on library day. And if the homeschool mom rents videos, forget about it, the fines stack up like the pine needles under your real life tree at the holidays.

And don’t even get me started on what happens when those shiny new curriculum catalogs show in my mailbox….

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Homeschool moms are educational junkies

You may not know it by looking at us, but we LOVE to look at every opportunity as a learning moment.   It could be the grocery, the gas station, or even the ice cream shop, we will find a way to make it educational, at least in our minds.

We can be heard even turning our family vacations into field trips if the mood strikes us. This fact is one that usually drives both our children, and our spouses a little insane, but they love us anyway.

Homeschool moms enjoy their kids

Most of the time, on average, the majority of days, this is ABSOLUTELY true. We really do relish in the fact that we get to see the first time our child reads a sentence aloud, we get to watch as the lightbulb comes on when a new skill is mastered, we get to influence our children in a way that would just not be possible if we did not homeschool. We really do enjoy spending all that time with our children.

There, now some of the most guarded secrets are out there for the world to see. I am not superwoman, neither is the next homeschool mom. We are average moms struggling to do a super task as home educators.

So, what about you? What’s your homeschool mom secret? Hit reply and let us know!

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  1. Oh boy is that library part true! I could have invested in a small cinema for all of the overdue library fees. it used to really bother me, but I just think of them as a donation, now. Great truth in this post!

  2. People look at me strange when I tell them I can’t afford to use the public library. They confiscated my library card.. oops.

    My secret is that we struggle to *stay home* to do school. I live in an area with a huge homeschool community, and a very rich cultural life, so there is ALWAYS something going on that would be fun, enriching, and amazingly educational. But in order to homeschool, I have to be home to school. (I know roadschooling or carschooling is a thing, but not something I can or want to do.)

  3. I’m going to say…homeschool moms enjoy their kids SOMETIMES. I love my kids all the time and I like my kiddos a lot of the time but there are frequent moments when I want to get homeschool done as soon as possible so I can crawl into my room and ignore them for a while. Just because you homeschool doesn’t mean you enjoy them ALL THE TIME.

    Lets just say I enjoy them more often then not…but if I don’t get some “away from kids” time it starts to be the reverse of that!

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