7 Ideas for Less Stress This Christmas {Homeschool Edition}

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This post is part of the 2017 Homeschooling Through the Holidays series and was written by Stephanie from The Multi Taskin’ Mom.

The holidays are a busy and fun time with family and friends. But they can be stressful too. Unless you take the entire month off between Thanksgiving and New Years, you will have homeschooling requirements on top of getting ready for the holidays. And between shopping, cooking and cleaning for company (or to leave on a trip), there is a lot to do.

This year, why not include your children in every aspect of getting ready for Christmas. In addition to their regular chores, you could ask them to tackle one extra task of deep cleaning. You can also involve them in the excitement of Christmas as they can help in so many different areas.

Go off the Lesson Plan

Find fun printable activities for your children that are off of the normal lesson plan. It helps take the stress off of your shoulders and lightens their load. This means that there is more time left in the day for fun activities like baking and crafts!

Schedule Breaks

Schedule some break days into your normal week. When you know that there are breaks coming it helps keep you focused and on track when you know that there is something fun coming up! Breaks allow you to plan for fun outings, gatherings, and activities.

Take a trip

Your trip doesn’t have to be elaborate or extravagant. Instead spend some time out with your children looking at Christmas lights, nativity scenes and decorations. The bonding time with your children will be worth it and getting out of the house is an added bonus to keep from getting so burnt out!!

Craft and Create

Christmas is a great time to work on those crafts that you have been putting off all school year. Your kids can make gifts for family and neighbors. I know that I treasure each of the crafty gifts my nieces and nephews have given me over the years.

Go out in the community

There is no better way to spread Christmas cheer than to share your time with others. The example that you are giving your children by doing this is the greatest gift they will ever receive, even if they do not know it for years!

Swap out Regular Subjects for FUN!

Have a baking day

When you spend time baking with your children you aren’t just making memories and baking yummy snacks! Nope! You are also doing school work. You may have never really thought about it but when you are baking you are using math and science, and you are teaching important life skills. Have your children read the recipes for you. Let them measure out the ingredients needed. Each of these things will sharpen their skills without seeming like “school work.”

Have a wrap session

If you are like other women out there, you likely find yourself wrapping your presents late into the night on Christmas Eve. Why not skip the stress and hire some helpers… just use your kids. Do you know that wrapping gifts will help your children with spacial awareness, geometry, hand eye coordination and it is just fun!


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