Keeping up with the Joneses – Homeschool Christmas Style

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This post is part of the 2017 Homeschooling Through the Holidays series and was written by Kim from 7Sisters Homeschool.

The holiday season is here, and you and your homeschoolers would like a vacation from the educational grind!

But wait a minute…don’t you have science labs, math lessons and vocabulary – plus that special history project the kids need to finish? You’d better use the Christmas break from co-op and other activities to play catch-up!

You feel divided, though. A break would feel so good to all of you, but that work isn’t going to complete itself. What to do? 

And if you fall too far behind, when you get back to co-op, what will Martha Jones think? The Jones kids are ALWAYS on top of their game at every co-op activity (no to mention perfectly prepared, dressed and coifed). You wouldn’t want Martha to think poorly of you. She’s so nice and everything, but you always feel kind of crummy when you are around her anyway.

(Is there a homeschool hell for people who fall too far behind on their schoolwork?)

Keeping up with the Joneses - Homeschool Christmas Style!

On the other hand, your kids are actually working hard all the time. Burning them out is a terrible idea. And, you don’t want them to be bitter when they see Martha Jones’ kids taking 3 weeks off at Christmastime and enjoying their holiday break.. If word gets out that you are making the kids play catch-up over the holidays, Martha Jones might think you’re a heartless, slave-driving homeschool mama! 

(Is there a homeschool hell for people who are too hard on themselves and their homeschooled students?)

Here’s food for thought:

Want to do EVERYONE in this scenario a favor? It’s okay to love Martha Jones enough to keep the pressure OFF her by NOT making her your yardstick of judgment. You don’t have to keep up with the Joneses.

Try these 3 things instead:

*Pray. (You knew that already.) Ask God for His idea for your homeschool during the Christmas season. If you are responding to God’s leading, it solves a lot of problems. And if maybe He is quiet and allowing you to choose, He’s doing a good work in you as He builds your confidence. 

*Choose a one-week intensive followed by 2 or 3 weeks vacation.. Get the best of both worlds. If you get your kids’ buy-in, it will be easier: 

“Hey, kids! If we work hard NOW and get caught up with math and science, you may take 2 weeks off during December!” 

*Cheers all around.* 

“Okay, let’s make a plan…”

*Chose a 3 week break during December followed by a one-week intensive at the beginning of January. Again, when you get your kids’ buy-in it will be easier:

“Hey, kids! I’d like to give you a 3 week break during December, but that will mean that you’ll have ONE hard-work week at the beginning of January. What do you think?”

*Cheers all around.*

“Okay, let’s make a plan AND a contract…” (Contracts are powerful; they can include rewards and/or consequences for work done or not done.)

Remember this: there’s not ONE right way to homeschool during the holiday season. The only wrong way would be to spend your energy keeping up with the Joneses. But who needs that?  (Martha doesn’t even want you to live that way!) What’s  rewarding is to do what’s right for your own family!

Blessed Christmas to you and yours and Happy Homeschooling from

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  1. Flipping hilarious! Us moms are a funny bunch of approval seeking squirrels sometimes, aren’t we?? I love your message of doing what is best for us, our kids, and our families. For ourselves and all the Marthas (like me) out there.

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