How Family Game Night Improves Academics at All Levels {+Giveaway!}

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If you are looking for a reason to incorporate family game night into your schedule, here are a few ways games can help to improve academics.

How Family Game Night Improves Academics at All Levels

If you are looking for a reason to play more games as a family, you’ll want to know the benefits games can provide for improving academics. Games provide ample opportunities for academic practice at every age and stage of learning.

Benefits of Games for Early Learners

Preschoolers and elementary aged students greatly enjoy games! Although parents often cringe at playing games like Candyland (ugh!), there are great lessons for kids in these simple games. Here are just a few reason to play:

  • Taking turns When you get down to the basics, playing games is about taking turns. Small children benefit from learning this skill. The earlier the better!
  • Counting Basic game play usually includes counting.
  • Sorting Some games ask kids to sort objects as part of the game play. Sorting is a great math skill which teaches kids to discriminate.
  • Reading Although there are many games for pre-readers, these games still help preschoolers practice pre-reading skills. As your children age and play more complex games, there is more reading to practice.
  • Decision Making Even games without much strategy require making simple decisions.
  • Math Operations Whether you are playing with money or making a decision about a play, simple math comes into play.
  • Group Interactions Learning the etiquette of group play goes beyond taking turns and includes learning to interact with other players in various ways.

Academic Reasons to Play Games with Middle Schoolers

The best part of playing games with middle schoolers is their exuberance for any type of play. Plus, they bring new skills to the party. Here is why you should make it a priority to play games with your young adolescent:

  • Play More Complex Games Not only will these games provide them with many academic opportunities, but parents can have fun when they move past Candyland!
  • Develop Strategy Skills There are a lot of ways to practice strategic planning while playing a game. You don’t even have to play complex games. Clue requires a strategy to win purposefully. It’s not a “gamer” sort of game, but it is still a game of strategy.
  • Practice Math Skills You don’t even have to be playing a math game to get this in. There are plenty of games with math skills attached like Monopoly or Settlers of Catan where you must save resources.
  • Word Skills How many of you play Scrabble on family game night? If you start young and build slowly, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your kids will become a formidable opponent.

How Game Play Helps Homeschooled Teens

If you are the parent of a teenager, then you know time feels short with their increased educational schedule and all the other things they are pursuing. Is it really important to include games for teens? There are strong academic reasons to include teens in family game night.

  • Strategy Building Older kids have the complex reasoning ability to tackle strategy skills. Choose games which foster strategic thought, and you will see improvement.
  • Continued Practice Games provide review of the basics such as word skills, math skills, etc.
  • Great Potential for Mastery Although it makes them impossible to play with, it’s fun to watch your children figure out a game.

Teens are fun because they get the game and they play well. It gives parents a challenge and makes for an enjoyable hour at the table.

Need Ideas for Incorporating Family Game Night

  • Why You Should Unplug for Family Game NightFamily game night undoes the negative effects of too much screen time. That’s why family game night is so important! You all need to set aside time to unplug and make spending time together as a family a priority.
  • How Family Game Night Builds Socialization Skills – Snacks, board games, and the family gathered around. It must be family game night! Although homeschoolers often use games in our to reinforce academic lessons, playing games as a family also imparts values and character through positive socialization.
  • Building Family Relationships through Family Game Night – Our lives are busier than ever. Many outside forces work to pull us apart each week. There will always be meetings, deadlines, schedules, company coming, and homeschool lessons. And the list just gets longer as our children mature through middle school and high school! Having fun with the people we love is important, and thus we need to set aside very specific time for it.
  • Planning a Successful Family Game Night – Is your family game night stuck in a rut? Or is it becoming boring and hard to manage? Maybe, like us, you don’t have a set family game night each week or month, but you’d like to start this family tradition. Whether you have never had a family game night or you have had a hundred, here are ideas for game night a happy success.
  • Snack Ideas for Family Game Night – Family game night is a fantastic way to bring family members together for an evening of fun, laughter, and friendly competition. And it’s not complete unless an array of delicious dishes are served. Here are a few suggestions to help take your family game night from super to superior!

Of course, there are many academic benefits of family game night, but there are others as well. Making it a priority to sit down once a week to play with each other is time well spent. It keeps families connected and requires little effort or cost.

Pick up a game today and ask your kids to join you!

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  1. Monopoly and Checkers

  2. We love games! We love Timeline, Scrabble, and Sum Swamp 😉

  3. Right now it’s monopoly and homeschoolopoly

  4. Right now, the kids are little, so family game night consists of (parent boredom-inducing) classics like Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, and Hi-Ho Cherry-o, as well as ‘active’ games like Go Fishing and Hungry, Hungry Hippos (it’s all fun and games until marbles start flying.)

  5. Quick cup and uno are the faves at the moment

  6. We love Monopoly

  7. We love to game at our house and would be happy with this new addition!

  8. Our son is still young, so we haven’t played a lot of board games yet. However, we do have a game for pre-readers called “Roll & Play Your Child’s First Game,” that we all really enjoy.

  9. That depends on which family member you ask… Gardenopoly, Yahtzee, Farkle, Card games like Rummy, UNO… and on and on. We collect a new game or two each year at Christmas and family games are also often given for birthdays… Sleeping Queens. Apples to apples for kids.

  10. They like Wild Craft Herbal Game, Sorry and Chutes and Ladders!

  11. We love games! Our latest favorite is Organ Attack!

  12. We love Risk and Ticket to Ride!

  13. Our family has become huge Pandemic fans this past year. I love that the adults can midel thinking and logic skills because we’re all working together to win.

  14. Uno and Clue

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