Christmas Math Game: Addition Bump

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This post is part of the 2017 Homeschooling through the Holidays series and was written by Rachel from You’ve Got This Math.

Children’s minds at Christmas are definitely not focused on mastering addition. There is the excitement of all the decorations, and the extra sugar doesn’t help much either. On top of that, the anticipation of what they will find under the tree Christmas morning is constantly swimming around in their brains.

Despite all the fun Christmas brings, most children are still having school days during the month of December. So to help with that learning, and bring some fun to the school time….here is a Christmas math game.

Christmas Addition Bump

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What Does It Focus On?

Christmas Addition Bump is the perfect game for children to practice adding two and three-digit numbers. There are two game boards so that you can meet the needs of first and second graders.

Game board one, focuses on two-digit addition and includes 27 addition problems to solve.

The second game also has 27 addition problems, but these problems all are three-digit addition problems.

Prep – Work

  1. First, print off the game boards and game cards on card stock paper
  2. Next, cut out the game cards
  3. Finally, gather up two different colors of blocks…these could by LEGO blocks or color counters with different colors on each side. Also, grab a whiteboard and dry erase marker.

How to Play

  • The game begins with player one drawing a game card and solves the problem on the whiteboard. Player one then looks for the answer on the board and has to do one of the following.

a. If the answer does not have anything on it, the player covers up the blank answer with their block or color counter.

b. If the answer already has one of their color counters on the answer, then they may secure the answer by adding a second counter.

c. Let’s say the answer has the color counter of another player. Then this player may bump off the game piece belonging to their opponent and place their game piece on the answer.

d. The player may not be able to do anything. If the answer is already secured, has two color counters on it, they may not place down a marker. Also, if they find that the answer is not on the board, the player loses their turn.

  • Now, player two gets to draw a card and follow the same steps.
  • The game continues until all answers are secured. The player with the most secured answers wins!!!!!

Enjoy playing with your kiddos this holiday season!!

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