5 Easy Ways to Deepen Your Prayer Life in 2018 {for moms and kids!}

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Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. ~1 Chronicles 16:11

We have an evening routine in our home. It’s a simple one. I pray with my kids before I tuck them into bed each night. At first, I didn’t think I was making much of a difference, and to be honest, some nights I was so exhausted I was tempted to skip prayer time.

I started asking the kids to take turns praying. Happily they rotate turns, praying over our nightly conversations with God.

We gather together in my room. All of us stretched out on my bed. One of us will start by asking if anyone has a prayer request.

We allow plenty of time for conversation, if the need arises.

After everyone has had a turn to share their prayer request, I ask them what is something that happened today that they were thankful for.

Then we pray.

It’s so important to remind ourselves to not just to seek God’s face with a list of wants, but we come thankful too.

I enjoy this prayer time with my kids. My heart is that as I work on deepening my own prayer life, leading by example, that my kids will be inspired in their prayer life.

Prayer is the most important thing you can do for the people in your life. One of my goals for 2018 is to deepen my prayer life and to help my children deepen theirs. If you are looking to do the same, here are a few easy ways {and an awesome free resource!} to help you along the way:

5 Easy Ways to Deepen Your Prayer Life in 2018 {for moms and kids}

Easy Ways to Deepen Your Prayer Life {for Moms and Kids}

Just start talking! Prayer is a Conversation with a Friend: Jesus

Remember that prayer is like talking to a good friend. Jesus is that good friend. You can share things with Him as if you were talking to an old trusted friend. A conversation is a two way event. Let’s remember to be still long enough for Jesus to respond to our prayers.

God Doesn’t Require Fancy Prayers

There is no need for fancy words or memorized prayers. Speak from your heart. There is freedom when we realize we can come before the Lord with our own words. From our own heart.

Be Intentional

Just like anything else we succeed at, it takes being intentional to make it happen. Set a specific time and location where you will pray everyday. Your bedroom, living room, or kitchen table; all are great places.

Set a timer on your phone

If you’re like me, you start out the day in prayer and with the best of intentions, but as you get caught up in the busyness of the day, it is easy to forget to take time to pray. Setting a timer on your phone will remind you to pause and make time for prayer.

Use a Prayer Journal

There is just something about writing things down to help it embedded in our hearts and minds. A prayer journal is a great way to keep up with your prayer requests, bible verses you’d like to memorize, and praise reports. For a limited time, I’m offering my 2018 prayer journals for FREE! There are three versions available: one for moms, one for girls, and one for guys. 

The Mom’s Prayer Journal includes space for:

  • Memory Verses
  • Prayers for: spouse, children, others, self, forgiveness,
  • Praises
  • Focus of the day/week
  • Readings of the day/week

The Girl’s & Guy’s Prayer Journals includes space for:

  • Memory Verses
  • Prayers for: parents, siblings, friends, others, self, forgiveness
  • Praises
  • Focus of the day/week
  • Readings of the day/week

Each month has a unique design and you can choose whether you print a page for each day or one page for each week. Not only will this help you to stay organized and intentional with your prayer life, it will also allow you to help your children get into the habit of intentional praying throughout their days.

Click here and complete the checkout process to get your FREE 2018 Prayer Journals now!

5 Easy Ways to Deepen Your Prayer Life in 2018 {for moms and kids}

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