Stress-free Homeschool Year? Here’s How You Can Have It!

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Homeschool Complete: All-Inclusive Curriculum

A quality education doesn’t have to be expensive, take all of your time, and leave you feeling overwhelmed. You can have an enjoyable year in effectively teaching your child.

“With Homeschool Complete your homeschool year will be stress-free and will consist of very little preparation.”

How Do I Get It All Done?

The number one concern of most parents who teach their kids at home is “Time.” Everyone needs more of it, and no one more than a homeschool family. Time-consuming planning is a thing of the past when you use Homeschool Complete.

Homeschool Complete was created by a homeschool mom who understands the challenge of getting it all done and keeping your sanity! Debra is also an educator who has used her classroom and home-education experience to create a program that is challenging for your students, as well as organized and well-planned for you.

“All the hard work is already done for you! You literally open the book and teach!”

What do I Teach?

“What do I teach?” is the second most frequently asked question. Parents want to be sure they are covering the most important topics in the most effective way.

The curriculum for each year (K-2) truly is complete. Thematic units cover Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Development & Fitness, Fine Arts, and Character Development & Bible. The subjects are integrated to reinforce learning and increase your child’s understanding of the material. Activities are planned with the various learning styles of children in mind. The author has taught multiple grades and has an understanding of the scope and sequence of learning.

“You can be assured that you will not miss a concept with this all-inclusive curriculum. It’s truly a homeschool mother’s dream.”

How Do We Afford To Homeschool Year After Year?

Most families who homeschool have one parent who is at home full-time, or a parent who is working part-time in order to coordinate their children’s learning. One-income families have to budget in order to pay for books, activities, and curricula for each subject, but Homeschool Complete enables you to use free and inexpensive resources. In addition, you can use it for multiple students or multiple years simply by adding an inexpensive workbook.

Our complete unit studies (K-6) are written in the same format as our all-inclusive, year-long curricula. These downloadable units are available individually, and allow families to teach children together.

“This curriculum was the best for the price that I’ve seen: it has been an incredible investment in my children’s lives.”

Homeschool Complete can help with solutions!

Homeschool Complete can help with solutions for some of the challenges that homeschoolers face. The curriculum is fully-planned and affordable.

“They have exceeded my expectations and are well-rounded and very reasonably priced.”

We offer an all-inclusive, year-long curriculum for kindergarten, first, and second grades. The detailed lesson plans in the teacher’s manual cover all subject areas and are created around thematic units. Unit studies are a fun way to learn subject matter and will increase your child’s understanding of the material. Student worksheets for each lesson are included. This literature-based curriculum utilizes quality literature books as well as reading comprehension worksheets to teach content. Hands-on activities, experiments, art projects, games, and songs are planned to accommodate the various learning styles. Everything is in one binder to help keep parents organized and to help make daily preparation simple.

“It is so user-friendly, covers a full range of concepts and skills, and ensures lots of quality time with my child.”

Our Reading Complete series is designed to teach beginning readers and can supplement any curriculum. It combines phonics and sight word recognition skills to teach a child how to read fluently and expressively. Language arts skills of spelling, punctuation, grammar, handwriting, and reading comprehension are included.
The daily lessons incorporate the use of flashcards, games, activities, and independent written practice.

“My daughter’s confidence and ability to read through a book improved greatly with using this product!”

Individual unit studies are available for kindergarten through sixth grade. Choose the unit studies that appeal to your child’s interests! Our complete unit studies are written in the same format as our all-inclusive, year-long curricula. Each unit study will include skills and activities that cover all subject areas. Integrating subjects within a themed unit makes teaching more effective, and increases your child’s comprehension and retention of the skills. Enjoy hands-on activities, experiments, art projects, games, songs, and more! The unit studies utilize quality literature books as well as reading comprehension worksheets to teach content.

“These units are thorough, high-quality, and FUN!”

Let Homeschool Complete help you have an enjoyable year in effectively teaching your child.

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