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You’ve heard about Black Friday and Cyber Monday…now we have Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday.

This year, I am pleased to officially introduce Homeschool Thursday!

Homeschool Thursday is brought to you by Homeschool Blogging & Homeschool Blogger Network!

This year’s Homeschool Thursday is being celebrated by giving EACH OF YOU a HUGE bundle of homeschool curriculum and resources from your favorite homeschool brands and bloggers valued at over $800!} This FREE bundle is ONLY available for 5 days…after Monday 12/4/17, it is gone for EVER!

The way this bundle works is a bit different…it’s more of a curriculum and resources library. When you fill out the form requesting access to the bundle, you are automatically redirected to the library page where you can pick and choose which items you would like to download. This is great because that means you aren’t filling up storage on your device with items that you will never use. Simply download the products that you want and forget the rest! You can download as many or as few products as you would like…but once you see the amazingness included in this bundle, I KNOW you’re going to want it all!

 I’m so sorry that you missed the 2017 Homeschool Thursday bundle, please check back often for additional freebies.

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Check out what is included in the 2017 Homeschool Thursday Curriculum & Resources bundle {valued at over $800!}:

From Life of a Homeschool Mom: US Presidents Study & Matching Game Set {valued at $9.99}

From Enrichment Studies: Christmas Fine Art Pages- Make art appreciation an easy and natural part of your home life with this set of printable Christmas Fine Art Pages! {Valued at $5}

From Little Learning Lovies: Arctic Friends Mini Learning Bundle- 4 PDFs including Arctic Multiplication Memory, Arctic Adventure Math Practice, Habitat Sort Game, and Arctic Writing Paper. All high quality printables WORTH their paper and ink! {valued at $25}

From In All You Do: Sounds of the Season- Sounds of Christmas is a musical study of 10 Christmas songs. Students will read a brief history of each carol and listen to a variety of styles (links included). There is a Venn Diagram for each song and notebooking pages to use as well. {68 total pages} {Valued at $7}

From Living Life and Learning: Christmas Letter Find Printables A to Z (Print and Cursive)- Is your student having problems recognizing the upper or lowercase letters of the alphabet? Try these Christmas Letter Find Printables so they can match them up and find all of the letters. {Valued at $4.99}

From The Life of a Crafty Homeschool Mom: Flashcard Set- Flashcards for Alphabet, Numbers to 12, shapes and colors {Valued at $5}

From Future Flying Saucers: Walk This Way: Ethics and Sanctification Lessons for Kids- includes 20 interactive Bible object lessons that create a fun learning atmosphere while teaching Biblical truth that enhances spiritual growth. Perfect for Sunday School, Awana, small groups, and other Children’s Ministry activities. {Valued at $19.99}

From YW Success: Code Breaker – A Working Memory Activity- Code Breaker is a working memory exercise designed to help students with tasks that require you to hold onto a set of symbols or steps, such as using equations in math, using symbols in editing papers, and labeling parts of speech! This fun game uses symbols, letters, and numbers to provide a fun and applicable exercise to improve this skill! {Valued at $15}

From Peace Creek on the Prairie: Pearl Harbor Notebooking Pages/Unit Study- My hope is, that with Christmas right around the corner, that our children will remember that right before Christmas, many Americans faced a tragedy that should not be forgotten. This study will help them become familiar with Pearl Harbor and hopefully pique their interest in learning more about World War II. {Valued at $5}

From Year Round Homeschooling: Simple Devotions for Homeschool Mom’s Hearts- Inside you’ll find 30 devotions to encourage homeschool moms hearts. This also includes 30 worksheets that have a reflection question and prayer section to go with each devotional. {Valued at $2.99}

From Autism Homeschool Mom: Making Faces- Making Faces is a 36 page packet of printable worksheets to help understand, regulate, identify, and empathize with emotions. {Valued at $5}

From Beyond Mommying: South America Geography Mini-Unit- This 18-page (plus answer keys) South America Geography Mini-Unit is part of my larger South America Unit Study and covers the geography of South America as well as each individual country’s geography and basic demographics. {Valued at $7.50}

From The Character Corner: 31 Years of Homeschool Wisdom- New and veteran homeschooling moms will benefit from the encouraging, practical advice given in this book. As a homeschooling mom of 31 years, who has taught all eight of her children from kindergarten through graduation, Kathie shares candidly what she has learned throughout her journey. She reveals her secrets, her struggles, and her successes. You will be inspired and encouraged by the truths and tips shared throughout this book. {Valued at $12}

From Talking Mom2Mom: It’s the Heart Not the Hemline: 5 Week Unit Study on Modesty- It’s the Heart, Not the Hemline is a 5 week unit study on modesty from a biblical perspective for girls ages 8-14 years old. This digital (printable) study includes detailed daily lessons, scripture memory exercises, craft and activity prompts, as well as parent/child journals all offering a solid foundation leading towards wisdom in modesty. KJV and ESV translations are both included. {Valued at $14.99}

From The Multi Tasking’ Mom: More Than Words at Christmas Time- As Christmastime approaches, let’s prepare our hearts to be open to The Word of our Lord through out the busiest time of the year. You’ll immediately notice that this devotional is different than any other. It is designed to get you into The Word and keep you there. Each day focuses on one particular word. Each day you’ll pour over the word, carry the word with you throughout the day, meditate on it, let The Lord speak to you and watch as your anxiety and stress turn into peace and serenity. {Valued at $9.99}

From Homeschool Adventure Co: Thales Study- With “Thales — The Father of Western Philosophy” your middle and high school students can explore the first lesson of Philosophy Adventure. This study includes: Thales Lesson, Notebooking Page, Freewriting Assignment, Memory Cards, and more! {Valued at $14.95}

From Pool Noodles & Pixie Dust: ABC Cut-Out Pack- Two full versions of the alphabet with a feature page for each letter. One in B&W with one in brilliant colors and each letter features a different beautiful font. Use these letters in sensory bins, in literacy centers and games, for scavenger hunts and so much more. BONUS 5 full page sheets of of Bingo/matching cards. {Valued at $12.99}

From Encouraging Moms at Home: Presidential Flashcards- A flashcard with full color picture and basic information for each president. These print beautifully! {Valued at $5.99}

From Brookdale House: Spelling Workbook Series- Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 {Valued at $39.80} This curriculum has been designed to enhance each student’s spelling and vocabulary skills for the purpose of correctly writing, using, and spelling words used in everyday conversation as well as subject matters in other courses of learning. A test should be given after each unit is completed to assess the student’s ability to correctly spell the words in each particular unit. Tests and an answer key are provided. Level 1 is for students in K and 1st grade, Level 2 is for students in 1st and 2nd, Level 3 is for 2nd and 3rd, and Level 4 is for 3rd and 4th.

From ABCs of Literacy: Winter Hat And Mitten Beginning Sounds Match- This Winter Hat and Mitten Beginning Sounds Match is a fun, hands-on way for your children to practice identifying beginning sounds. Connecting the links together is also a great way for then to develop their fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination. {Valued at $5}

From Awe Filled Homemaker: Fruits of the Spirit Study- Walk through this study as we learn about the fruits of the spirit! For kids and full of activities, this study has 51 pages included. {Valued at $5}

From Hip Homeschool Moms: AROUND THE WORLD NOTEBOOK PAGES- LEARN WORLD GEOGRAPHY WITH AROUND THE WORLD NOTEBOOK PAGES 12 beautifully designed, unique pages for students to record their research on any world nation. Topics covered include basic facts, mapping location, demographics, topography, history, vocabulary, economy, landmarks, arts and culture, science, and more! This is a 14 page PDF digital download recommended for 4th gr. and up. Light color can be printed in black and white for economical printing. {Valued at $4.99}

From Outmatched Mama: Hymns for your Homeschool- Do you long for more of God’s truth in your heart and your homeschool? All the work has been done for you, just download, print, click and GO with this internet linked hymn study for your homeschool! Contains 8 popular hymns, each with internet links to listen and find more information about the author or composer. Each hymn has a beautiful keepsake worksheet helping your students to dig into the hymn deeper. {Valued at $15}

From Simple Living Mama: Preschool Alphabet Book- Introduce your preschooler or kindergartner to the alphabet with this fun preschool alphabet book. This book includes worksheets for all 26 letters of the alphabet, plus both uppercase and lowercase letters. {Valued at $4.99}

From SkillTrek: A Farewell to Autumn {A Skill Trek Express Bundle}- Activities + a sampler bundle of multi-media life skills from each main group of the Skill Trek Curriculum. {Valued at $44.85}

From Thinking Kids: My Homeschool Planning Journal — Coloring Edition- The My Homeschool Planning Journal is a 152-page download. The Planning Journal is a homeschool planning solution that works. It will help you get organized and stay organized with three important sections: Plan Your Homeschool Objectives, Plan Your Homeschool Subjects and Supplies, and Plan Your Homeschool Week-by-Week. The Journal is organized to allow you to plan for several children. {Valued at $15}

From FundaFunda Academy: World War 2 Year by Year online unit study- Students experience the events of World War II as it unfolds in chronological order. Use is made of videos, interactive websites and online games to create an engaging experience for students. Appropriate for grades 4-8. {Valued at $20}

From Katie’s Homeschool Cottage: Summer Nature Study and More- An 85 page e-book that uses nature study during the months of June, July, and August to learn biology, chemistry, and physical science with nature walk questions and suggestions, activities, experiments, living book suggestions, extended concept studies, poetry and nature journal pages. {Valued at $7.50}

From Quality Time Matters: Medieval Brick eBook- Supplement to a medieval unit study – brick creations (weapons, castle, dragon, etc.), handful free worksheets. {Valued at $2.99}

From Growing Curious Minds: Digraph books-  Digraph book consists ch,sh,wh,th words with photographs. {Valued at $2}

From Peanut Butter Fish Lessons: Christmas Present Area and Perimeter Task Cards- Use these 24 tasks cards to have some Christmas fun and use knowledge of area, perimeter, multiplication and division to make presents to go under a printable Christmas tree. {Valued at $2}

From Roscommon Acres: Shape flash cards- This is a set of printable flash cards for learning 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes. It includes important vocabulary as well as formulae for finding the perimeter, area, volume and surface area. Unlike most flash cards, they are suited for recognition in younger children and reviewing geometry concepts for middle grades. My high schooler still uses them as a cheat sheet while working on his math. {Valued at $3}

From Teach Them Diligently: Perfect Homeschool Audio Bundle- This set of 6 audio recordings from Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention is filled with practical tips, in-depth knowledge, and step-by-step application to help you create that perfect homeschool for your family. (Set includes: The 7 E’s For Choosing Curriculum, Your Most Organized Homeschool Year Ever, Twenty-First Century Homeschooling, How to Have the Perfect Homeschool While Teaching Children of Different Levels, Homeschooling: Methods That Win and Methods That Wipe Out, and Formulating and Teaching A Biblical Worldview To Your 6-14 Year Old.) {Valued at $36}

From Write for College: Basic English Writing Guide- Functional writing is practical writing that you will use whether or not you attend college. Practical or functional writing includes the basic format for letters, resumes, etc. Functional writing should be clear and reflect your intent clearly. Everyone should master functional writing because practical communication is part of our everyday lives. {Valued at $21.97}

From R.E.A.L. World Learners: Playground Alphabet- Are you looking for an engaging, interactive, unique, and fun way to help your children learn how to write the letters of the alphabet? The charts in this packet describe every letter of the alphabet (upper and lower case) in terms of something from a playground. Kids will feel like they’re running around an obstacle course at their favorite play structure while you’re teaching them the alphabet! This packet is composed of three parts: *10 photographs of playground structures with highlighted diagrams showcasing all the shapes needed to write the alphabet. *13 pages with “obstacle course” challenges that describe how to draw each upper- and lower-case letter followed by an unlined area to practice writing the letters. *26 letter outline mats (each includes upper- and lower-case letters with writing instructions) for kids to practice forming letters in a variety of ways. {Valued at $3}

From My Joy-Filled Life: The ABCs of the Bible Scripture Copywork- The ABCs of the Bible is a printable scripture copywork eBook that follows the letters of the alphabet.  It contains 78 scriptures from the King James Version of the Bible – 3 scriptures for each letter of the alphabet.  Recommended for grades 1-5. {Valued at $5.99}

From Proverbial Homemaker: Heroes of the Bible Brick Challenge & Character Study- The Heroes of the Bible Brick Challenge and Character Study is a fun way to enrich your homeschool or family devotions. This 95-page printable combines the creativity of build challenges with a study of over 20 characters in the Bible! Build examples and scripture memory cards help aid learning (ESV and KJV available) {Valued at $14.99}

From Fantastic Fun and Learning: December Writing Journal Prompts- Writing journal prompts for a mix of popular December themes like gingerbread, winter and holiday traditions as well as some general prompts that can be used any time of year. Includes 70 pages and three formats for various ages and writing abilities. {Valued at $3}

From Preschool Powol Packets: Animal Alphabet Dot Pages- These 26 fun dot pages include an animal for each letter of the alphabet! Use them with dot markers, paint, stickers, magnets, and more! Perfect for introducing or reviewing letters of the alphabet! {Valued at $3}

From Sheri Graham: Intentional Weekly Planner- A planner with a little more room! Monthly calendars are provided at the beginning of each month with a page after that where you can record your goals, to do lists, and notes for that month. Behind each monthly calendar you will find the weekly planner pages. The simple, basic layout provides lots of room to write and record your days. This version of the Intentional Weekly Planner has lined weekly pages. {Valued at $5}

From Tree Valley Academy: Grade 1 Spelling Workbook- A complete Grade 1 Spelling Workbook that combines spelling with learning to print with a special focus on the lowercase letters. {Valued at $4.75}

From Learning to Speak Life Books: Expedition Short Vowels Printable (PDF) Packet- Join the adventure and discover the keyword creature for each short vowel sound. Expedition: Short Vowels consists of five lessons, one for each short vowel sound. Each sound is taught through interactive lessons which end in finding a keyword creature. Cut out the keyword creature and keep it handy for any adventures in reading you go on! This 20-page high quality PDF digital file will be sure to please your young literacy learner! In this packet your child will: -learn and practice short vowel sounds -engage in sounding out words phonetically -use clues to unlock words -draw pictures -tracing and handwriting practice {Valued at $3.99}

From Our Crazy Adventures in Autism Land: Christmas Things To Do- A 2 page set of simple things to do to slow down and enjoy this holiday season. {Valued at $4.99}

From Warm Hearts Publishing: State Flash Card Game Bundle- Make learning the 50 states, capitals and abbreviations fun for your kids with this big flash card game pack. {Valued at $9.50}

From Learning Table: Forest Animal Pack – This 21-page printable pack includes Forest Books for Kids Library Checklist, Nature Study Cross-Curricluar Lesson Plans, Writing Prompts, Coloring Pages, and Forest Themed Notebook Pages. Perfect to go along with nature study! (Elementary, Middle School) {Valued at $6.99}

From Paradise Praises: Every Day is a Holiday- A 365-Day Calendar of Celebrations to incorporate into your homeschool and/or family fun nights. {Valued at $5.99}

From Mom Wife Homeschool Life: Cursive Copywork: Proverbs- Cursive Copywork for Proverbs chapters 1-5. {Valued at $9}

From The Daisyhead: Finding Your Vision: Planning Your Homeschool Journey with the End in Mind- Finding Your Vision: Planning Your Homeschool Journey With The End In Mind walks you through the process of finding a vision for your homeschool. More workshop than book, the conversational tone and worksheets in this book will guide you gently through the process of discerning God’s vision for your homeschool. With this vision, you can begin to choose curriculum and activities for your child’s education with confidence. {Valued at $2.99}

From Make Math More Fun: Bump All Around the World Game- It’s a bump addition game that also allows the child to practice memorizing the continents and oceans as well as practicing his math facts. {Valued at $2.50}

From Real Foodie Family: Real Foodie Family’s Guide to Going Gluten-Free- Giving up a major food group is hard! And doing this while still maintaining all your responsibilities and having a normal social life is even harder! Going gluten-free can sound very daunting at first especially if you are a foodie. This book is for two groups of people: those who you have been diagnosed with Celiac or a gluten intolerance or those of you who are wondering whether or not going gluten-free may help your pain or illness. Real Foodie Family’s Guide to Going Gluten-Free will walk you through understanding exactly what gluten is, whether or not it’s for you, and how to practically cut it out of your life. {Valued at $9.99}

From Townsley Times: Elementary Spanish Resources- Printable pack of five activities for teaching colors and one for teaching the family tree. Perfect for beginning Spanish students! {Valued at $10}

From The Art Kit: Christmas tree playdough mats- Set of ten playdough mats for use with playdough, dry erase markers, or counters. {Valued at $3.50}

From Bright Owl Media: History Timeline Activity- This Timeline activity is geared toward homeschoolers or any child who is interested in history–particularly the major wars, presidents, and achievements of humankind. It provides a pictorial reference of each major event, with the years and a description. The child or adult involved can cut out each event and create a timeline. The activity will help with the ordinal placement of events, history, social studies, and critical thinking. Creating timelines is an activity called for in the Florida Standards (my state) and across the United States for Social Studies in the primary grades. As an extension activity, the student could choose an interesting topic from one of the items on the timeline and dig deeper for a research project.  {Valued at $4.99}

From Raising Real Men: Five Little Peppers Classic Children’s Literature Audiobook- Want your children to remember the happy times in your home? It’s the attitude that makes the difference. Our Five Little Peppers audiobook is just what you need to remind your children to rejoice even in trials and that people are more important than things. Five Little Peppers is classic children’s literature every child should know and love! {Valued at $20}

From Home Education Council of America: Plus SILVER Membership – 30 Day Trial- HECOA Silver Membership includes access to recordings from online homeschool conferences, teaching resources by topic, and our Ultimate Homeschool Workshop. {Valued at $10}

From A Helping Hand Homeschool: Art History through the Ages Volume 1 Bundle: Northern & Italian Renaissance- This bundle includes volume 1 of Art History through the Ages, which offers lessons and unit extensions for artists of the Northern and Italian Renaissance. Also included are an art history timeline and 20-page set of notebooking pages. {Valued at $25}

From The Fervent Mama: Water Cycle Unit Study: Why Does it Rain and accompanying Ebook “Why Does it Rain?”- 40 page activity bundle and 10 page Ebook that can help explain to your little learner why it rains, and why the water cycle is so important to our ecosystem. {Valued at $4.99}

From Let’s Learn, Kids: A-Z VIRTUES AND HABITS PACKAGE- Kids will learn about 26 virtues and habits through an alphabetical A-Z progression. They will start with a great book, reflect on the meaning and application of each virtue and habit, and color a flag for a fun visual reminder. {Valued at $8.99}

From They Call Me Blessed: Mom’s Bible Journal- This Mom’s Bible Journal printable is perfect for busy moms who don’t have a lot of time to sit down quietly and do a devotional but desperately need to spend time with God before their day start. It includes a one page daily journal with a Scripture to meditate on, words to focus on, and how you can apply that Scripture into your life. A gratitude space to write 1 or 2 things you are grateful for and a space to draw and illustrate your faith. It also contains separated pages for favorite Bible verses, Bible study notes, prayer lists, praise reports and sermon notes. Every page has a Bible verse to inspire you, as well. This is the best companion for a busy mom who can still set aside 10 minutes every morning to grow in her faith. {Valued at $5.99}

From Teach Me Joy: Hall of Heroes: K5-2nd Full Curriculum Package- A homeschool curriculum that includes Bible, Language Arts, History, Science & Geography and even a schedule for Math! All focused on the Heroes in our world, from Bible, Science and History! {Valued at $18.50}

From With the Huddleston’s: File Folder Mania Pack- This pack comes with 10+ file folder activities for preschoolers and up! {Valued at $5}

From Lifeschooling Conference: Entire set of 2016 Lifeschooling Conference videos- All 13 conference sessions from the 2016 Lifeschooling Conference on digital video, plus an extra bonus! These are the same videos that others paid $50 to own!

From Carol Topp: Starting a Micro Business for Teens: Creating a Business Plan- If you’re a teenager (or even an adult) thinking of starting a micro business to earn some money, you should start with a plan. This ebook will walk you through creating a business plan and will help you anticipate everything that might go wrong. By thinking through issues like who will buy your product and how to reach them, you will save time and money as well as avoid frustration. {Valued at $5}

From Grapevine Studies: The Announcement to Mary eLesson- Stick Figure your way through the Nativity beginning with the Announcement to Mary! {Valued at $2.50}

From Kindergarten Mom:Blends and Digraphs Color & Write- These awesome little worksheets help children identify blends and digraphs. Hidden inside the large letters are pictures! Some match and some do not. Children find the words that have the beginning blend sound or digraph and color them. They then choose two of the words they found to write on the lines. {valued at $5}

I’m so sorry that you missed the 2017 Homeschool Thursday bundle, please check back often for additional freebies.

By entering your email address to receive access to the bundle you are granting permission for your email address to be added to each author’s email list. Don’t worry- we send good stuff and promise not to Spam you. We hate spam too!

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