Carolling Through the Holidays- 2 FREE Christmas music courses for children

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Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. Even though it is full of delightful distractions and makes my already inattentive kids even more distracted – I have found that there is no better time to introduce music than during the lead up to Christmas.

You may wonder why I say that. But really, think about it. With all those catchy tunes whether they are Jingles Bells or beautiful Christmas carols like Once in Royal David’s City, what other songs leave you with a warm tingly feeling the moment you hear them?

Christmas is a magical time for kids and one that they always anticipate with joy. So what better time to introduce a new challenge, like teaching them to play a musical instrument? Through the years, I have found that preparing my little ones for a Christmas piano recital so they can show off their skills to family and friends to be a huge motivator – and this year I can help you do it, too.

Even if you’ve never touched a musical instrument in your life, I can help you teach your kids to Read Music Notes and Play Christmas Carols in just 5 days. I’ve taught hundreds of parents to do just that and I can teach you too. All you need is, access to a piano or a keyboard (with a minimum of 44 keys) and the willingness to allocate 10 minutes a day for piano practice. If you are willing to do that, then we can get started right now.

The course is online so you can do it on your schedule. Besides gaining access to this premium course for FREE, you will also have access to me through an exclusive FB Group. Come enroll in the Read Music Notes and Play Christmas Carols in 5 Days course and let me take the guesswork out of teaching your child to play the piano.

If you have a child 4 years or older who would love to play the piano, then this is ideal for you. I have simplified the course and provided a variety of materials such as lesson plans, games, flashcards, music theory worksheets, video lessons and much more. I have simplified the process to the point that anyone can teach their kids to read music notes, irrespective of their musical background. I even guide you on how you can prepare your children for a wonderful Christmas recital, which they can put on when family and friends gather to celebrate the big day.

You will be amazed at the progress your kids make. And I guarantee you will be the proud mama wiping away tears of joy when you see the awe struck audience. I will give you all the tools and you can take all the credit. So don’t waste another minute get started with the Read Music Notes and Play Christmas Carols course.

Learning a new instrument is not the only way you can encourage your child’s interest in music. Attending a performance of the Nutcracker, listening to and appreciating Christmas carols from around the world and watching Christmas musicals are all ways to include music in the homeschool over the holidays.  Creating tons of research and crafting activities around the stories from Christmas musicals like the Nutcracker is another way to enhance musical learning during this time of the year.

Now, I know as a busy mom, you may not have the time nor the energy to find, curate and prepare material that would blend music and Christmas into one fun activity. So, that is why I have done it for you. In my Christmas ‘Carolling’ Around the World Unit Study, I introduce your child to the legends and stories behind some of our most beloved Christmas Carols. The unit study will also introduce your children to Christmas traditions from around the world, while teaching them different musical concepts like rhythm and beat with a Christmas theme.

Christmas Caroling Around the World Unit Study
I have created adorable, age appropriate note booking pages for those kids that would love to take their learning further, blended in a mix of videos, music, reading materials and much more in one fun package. This unit study is appropriate for kids 3 and above. It is entirely online and self paced. From now until Christmas you will gain exclusive access to a FB Group where you can share ideas and gather inspiration from other homeschool moms on how they are using the unit study to introduce music in the homeschool.

So what are you waiting for – grab the Christmas ‘Carolling’ Around the World unit study right now – it is absolutely FREE.

Karen Cadera enables musically untrained parents to teach their kids to play the piano. Karen was a very reluctant piano student. She is an ‘imperfect’ mom and ‘not so perfect’ music teacher.

Her motto is ‘if you don’t need to be a mathematician to teach your kids math, then you definitely don’t need to be a pianist to teach your kids to play the piano’.

As a teenager she was a ‘student teacher’ in her mom and aunt’s music studios. This was when she first realised the vital role played by parental involvement in ensuring any child’s success in education. She now strives to turn her failures as a student and her ‘love-hate’ relationship with the piano, to inspire musically illiterate parents to bring the joy of music into their homes.
Karen is also the creator of the Teach Your Child Piano series, and the hostess of Homeschool Piano: Take the guesswork out of teaching piano at home FB Group. Connect with Karen on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


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