5 Important Life Values I Want My Kids to Learn

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I want Sicily to be a curious individual that asks questions and seeks answers on a daily basis. I want her to know how to use different resources to creativly discover answers through problem solving and critical thinking. I envision Sicily being a person who loves learning and seeks learning opportunities.

Do you have a vision for your kids?

When I first started exploring with homeschool, I wrote this vision for daughter. It has helped ground every decision I have made involving her.

I want my kids to be the ones that everyone talks about.

But in a good way!

I want to be the fly on the way listening to their friends say things like…

“I know I can count on her to help through any situation.”

“She is so confident. She puts a positive spin on everything!”

And the ever so popular Facebook post…

“To the lady in the red car. Thanks for buying my lunch today. It was a horrible day. You put a smile on my face. And FYI, I kept it going!”

This world is full of people who don’t do the little things any more. Kindness and hard work are not appreciated. But I want my kids to power through the flaws of our world and be a change maker.

The 5 Things I Want My Kids to Learn

1. It’s Okay to Fail

“I can’t, Mama!”

I hear these words all too often from my two year old. And it’s simple things that she has been doing for over a year now.

I mean putting her toothbrush away might make her arms fall off. And the plate actually ending up in the sink just might be short of a miracle.

But as much as those things bother me, they aren’t the reason why my eyes are bloodshot from no sleep. It’s the “I can’t” to something new she tries.

I work very hard in creating a growth mindset in my children. I intentionally place them in situations where they’re going to fail.

Why? Because I want them to fail. I want them to fall on their face, bury their head in their hands, and sob from failing.

I know that sounds harsh, but I have a good reason.

Because when they do fail, I place them in that growth mindset. We practice saying “I can’t YET!” a lot in our house.

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You see I’m a big believer in the saying that things don’t come easy. Yes, there are some people who never have to try in life. Everything they try, they’re good at. These kids don’t ever have to open a textbook. And they still succeed.

But then there are the lucky ones. The ones who get to experience failure. See failure teaches a lot of important life skills that I don’t want my kids to miss out on. Things like perseverance, innovative thinking, and empathy.

2. Always Be the One Lifting Others Up

I don’t watch the news anymore, Mama. You with me?

There is so much hate in the world, and the media just makes it worse. Honestly, I don’t even want to think about the condition of this world when my kids are on their own.

But what I can do, is teach them to power through the hate. To be the ones who lift everyone up.

And most importantly, to be the one who lifts others up even if they don’t agree with their position.

3. Be Kind

The other day I was standing in line with my Big Gulp and Starburst because…well it was that kind of day. The cashier is one of those cute little old guys.

Then there was this lady with her hoodie up…in 90 degree weather. She pushed others out of the way to put her cinnamon buns and energy drinks on the counter. Then walked away.

The cashier started to ring those items up. He didn’t see her leave them there. The woman in front of me started yelling “Those aren’t mine! Those aren’t mine! Those aren’t mine!”

I mean the poor guy didn’t even have time to answer before another “Those aren’t mine!” came out of her mouth and she ran to another cashier with curse words blaring out her mouth.

The poor guy looked offended. I mean I would too. Even though I had a horrible…no toddler, no baby napped kinda day…I put my best smile on and tried to be as kind as possible to this gentleman.

Not only do these little things make someone else’s day, but they make me feel good too. I want my kids to experience the happiness that being kind brings to not only themselves, but others too.

4. Have Confidence

I am not a confident person. I struggle every day with putting myself out there. I’m more of the hibernate in the house with a big bowl of ice cream on a Friday night type of girl.

Simply because I don’t want to be judged. But I don’t want this for my kids.


I want my kids to be confident in everything they do. Even if they know they’re going to suck at it!

But I don’t want them to be egotistical either! Which leads me to my last point…

5. Love Learning

Yes, I want them to be confident. But I want them to understand that they are not going to be good at everything. But we can always improve. I want my kids to seek knowledge and follow their curiosities, even as adults.

And you know what…

Teaching these things starts now. It starts when they are babies, toddlers, and preschoolers just trying to figure out this world.


When we give them a strong foundation of support, confidence, kindness, and a world to explore at their own free will…

We give them important character traits and values that will set them up for success throughout their whole life.

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Much Love,


About the Author:

Amanda is a teacher turned stay at home mom. She has over 11 years experience teaching in classrooms from preschool through elementary. At Sicily’s Heart & Home, Amanda is passionate about helping moms confidently teach their little ones through a child-led, hands-on approach to learning. She encourages simple set ups with high learning value so you can focus on enjoying the learning process with your child. Amanda is the creator of The Toddler Experience Curriculum and soon to open Nourishing Small Minds Community. You can follow her on Pinterest or Facebook. Join her ever growing Tot School and Home Preschool Facebook Group. And don’t forget to download her Print & Play Calendar!

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  1. I love your vision of teaching and raising your kids to love learning and be confident, helpful, happy people!

  2. I love this. I also love your daughters name. We lived in Sicily for 3 years so it will always have a special place in my heart.

    1. Thank you! I use to name my baby dolls Sicily when I was younger. I plan on taking her there for her 18th birthday 🙂

  3. This is perfect. Beginning to teach my 4 year old and this curricula would be very helpful.

  4. I love everything about it. I have a 4yo and 1yo and this would be perfect for me to do with the younger one as the older starts kindergarten next year. I’ve been wondering what I can do with my baby while her sister goes to school and this is perfect!

    1. The curriculum would be a great asset while you teach olders. It’s mostly child-led, so you will have more free time to teach your Kindergartener while the younger one is busy exploring the invitations you set out.

  5. Would love to have this preschool curriculum all in one place and bot have to search around for other subjects!

    1. Nourishing Small Minds has it all in one place. Unit studies, math, writing, reading, character development, and practical life all in one place. And you have the freedom to pick and choose which activities you want to do on which day.

  6. When I read “a resource vault with planning resources” I knew this is a must-have for my little guy (3-yr-old)! Thanks for ALL your hard work in putting this community together!

  7. Honestly, I think the mama community will be my favorite aspect!

    1. Mine too! I’ll be able to connect better with you all and be more supportive in the Mama’s Community. My focus will be in this community, so you will definitely get more personal connection, support, and help from me.

  8. Hoping that I win, I really need this

  9. I think it’s great that you’ve developed a “curriculum” for younger ages. It would definitely help us out a lot!

    1. Thank you! I struggled finding a curriculum that was child-led and super flexible. That’s why I designed my own.

  10. I think that nourishing small minds community will be PERFECT!!! I spend way too much time gathering ideas on Pinterest for learning and everything else toddler related. I reallllly hope i win this!!!! My husband and I just were talking about how maybe the reason i haven’t landed a job is because of how passionate i am about raising my kids and being involved. Not many jobs will allow for that. So if I do not win I pray for the financial means to pay for it. Definitely seems like its going to be amazing!

    1. Thank you Angel! Good luck! And just an FIY, if you don’t win I am doing a pre-sale special pricing during Black Friday weekend. Make sure you get on my e-mail list to be notified when it happens. But I hope you win it 🙂

  11. I love everything i need will be in one place!

    1. Definitely will save you time from using multiple resources. Good luck!

  12. Love this and the whole concept. Strong believer in child led.

  13. So excited for all aspects!

  14. I’m super excited for the community but everybit of the membership will be meaningful. We just moved away from my mom tribe to the middle of the land time forgot. Thank you for your wisdom.

    1. Oh wow! That can be hard. In the author bio is a link to my Facebook Group if you would like to join us there too. Good luck. Hope you get it!

  15. This is such a great resource. Thank you!

  16. I would love having all of those resources at my disposal!!

  17. I’m excited to see the 3 & 4 curriculum!

  18. I’m so excited about the 3 and 4 year old curriculum!!

  19. I’m really looking forward to seeing the 3 & 4 yr old curriculum.

  20. Thank you!

  21. Thank you! It will be nice to have a one-stop place full of resources and for teaching my little one!

    1. It has everything you need. No more spending hours on Pinterest 🙂 Good luck!

  22. I could really use this, but regardless, I appreciate the opportunity to win this.

    1. Good luck! Click on the link in the author bio to get my calendar. That will put you on my list so you will get the emails about the membership. I’ll be having special pricing for Black Friday weekend. But I hope you win it 🙂

  23. This sounds good for my 1.5 year old toddler, and I know my elder kids will also enjoy these activities though they have already past preschool ages, they still enjoy doing things together with the youngest brother. Besides the ideas teaching and playing with the little one, I like the monthly challenges as they add more fun to our daily routine.

    1. Many Mama’s in my community say even their teenagers like to join in with the littles 🙂 The challenges will be fun. Some will be just for Mama, but most will be for the whole family. Good luck!

  24. I love these!!!

  25. I’m excited about the resources and the mama community!

  26. I love that it has everything for ages 18 months to 4 years! I would get so much more done with everything all in one place!

  27. Really like this!

  28. This sounds amazing!! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, I can’t wait to check it out.

  29. The flexibility 🙂

  30. This sounds wonderful! I’m raising my grandson, and this sounds like something I need!

  31. I love the one-stop shop factor of this! Since I’m just diving into the world of homeschooling, I need to start with an entire thing and then learn to piece-meal things as necessary.

  32. I’m most excited about ideas and a support group for homeschooling my youngest two children – aged 4 & 3.

  33. A curriculum! I love teaching my girls, but I also like being told what to do. Haha.

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