3 Ways to Inject More FUN into Your Homeschool During the Holidays + 8 FREE FUNNY Holiday Writing Prompts

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This post is part of the 2017 Homeschooling Through the Holidays series and was written by Lindsey from Talking Mom2Mom.

I will be the first to admit that I struggle to not only get my kids to do their school work during the holiday season, but I struggle to stay in the homeschooling mindset myself. I find this season to be a fantastic time to shake things up and implement new ideas into our homeschool routine that will make learning fun and bring a little holiday spin to our daily grind. Below are some things we are doing in our homeschool that help to keep our minds focused as we have fun. You can easily do them too!

Homeschooling through the Holidays

1.) Institute a FUN Friday!

Do you get to the end of your school week and both you and your children are just burnt out? Institute a FUN Friday and rotate what you do each week. One Friday can be an educational Netflix documentary binge with popcorn, and the following week could be board games and baked treats. Make a list of fun, educational things that your family likes to do but you find that you struggle to fit them in as much as you would like. Place these in your FUN Friday routine.

2.) Play Review Games

We LOVE review games in our homeschool. Review games are a fun way to make learning more interesting. We begin many of our daily lessons with a review game, because it wakes up the brain and gets the wiggles out of the younger children. This approach to your child’s lessons will also help the information transition from just being taught to actually understood. You can find a FREE Review Game Guide HERE.

3.) Use FREE Online Printables

One of the reasons I love modern technology so much is because it affords homeschool moms so many free resources at their fingertips to download supplemental materials to aid in their homeschooling. For the holidays, you can find fun crafts and educational activities galore for your kids whatever their age or stage. Homeschool bloggers and many curriculum publishers often create and share FREE printable packs to supplement a myriad of school subjects and childhood interests. Take advantage of these awesomely fun resources and use them to mix things up in your homeschool routine.

FREE Holiday Themed Funny Picture Writing Prompts

Today, we at Talking Mom2Mom are teaming up with Heather, here are Life of a Homeschool Mom, to bring you the newest edition of our Funny Writing Prompts Series. We hope that this will make for a fun and funny addition this holiday season to your child’s current school work alongside all of the other ideas listed above.

Click here to download your copy of FREE Holiday Edition Funny Picture Writing Prompts!

FREE Funny Picture Writing Prompts: The Holiday Edition

Does your child enjoy silly pictures and funny animals? This series of funny picture writing prompts will be a hit in your homeschool!

This holiday themed downloadable pack contains 8 writing prompts for ages 6 and up. These prompts will create lots of laughs while inspiring imagination and encouraging the reluctant writer. Feel free to complete all of the pages at once or choose to do one a day as an activity between school work.

FREE Funny Picture Writing Prompts: The Holiday Edition

Lindsey is a stay at home, work from home mom to six children nine years and younger. She homeschools and enjoys large family living. When Lindsey is not changing diapers, cleaning, and cooking meals in her awesome Instant Pot, she is DIY-ing her way around the house. Where she loves learning new skills, her heart is in sharing with other women the message of the Gospel and showing them how to instill those truths in the hearts of their children. Lindsey is co-owner of Talking Mom2Mom with Richele McFarlin. Whatever age or stage of motherhood you are in, you can join the conversation and our community alongside 18,000+ other moms where we provide encouragement, free resources, quality products, and quite a few laughs. You can join Lindsey and Richele on their website TalkingMom2Mom.com and follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


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