How to Declutter the Homeschooling Room in 15 Minutes a Day

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Do you just look around your homeschooling room and look in disbelief? How can it be this messy? Where did I go wrong? Trust me, it is easy to build up clutter, especially in a homeschooling room. If you want to get rid of the clutter and get rid of it now, here is how to declutter the homeschooling room in 15 minutes a day.

Find out how easy it is to declutter your homeschooling room in just 15 minutes a day!

Have a declutter basket on hand

I like to have a place to put all the items that I will be getting rid of. Decluttering isn’t easy but I do not want to be carrying everything around the house as I think about donating it. The homeschooling room is cluttery and the goal is to declutter. I take my basket, put what I don’t want to keep and from there I can donate it or throw it away.

Less is always more

When you think about everything you need to homeschooling, think again. This year, I have really been focused on the less is more mentality. You don’t need 10 math workbooks to homeschool one child. You can declutter your homeschooling room in 15 minutes a day by keeping the less is more mindset. If you really struggle to get rid of items, then the less is more mentality is going to be hard. However, it’s totally worth it.

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Reduce waste where you can

If you struggle with clutter, then maybe it is time to move as your homeschooling to a digital platform as much as possible. This will make it easier to declutter in 15 minutes a day. Also, when I can, I like to reuse and double up. We don’t always need two of the same books for kids that are learning the same thing. Borrowing books from the library is a must for us, I know we’ll be returning it and that clutter won’t be there forever.

Reduce mom’s “homeschooling tools”

I am the type of mom that has about 1,000 things I “need” to homeschool my kids. Of course, I don’t need everything I have. Once I made the decision to start getting rid of my extra supplies, it made decluttering a whole lot easier. You need to go through the massive purge and then decluttering always gets much easier. Spend those 15 minutes a day cutting out the stuff you don’t use. I mean, if you’re not using it, why keep it?

I like to set a timer and hold myself accountable for those 15 minutes. If you are tired of the homeschool clutter and don’t know where to begin, these are good places to get started. 15 minutes of decluttering is something that every person can do, it’s is just a matter of getting started.

How do you like to declutter the homeschooling room? Do the kids help you?

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