Benefits of Notebooking in Homeschooling + Free Fall Notebooking Prompts Calendar

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If you’re tired of doing busy work with homeschooling, then you’re in luck. Notebooking is exciting and not boring, like traditional workbooks.

Notebooking is essentially having your child write down what they learned. Some people allow their child to draw a picture, write a few words, or they are asked to write whatever they want in response to the lesson.

A plain piece of paper

The best think about Notebooking is that it’s so simple. You don’t need anything fancy, just a sheet of paper. There are also different templates for notebooking out there, so you do what works for you. I think this is what attracted me to Notebooking – being able to do what works for me! We LOVE the Notebooking pages from They have pages for absolutely every subject and topic you can think of, including:

Do what works for your children

I have several children that I homeschool and everyone isn’t on the same level. With that being said, you have to do what works best for your children. If your child can only write a sentence, then that’s what you allow them to do. Over time, your child will get better at writing down information. If you have a younger child, they may write one sentence and an older child may write several sentences.

Let your kiddo get creative

The thing that gets lost in homeschooling is the ability to get creative. Notebooking brings creativity back to the table. When your child is done writing what they want, they can then move onto illustrating.

Make sure your child leaves room on the paper or they can simply turn it over. Let your child be as creative as they want with the process of illustrating. Keep in mind that your child doesn’t need perfection, they just need to get the gist of the lesson down on paper. Templates and pages from allow plenty of room for writing and creative interpretations. My oldest daughter who loves to doodle and draw loves this benefit of notebooking.

Notebooking rocks

It can be super easy to get into the monotony of notebooking, but that is why you need to switch it up every day. If you or your child gets tired of writing, then let them draw pictures for a few days. There are also tons of prompts and ideas floating around the Internet for you to use.

My best advice is to keep changing things up and don’t let Notebooking just be another thing your family does in your homeschooling journey. I like to think of it as a collection of learning from my kids. I can see all their lessons from their eyes, what they have learned and what they haven’t learned. It’s pretty eye opening, really.

Use this fun Fall Notebooking Prompt calendar if you need ideas!

Have fun with it

I will reiterate the fact that we have fun with Notebooking in my home. I try to find different pages we can use in our Notebooking journey. It also gives your children a sense of independence in homeschooling. Someone telling them what to do and what to write all the time can get old.

Notebooking is a simple, yet affective to see what your kids are learning and how you can help them. You can even start today! Grab a sheet of paper, notebook, or some templates from and get your kids excited to talk about what they have learned.

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