Tips for Homeschooling your Auditory Learner + Resources

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Auditory learners understand educational material best by hearing it. It’s not enough for them to see how to do something on a chalkboard or on a tablet, they need to hear the instructions to learn. Luckily, there are many ways that you can successfully homeschool an auditory learner. Just remember they learn with their ears best!

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Tips for Homeschooling your Auditory Learner

1. Reading aloud is a great way for an auditory learner to retain information. Set aside time each day to read to your child, or have him read to you. When they are able to hear the text in the book, auditory learners are more likely to absorb it.

2. Audiobooks are your student’s best friend! When you don’t have time to do a read aloud, let your student listen to audiobooks. These kind of books also present learning opportunities away from the desk, such as in the car, on a plane, or while your child is playing outside.

3. Recite instructions for the lesson. To help you auditory learner fully comprehend the assignment, you should read the directions aloud. Once your child is old enough, encourage him to read the instructions out loud before beginning work.

4. Ask lots of questions for comprehension. Follow up assignments by reviewing the material out loud. Ask questions to be sure your child understands the material before moving on. Don’t limit the conversation to yes/no questions – ask more open-ended questions to encourage conversation about the lessons you are teaching.

5. Provide a quiet learning environment. One struggle for auditory learners is that other noises can easily distract them. Your homeschool area should be free or auditorial distractions – no music or television in the background. All students should be quiet in order for your auditory learner to work undistracted.

6. Assign oral reports over written. Because your child learns best by hearing, speaking is extremely beneficial to help the learner remember the information. Allow your child to talk about the current assignment or the research he has done on the subject.

Resources for Homeschooling your Auditory Learner

Songs of Higher Learning – This band turns lots of learning concepts into fun songs your auditory learner will memorize – and therefore, learn from! Try out the Multiplication Rock to remember times tables.

All About Reading – This curriculum for homeschoolers teaches concepts with scripts for the teacher. Simply read the short instructions to your auditory learner, so he can understand them and get his work done.

Audible – Amazon’s audiobook program features a ton of educational books for children. Your homeschooling student can grab a set of headphones and listen to historical fiction, biographies, and more through Audible.

ABC Mouse – This online educational program is a great supplemental tool for homeschooling younger children. With so many stores and songs, ABC Mouse works well in reinforcing concepts for your auditory learner.

What are your best tips for homeschooling an auditory learner?


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  1. This is amazing and so well put. I’ve been diving into learning how to homeschool my children, and really appreciate your tips!

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