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Welcome to Day 22 of the 2017 Back to Homeschool Giveaway Extravaganza! We are in the final days of the event, but we are still going strong. Today’s giveaway is sponsored by my absolute favorite art curriculum publisher: Home Art Studio! Check it out…

Home Art Studio is an award winning DVD based art education program specifically designed for homeschooling families. We make it easy for parents to include art in their curriculum. Even if you can’t draw a stick figure your children will get a robust art education. All you have to do is put out the art supplies and your children follow along with Ms. Volin, a certified art teacher, on the video. Each project is designed to teach about a specific art standard or concept and art history is often included. We work with a variety of mediums. I am certain that your children will find the projects fun and challenging. We are giving away the entire Home Art Studio curriculum set K-5th. A value of $180. Please check out our website for free lessons and to learn more about the program at www.officialhomeartstudio.com.

We had the chance to review Home Art Studio in our homeschool, you can read my full review here.

To enter to win the entire K-5th grade Home Art Studio set, simply use the Rafflecopter form below. All entries will be verified. Open to US residents only. The giveaway period will close on Sunday 8/20/17 at 11:59pm EST. The winner will be announced via email the following day. Good luck!

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  1. My kids love art, so they would love for me to win this curriculums

  2. I think my daughter would really enjoy this!

  3. I’d love to win it because my daughter is into art and I’m not very artsy.

  4. I would love to win this for my art loving kindergartener. She would enjoy vidoe instruction so much.

  5. My son LOVES art, so I think this would be something great to get him started on.

  6. My kids love art and this maybe helpful in teaching it from a non art mom.

  7. I have had this on my wishlist for almost a year now but haven’t been able to get it. I would absolutely love to win this for our homeschool lessons.

  8. This is so awesome!!! We need something like this for my 2 boys. I’m not confident with art and am pretty nervous about trying to do it myself!

  9. We have three kids (K, 3rd, and 5th) – this would come in very handy at our house!

  10. My fourth grader loves art!

  11. In this house, we love art! I’ve actually been looking at these. It would be amazing to have!

  12. My kids would love this curriculum!

  13. My daughter is going to be homeschooled after suffering physical and mental bullying. The last straw was when she suffered a concussion and her pediatrician actually wrote a letter stating she should be allowed homebound instruction. She LOVES art and these products would be awesome for her…

  14. I am not artistic but my son is. I’d love something like this to help him cultivate his talents!

  15. Love this one and my kids would too.

  16. My kids are art lovers, but I have not been blessed in the art area 🙂

  17. I think my girls would really enjoy this art program!

  18. My kids and I would love this! Thanks!

  19. I would love to win this giveaway to fill in the gaps when the grandparents (professional artists) aren’t visiting.

  20. My daughters love anything to with art and I think they would love this.

  21. Our girls love all things arts and crafts! This looks like such a fun Curriculum

  22. My little artists would love this!!

  23. My oldest loves art, but I am not very artsy, so this would be very helpful.

  24. I have two very artistic little girls, this would be amazing!

  25. Art has been one area our homeschooling has been lacking and I have super creative kids. My kids would be thrilled to have this set. Thank you for the chance to win!

  26. A new art curriculum would be fun to try.

  27. who wouldnt? kids love art and what a fantastic resources to learn fun things to do!

  28. My children love any kind of art. This would be great for them to use as a full curriculum. I’m sure they’d go through them all quickly just because they’d get lost in the projects!

  29. It would make art so much easier

  30. I have never been the creative mom, so having something like this, where my kids could get creative without me having to come up with the ideas, would be amazing!

  31. This looks like a fun art program to try.

  32. I would love a simple way to teach art.

  33. Art is one area in which I need a lot of help, so this would be great!

  34. This program would be a fantastic supplement to my daughter’s curriculum!

  35. My two children love art so they would definitely enjoy this!

  36. Looks like an easy way to add in an creative element that might get otherwise overlooked.

  37. I was looking for an art curriculum to use with my daughter! This could be it!!

  38. I don’t have art included yet because I don’t know where or how to begin, but winning this curriculum would be a great start.

  39. My daughter loves art but I am very “artistically challenged” so I would love to win this for her! 🙂

  40. We have a very creative 9 yr old girl who loves creating things. This would be a great birthday gift for her. We homeschool and always try to find new ways to let our kids be creative!

  41. This would help us with art and change it up from YouTube..

  42. Any help with art is a Godsend.

  43. We love art class!! I’m not the most creative person so this would be a blessing to our family!!

  44. My kids love art, but I’m not the craftiest person out there. 🙂

  45. I reviewed this art program and it looks and sound amazing! I know my kids would love to have these tools for their school days. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  46. I have always loved art and hope to inspire my own two girls with it. I would love to win this!

  47. I’d like to win because art is an important part of a well rounded education. And unfortunately I haven’t been able to purchase a program this year.

  48. Thanks for the opportunity! I have three young artists, and am always looking for additional ways to teach and challenge them! 🙂

  49. This would be absolutely perfect for our homeschool with my 2 boys.

  50. We spend so much time creating that new inspiration is always appreciated by this busy mommy!

  51. I would like to use this with my 2 kids now and through the next several years.

  52. I haven’t done much formal art with my children, so this would be a great place to start!!

  53. I have been wanting to add art to our homeschool, and think this would be a great way to do it!

  54. We aren’t doing anything much for art and this looks so fun!

  55. I used this curriculum for my 1st grader. I’d love to get the rest of them!

  56. I would love to win this so we can enjoy art activities as part of our homeschool week.

  57. I would love to win this one. Have wanted to use this program for years, but too rich for our budget!

  58. I know how important art is — but it just seems to get pushed aside, this would be awesomely easy to set-up and just let the child go!

  59. I am ‘art challenged’ so this would be great for my littles art eduction 🙂

  60. This looks like fun!

  61. My daughter loves art, and is thinking about a career utilizing her drawing skills; possibly in Art Therapy.

  62. I would love to win this because I am not artistic but my kids love art, especially my daughter. It is one area we are lacking in our homeschool.

  63. My kids LOVE art. They would love this so much, and I would love learning more about art right along with them. Thank you for this chance to win!

  64. This would be awesome for our family of 10!!! It would be a great tool for our homeschool day!!!

  65. This would be great for my younger daughter!

  66. I’d love to own these! My kids have used some of the DVDs at co-op, and they have LOVED the projects!

  67. Arris a weak area for me. Winning this giveaway would help me have confidence enough to do more art with my children.

  68. I have been looking at this for the past year. We do not do art, but it’s my daughters favorite thing and she has been begging for a curriculum!

  69. My 8 yo DD LOVES art and she would LOVE this!

  70. I have been looking at this for a couple of months and would love to win it!!!!

  71. I would love to win. I have five children, and my oldest son loves to draw. He draws alot, but with this program, he could grow as an artist.

  72. Art is intimidating! Great giveaway!

  73. I’ve always wanted this curriculum, but haven’t had the money to spring for it by the time all of the other curriculum was purchased.

  74. The kids would love this!

  75. My daughter LOVES all things art related (and the boys could use some schooling in art too). This would be such a blessing to be able to give her a solid foundation in something she enjoys and uses to learn and communicate with! That you for your review and for the opportunity to win!!!

  76. Great ARt curriculum. My kdis would love

  77. My daughter loves art!

  78. This would be great to include art into our curriculum! I’ve been trying to find something fun to include for my boys.

  79. My daughter loves to draw but, would like for her to learn more for I only know a few things about art and would like for her to get better at it and it would be fun for her. Thanks in advance.

  80. Thanks for the chance to win this curriculum, our kids love art and would enjoy adding this to our homeschool.

  81. All four of my kids love art, but I am terrible at teaching it! This would be such a wonderful addition.

  82. We would love to win because my 4 kids love during arts and crafts. Coloring and using their imagination to make beautiful pieces of art. This curriculum would help them expand their art knowledge and love and appreciate art more.

  83. I would love to win because my daughter loves art. She is always drawing comics and pictures and asking me about different methods. I, on the other hand, struggle with drawing a stick figure, so I think lack the ability to properly encourage her artistic side. This would help out.

  84. Awesome give away!

  85. We love studying art and would put this resource to great use.

  86. My daughter LOVES art and I am not all that good at it. This would be an incredible program for her!

  87. My girls would LOVE this!

  88. Art is something my daughters enjoy, but I find challenging. These DVDs will be a great gift for my family.

  89. Art lessons from someone who knows what they are talking about would be great for us. I always feel lost when it comes to discussing art. Thank you for the giveaway.

  90. This would be a great addition to our homeschool lessons.

  91. My kids love doing arts and crafts and I would love to have an easy curriculum to help teach them since I don’t have much experience in it.

  92. I would love to use this art curriculum!!

  93. So excited about this as a resource for my kiddos!

  94. I am always challenged to teach art even though I appreciate it so much. Beyond talking about famous art, I don’t know how to teach technique or how to always stay calm during a super messy art exploration! This would be a great addition to our Homeschool day!

  95. This would be awesome!

  96. I would love to win this for my homeschooled daughters. We just moved 4 states away and art is no longer in our budget.

  97. I have a fifth grader who loves to copy his big sister who is a self taught anime/manga artist. She is 18. Granted, she learned by copying and then developing her own style, I would love for him to have a broader experience.
    I would share this, but can’t figure out how.

  98. I’m not great at coming up with art, but my kids (soon to be 6 of them) love it! So I could use the help 🙂

  99. I am starting homeschool this year with my very artistic kindergartner and I know she would absolutely love this.

  100. Would love to win this for my son, we really don’t have a set art curriculum and would love to give these a try 🙂

  101. Art is one of my most difficult subjects to squeeze into our schedule. This looks like it would be perfect!

  102. I have been having a hard time trying to find an art curriculum for my 5th grader. This would be a wonderful giveaway for us to win!

  103. I’d love this for my two artsy kiddos

  104. I love doing art with my kids but sometimes need some help pulling it all together on what to do when. I love the idea of this curriculum.

  105. Thanks for the opportunity to win this

  106. We love arts and crafts and ‘project’s, really any kind of creativity so this would give us more structure for it!

  107. This looks like a great option for art lessons!

  108. We really enjoy art and this sounds interesting.

  109. My girls love art! They would love this!

  110. I have five kids, age 1-10, and they all love art! We would love to win this set, as there would be something for everyone to enjoy ?. Thanks for the opportunity!

  111. Art is so NOT my forte, but I know it’s important to learn so I will definitely need help when it comes to teaching my daughter.

  112. This would be perfect for our homeschool. I am teaching k and 2nd.

  113. My children love art! We would all love to learn more about art through this curriculum!

  114. This would be great for my kids. My daughter loves art but needs to branch out from her favorite types of art.

  115. My kids are all little artists. It would be nice to give them some actual instructions.

  116. Looking for art curriculum for my 1st, 2nd, & 3rd graders, and this looks like it could be a great fit. I struggle teaching art, so the video instruction would be wonderful.

  117. I would love to win this for my youngest daughter. She is very creative and artistic, unfortunately I am not.

  118. I need so much help with art. My boys would love these projects.

  119. Hope I win.. I never win these things lol?

  120. Art is one of our favorites. This giveaway looks cool.

  121. The crazy thing is that Home Art Studio came to mind and then I talked to my 2nd grader about it. THEN I opened my email and here is the giveaway. Wow. Thanks for the confirmation that this is a program to pursue.

  122. My son absolutely adores art. He would be over the top with joy at this amazing set.

  123. I want to win because I believe that Art is a very important part of education.

  124. Thanks for the giveaway. My kids love art projects but I get behind trying to search for so many ideas. Very convenient to have everything in one curriculum

  125. I would like to win this set for my children because art is not my strength and I think having a program will help us to consistently make art a part of our homeschool.

  126. I would love to have this for my daughter. She loves art in any form and does it any chance she can get.

  127. Art would be a wonderful addition to our homeschool. I’m barely squeaking by with the basics so to be able to add enhancements such as art would be wonderful.

  128. I would love this for my twins because I’m struggling to afford homeschooling and this would be a great elective class.

  129. I’m terrible at art and this sounds perfect for us!

  130. I’m not seeing my comment so I don’t think it went through.
    I would like this kit for my twin 7 year olds because we are struggling to pay for curriculum and it would be very helpful to have this as am elective for them.

  131. My daughter loves art and wants to learn about it but I don’t have a clue where to start. this would be a great addition to our curriculum. She would LOVE this!

  132. This looks great.My kids love art.

  133. I am the person who can’t draw stick figures- so this would be perfect for my kiddos!

  134. I have a few books with famous artwork but no plan for teaching art. This is our first year of homeschool preK and 1st grade with a 6 month old. We could utilize all levels. It would be a blessing to win this curriculum!!

  135. I would love to do something like this with my kids, but could never afford to buy it.

  136. I would love to win this because I have no clue how to teach art.

  137. We love art and it’d be great to win this!

  138. I would love to have set instructions to teach art to my son. He likes to draw, etc. but I’m a little artistically challenged (?) so it would be great to have some “how to” help. It would be easier to add to our school time. Thanks for offering this gift!

  139. We love art and it would be great to incorporate this program into our school days.

  140. Our 7yo son loves to draw and create; this would complement our homeschool work. Thanks for the opportunity!

  141. Love your giveaways!

  142. Both of my daughter’s would love this art series!

  143. I would love to go through this curriculum with my kids!

  144. What a great giveaway!

  145. I would love to win this!! My girls loved art! I never win anything. Fingers crossed.

  146. This is a great program! I would love to add this to our homeschool!

  147. I have young budding artists in my home. We are always looking for new learning opportunities. This curriculum looks AmaZzzInG!!!

  148. We’d love love love to win this giveaway as this would be helpful in our art lessons. I’d like to give importance to art as we can integrate it to the other subjects and also let them convey their thoughts and emotions.

  149. My kids love to do art and this would expose them to new art forms!

  150. We could really use an Art Curriculum!

  151. I would love to win this for my messy little artists! I think it would be an awesome addition to our homeschool journey. 🙂

  152. This looks like a fantastic art curriculum! We have 3 that would be able to use it all at one time…what a time-saver for Mom too! Thanks for the opportunity to win! <3

  153. This would be wonderful for us! My kids love art, but I am not very good at working it into our day.

  154. My kids would love this!

  155. My children would LOVE this!

  156. I would love to have a little help in the art department and I have heard great things about this program!

  157. art is my kid’s favorite subjuect but we need something more organized

  158. I’ve considered these video’s a few times in our homeschooling journey. I have three littles now and think they would love these! Heck, I think I would loves these!

  159. I need all the help I can get when it comes to teaching art! ?

  160. My girls would love this! It looks like fun

  161. My little girl is creative and loves art.

  162. It is an area where I need help and guidance in teaching. Also both my kids love during art, and my six year old (my oldest) has been showing some natural talent for art.

  163. My kids love art and this is an area I’m not good at.

  164. These bookd look awesome! Art is such a great way to explore life and the things around us. My girls love art and these would be a way to expand and grow that love. ?

  165. I think my kids would enjoy this program!

  166. Thus looks like an exciting way to learn for the boys.

  167. My kids love Art and this would make it easier for me to teach them.

  168. This looks like a really fun art program.

  169. I would like this because I do not know how to teach art but would enjoy having our children learn well.

  170. My kids love art, especially my oldest. This would be a great curriculum to add for extra curricular activity for them!

  171. I’d love this set! Thx!

  172. Love art and it would be so much fun.

  173. We love art! What a great resource. 🙂

  174. We love art and have a guide will be awesome

  175. My kids would love this, and I don’t have any art curriculum yet.

  176. Would love to have help with including more art!

  177. I need all of the help I can get including art in our homeschool since our daughter is the creative one and I tend to focus on the other aspects of academics!

  178. My grandson is finally showing interest in art & this giveaway would be super helpful!

  179. My children have shown amazing talent for art. I’d love to encourage it.

  180. My kids both love art, but my oldest is obsessed and, well, it’s not my area of strength. This curriculum is one I’ve actually wanted for a while and it would be wonderful to win it.

  181. My kids think art is so fun. We learn about famous artists in Classical Conversations and try their methods. They would love this!

  182. My daughter loves art and I want to nurture that desire!

  183. I a man always on the hunt for a good art curriculum!

  184. we’ve tried other programs, but my daughter looses interest. this one looks like a perfect way to keep her involved and makign art!

  185. This woulf be a great addition to our homeachool day!

  186. I really want this one! I have these videos on my wish list for art programs, but I had to wait because I used up my homeschool budget on math *sigh.

  187. This would be great for my daughter.

  188. My kids love art and this would be so cherished in our home. Thanks for the chance.

  189. This looks awesome! I am not artistic at all and my daughter loves to draw, color, paint, etc. it would help her so much to have this!

  190. This looks awesome! I am not artistic at all and my daughter loves to draw, color, paint, etc. This program would be so helpful for her (and me)

  191. Would love this

  192. I’m not an art person at all so this would be a great resource to share with my kids.

  193. I would like to teach my kids how to do different types of art like drawing and painting but don’t know how to myself.

  194. RaffleCopter does not save your points from the daily sharings 🙁

  195. One of my children participated in a class that used these videos and moved it.

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