Free Curriculum Friday: HUGE Elementary Curriculum Bundle {OFFER EXPIRED}

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Welcome to another wonderful week of Free Curriculum Friday! This time, I have partnered with Kimberly Garcia from Brookdale House to bring you an amazing bundle of digital curriculum for your elementary aged children that EACH OF YOU can get for FREE!

Guys, there is over 1,000 pages of curriculum in this bundle! The best part? You get to pick and choose which resources that you download. That means you aren’t filling up your computer with resources that you don’t really want. Take what you want and forget the rest…although it is ALL so good, you might decide that you need it all!

Check out what is included:

  • How to Write a Paragraph-  teaches students the fundamentals of paragraph writing. Students learn the basic structure of a paragraph—topic sentence, supporting details, and clincher or concluding sentence. This text covers six different types of paragraphs: • The Descriptive Paragraph • The Biographical Paragraph • The Cause and Effect Paragraph • The Comparison Paragraph • The Contrast Paragraph • The “How to” Paragraph
  • The Goop Directory- The Goop Directory of Juvenile Offenders Famous for their Misdeeds and Serving as a Salutary
    Example for all Virtuous Children
  • Modern History Cursive Copywork Level 1- This copybook is to be used as a supplement to history for the years 1600-1850, the third year of a 4-year cycle.  In using this supplemental copybook, students are able to improve their reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and penmanship. This copybook for the beginning grammar stage student is divided into four chapters which contain models from the following: short stories, text excerpts from primary source documents, poetry, and tales.  Chapters I and II are listed in chronological order.  The dates for these models are located in the Table of Contents.  The dates in the Table of Contents reflect the year the story occurred or the life span of the main character or event. The title reflects the origin of the model. Chapter V contains blank ruled pages so that students may copy quotes or passages from other subjects or sources outside of the copybook.
  • Jump into Cursive Handwriting– A fun cursive handwriting workbook for beginning writers.
  • McGuffey’s Primer Copybook– a republication of McGuffey’s Primer. Alongside the original text, sentences from the reading selection have been placed in a traditional manuscript font to provide children with handwriting exercises. 
  • Christmas Carol Cursive Copywork– A beautiful collection of Christmas Carols presented as cursive copywork for young writers.
  • Christmas Carol Manuscript Copywork– A beautiful collection of Christmas Carols presented as manuscript copywork for young writers.
  • Fun With Fables– A grammar game that teaches parts of speech through one of Aesop’s fables.
  • Back to School Planner for Teachers– Includes planner pages, full year calendar, assignment tracker and more.
  • Sheldon’s New Primary Language Lessons– is an Updated Classic and a gentle introduction to grammar for elementary students. We have taken Sheldon’s Primary Language Lessons, narrowed its focus, and made it teacher and student friendly. This updated version now comes in a modern, user-friendly workbook format.
  • Summarizing a Story– Summarizing a story is a necessary skill that all children must learn. It requires that they be able to identify major story elements and write them in a brief paragraph. Story summaries train children for advanced writing later on.
  • How to Correct Your Students Writing Assignments- 
    These guidelines are intended for use with writing assignments produced by children of all ages; however, the age of the child will dictate how much you involve the student in
    the editing process.
    • For younger students, focus on one area at a time: There was, There were, etc.
    • For older students, focus on the areas that your students have covered in their
    writing assignments.
    For all ages, it is best to edit with your student if at all possible. When students are comfortable with the process, you may have them attempt to self-edit their writing
    assignments on their own. (Remember: It is a process!)
  • Handwriting Workbook– A funny Handwriting Workbook that has everything beginning writers need to master the skill of writing. Students learn to form letters correctly as they trace and write letters and words. Proper letter formation is reinforced as students write short funny sentences for each letter of the alphabet. Writing these fun sentences which contain high frequency sight words enable children to perfect the skill of handwriting.
Grab it while you can!  This will NOT last long- the offer expires on 9/1/17 at 11:59pm EST!  And may never be available again!


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  1. I am a homeschooling grandma that can use all the help I can get…thanks so much for this bundle….

  2. Same as Jeannette above, I am a homeschooling Grandma and can use the help. These are so relevent to what we need, and where we are right now! Thanks so much!

  3. Excuse the misspelling above…can’t type. : )

  4. Hi., I signed up but don’t have access to my computer right now. How can I sign in later to print some ?
    Do I come to your site, or brookdalehouse website?

    1. Hi! You will need to save the link to the library page on the Brookdale house site that you were redirected to after you filled out the form. But, try to download them to a device ASAP because that library page will not stay live.

  5. Thank you!

  6. I subscribed and it opened a link for these. I fonloaded the first one and now all the links are gone. It took me back to the post post subscribe?

    1. Enter your email address again to get back to the page and then bookmark the page. 🙂

  7. I can’t find my e-mail about this curricula and I am a subscriber. Could you send me the e-mail again. I am sorry and thank you so much. I am getting so many great resources from you. You have been my rock these past two weeks since we started our homeschool year!

    1. Awesome! 🙂 There was no email sent, you just enter your email address into the form and it opens the library for you. Be sure to bookmark or save the link.

  8. I cannot find the place to enter my email address to sign up on the page

  9. I just reloaded the page and the form came up!! Thanks

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