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Welcome to Day 21 of the 2017 Back to Homeschool Giveaway Extravaganza!! Today’s sponsor is Parent Road Ministries and they are giving away 5 amazing prize packages!! Check it out..

Christian Discipleship in a Counter-Christian World

Much like parenting and homeschooling, discipleship is not easy. How do we reach young hearts with a Christian worldview when the world around us hammers contrary ideas? We believe the key is to start early, equipping children to live for Christ now, in college, and beyond.

Family Devotionals

Parent Road Ministries provides practical resources to train and equip parents and family leaders like you to biblically disciple their children, teaching them to love God with all of their hearts, minds, and actions.

Here is what makes our studies unique:

  1. God’s Word is the foundation. We don’t teach opinions. We teach straight from God’s Word.
  2. Bible lessons are short and kid-friendly. Although written to use each day, some families do one a week as part of their family worship.
  3. Practical application is emphasized. James 1:22-25 explains that simply hearing the Word of God is not enough. We must do what it says. Weekly family challenges apply lessons learned.
  4. Apologetics are incorporated into the teaching. 1 Peter 1:15 says to always be ready to give a defense for the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Introductory apologetics lessons equips kids and families to do just that.
  5. Big church words are explained. Do you get lost when pastors throw around big words? You’re not the only one. Parent Road Ministries Family Bible Studies break down those big words into everyday language.
  6. Memory verses are broken into do-able pieces. Those beginning to memorize verses find it much easier to add 3-5 words per day. Each part of the verse is also explained.
  7. Additional reading suggestions are provided for those who want more.

Here is an excerpt from The Answer Book: A Devotional for Busy Families by Nancy Ruth.

What Is A Worldview?

Ask yourself and your family these questions: What is your favorite food?  What is your favorite outfit?  Who is in your family?  What is one thing you do at work, school, or home?  What is your favorite movie?  Game?  What is your favorite song or type of music? What church do you go to?  Who is your best friend?

All of these things shape what is called a “worldview.”  Does anyone in your family wear glasses?  When someone sees things around them as fuzzy or blurry, they get glasses to help them see more clearly.  A worldview helps us see the world more clearly and make decisions easier.  It helps us decide what is good to eat, what to wear, what to do with our time, how to treat other people, and how to think about things.  We learn how to do all of this from our family, friends, teachers, church, and from other things we watch and hear.

Want more?

Read Galatians 5-6. What should be the attitude of a forgiven believer looking at those fallen in the world?

Speaking about 5- to 12-year-olds, George Barna said, “…if you want to shape a person’s life—whether you are most concerned about his or her moral, spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional or economic development—it is during these crucial eight years that lifelong habits values, beliefs and attitudes are formed.”

God’s Word (the Bible) answers questions on how to treat others, how to use our time, or how to think about things.  Often, the answers God’s Word provides will be different from what some music, movies, games, and people around us say.  Remember that God always knows best.  Read Galatians 6:9 (NIV):  “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”  Ask God to help you follow Him. Pray that others may see God’s way.

Enter to Win!

Five families will win this family devotional PLUS three books by bestselling author Lee Strobel!

To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter form below. Open to US residents only. All entries will be verified. The giveaway will close on Saturday 8/19/17 at 11:59pm EST. The winner will be announced via email the following day. Good luck!
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    Lisa Joy Starr

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  53. I would love to win this bundle because we did a Bob Barnes series I think it was Parenting on Propose, he talked about doing devotions with his kids every single day for decades, with little to no feedback/input/interaction. We want to do family devotions but don’t know how and certainly don’t want what Dr Barnes described!
    This bundle looks like it had everything we need to do this right, to be proper stewards of the incredible gift that children are.

  54. I am always looking for resources to help instill in my girls a Judeo-Christian worldview.

  55. I’d love to win these books to read with all our kiddos. Our oldest son battles worldviews and fights faith because of a traumatic past. Our 13 year old could benefit from the additional insight to help strengthen his faith and we’d love the resource to help with our youngest two children’s growth and understanding.

  56. My kids would love these!

  57. My son just turned six. This will be a great resource for me to help him during these formative years.

  58. I feel like I’m always floundering with how to dig deeper into Scripture with my kids. I’m never sure of what questions to ask or how to explain tough concepts. These books would be the perfect tool for my husband and me to use to disciple our children. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  59. We love to study the Bible and draw closer to Jesus!

  60. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win this discipleship bundle!

  61. I would like to win this because they seem like great tools to begin a great foundation set on the Truth for my children.

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  71. I really enjoyed Lee Strobel’s story and saw one of his videos. I’d love these books just for kids. Thanks for the chance.

  72. What a wonderful way to get more of the truth into our childrens minds and hearts. I would be delighted to have more sources for my children.

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  76. Thank you so much for your wonderful information! I soooo need it this year!

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  78. I’ve enjoyed Lee Strobel’s books written for adults and would like my children to be exposed to his ideas in a kid friendly way.

  79. I would love to win this because I have a hard time explaining some biblical things to my kids.

  80. I want to win this giveaway because I am searching for a study guideline to have Bible learning time together as a family. We are new to homeschooling and new to sharing family Bible time.

  81. This would be a great set to go through with my kids!

  82. Family devotion time is important to us, something that we do together the same time every day to keep it dedicated and consecrated. Each year we’re on the lookout for something new to challenge and grow us. This would be a terrific addition to our family time! Thanks so much for the opportunity 🙂

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  90. We would love to win this as the Bible is an important part of our daily lives. This would help bring structure to our daily devotions while at the same time make it interesting for the kids.

  91. Children sometimes need to hear, from someone other than their parents, how the Bible is known to be truth, how we know God exists, and how faith is an intelligent response to an intelligent, all powerful God. We read Lee’s first book to our daughter when she started asking questions. We need to read it again along with his other 2 books to help solidify the reasons behind her belief and faith in Jesus.

  92. would love these to learn more about the bible and our beliefs with my son

  93. Was just listening to an interview with Lee Stroebel on WMBI last night & thinking I really need to do more with my kids in understanding The Case for Christ. Then I saw this giveaway. God’s perfect timing!

  94. I think this would be good in establishing a good foundation in faith for my son.

  95. As an adult, I found so much wonderful insight in A Case for Christ. I would love to bring that to my children.

  96. It would be a good Bible Study for my 10 year old.

  97. This would be great for our WHOLE family! The LORD has been pressing on us to share our faith more, and while I don’t think we need theology or history or science doctorate to share our faith or anything like that, I have melt that we need to be more diligent about preparing ourselves to give answers for our faith.

  98. I was just discussing doing “The Case for Christ” with my son as a discipleship study! This would be great!

  99. These look like excellent tools for helping explain faith to our 7 kids. I would love to have my older 2 read them as well and use them to help walk through Biblical truths.

  100. I would love to read through these with my children, in an effort to draw them nearer to the Lord.

  101. My family has been working on our relationship with God. This would be great for us to use together to grow in our faith.

  102. I would love to win so that I can build a better relationship with my grandkids regarding Our Heavenly Father! Sure they go to church and Bible studies, but are they really soaking up the knowledge that will hold them over through life? Plus there are times I want to discuss a thought with them and I’ll either forget it or it’s not as fresh a thought to discuss anymore after the sermon! This package will be a great tool for me to assist our precious blessings that God gave us!

  103. love, Love, LOVE Lee strobel!! Hope I win!!

  104. Teaching the Bible is something that we feel very strongly about. It would be great to have a prepared curriculum.

  105. I would love to win this giveaway because I have been wanting that’s books for my kids. I have read the adult versions. I think it’s important for kids to know what and why they believe. We are called to be ready with an answer, and I hope to help equip my kids with the answers their spring needs and then too be able to share with others. The world attacks or believe anything it’s important to have a strong foundation.

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