4 Home Ec Skills to Master This Fall

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In order to turn out well-rounded, self-sufficient, and useful children we have to ensure that all aspects of our young people’s lives are covered. One area that is often overlooked is that of home economics.

In years past this was a whole course in local high schools and covered budgeting, child rearing, cooking, sewing and a myriad of other things that even the local highschools have now, for the most part, given up on. It seems in our fast-paced society we have all but forgotten some of the most basic of skills, the ones that need to be learned so that our children can be successful.

Let’s take a trip back in time to when these skills were paramount and look at four home economics skills to master with your children this fall.

Four Home Ec Skills to Master This Fall

#1- Budgeting

If only the whole country were in on this lesson.  A simple budget goes a long way and learning this skill when they are young will help your children tremendously when they get out into the world. A zero based budget works great for teaching our children the basics.

Start with a number that will be the income. If your child has a part time job or receives an allowance, this is where you have them estimate their income for the month. If their income is variable, have them estimate low. If your child does not yet receive an income then have them take a nice even number, like $200 and start there.

Wondering which chores are appropriate for your child’s age? Click here for a list of age-appropriate chores!

Once you have the income start subtracting line items such as gas, clothing, entertainment, tithe, savings, etc. The goal is to get the number to zero, in essence “spending” all of the money on paper so that each dollar they earn has a purpose.

#2- Cooking from scratch

Just about any young person can go to the baking aisle at your local grocery and pick up a brownie mix and then follow directions. Cooking from scratch is a skill that is almost being phased out. Pick a simple recipe, that brownie mix for example, and teach your young person to make brownies without a boxed mix. Once they have mastered the brownies, move on to a homemade cake.

Before you know it you may be surprised at what they can come up with and you will be teaching them that when the convenience of a pre-packaged food is not available, they are still quite capable of making the kitchen work for them.

#3- Sewing a pillow or simple blanket

There are fewer and fewer moms that have sewing skills these days as well so if sewing is not your forte, hop in on the lesson with your young person.   A youtube tutorial on threading and basic use of a sewing machine is all that is needed, oh and being able to sew a straight line. If you want a great beginners’ sewing course for your child {or yourself!}, check out this amazing course. My 11 and 12 year old daughters are using it to make Christmas gifts this year. They have made wallets, purses, fabric storage boxes, make-up bags, skirts, and more! It’s on sale for $17 right now {normally $46} and you can take an additional 20% off with coupon code: learntosew.

Add these 4 Home Ec Skills to your Homeschool curriculum this fall to help your children become self sufficient adults as they grow up!

#4- Repurposing a meal

When your child first strikes out on their own they will not likely be swimming in money. Often times they may first go through bare bones grocery trips before moving on to elaborate, company-ready sit downs. However, now is the time to teach your child how to repurpose a meal so that when they are on their own, they won’t suffer palatte boredom.

A fantastic place to start for this lesson is with a baked or Rotisserie chicken (or a few if you have a large familiy). Have the chicken for meal number one and then before packing up the leftovers, pull the remaining chicken off the bone and add to some broth to plan meal #2, chicken and rice soup.

A few more additons of frozen mixed veggies and a bit of salt and pepper along with your rice and your child learns that one meal can be the basis for the next one.

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Following a few of these tips and incorporating these four skills into your fall lesson plans will serve you and your children immensely well. With any luck you may even get a delicious homemade meal on a budget out of it!

What is your favorite Home Ec tip to share?

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  1. I would add automotive maintenance and repair. When they move out they won’t have much money, and they will most likely need a car that runs.Knowing how to change the oil etc. could be a really useful skill to have.

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