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Welcome to Day 7 of the 2017 Back to Homeschool Giveaway Extravaganza! You are going to LOVE today’s sponsor…..

Plan on an amazing homeschool year with this curriculum and planning bundle from Apologia!  

Apologia believes that students’ educations should prepare them for life, not just an academic year.

Included in this over $189-value bundle:

Exploring Creation with Astronomy Textbook and Notebooking Journal

  • Apologia’s award-winning, creation-based science curriculum helps students investigate, discover, recognize, appreciate, discuss, and understand the wonders of Creation.
  • Our Young Explorer Series immerses elementary students in the scientific process. Notebooking Journals provide a personalized history of experiences, observations, and conclusions about the way the world works.
  • My children learned so much from this series, and we had a blast with the hands-on activities. These books are thorough, engaging, and a TON of fun! – Parent

Writers in Residence™ All-In-One Student Worktext and teacher’s Answer Key

The stories, essays, and reports your children create as they grow will become the archives of their childhood. Writers in Residence™ provides a biblically-based framework for kids to think about language and communicate effectively in writing.

Your family will love this powerful learning tool because it

  • Includes a complete writing curriculum  that integrates grammar, punctuation, and capitalization
  • An easy-to-use All-In-One Student Text and Workbook
  • A helpful answer key with directions, checklists, and evaluation rubric for every writing assignment that takes the guesswork  out of evaluating your child’s writing
  • A detailed lesson plan outline for four days a week for thirty-two weeks, make planning and teaching a breeze
  • Appropriate content for grades 4 through 8
  • Lively and engaging tone, written to the student in grades 4 through 8
  • Visually pleasing page layouts, designed to guide your student through the lessons
  • Compelling interviews with favorite Christian authors

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner for Moms & The Ultimate Weekly Planner for Students.  

Plan for peace in your homeschool as you thrive in your homeschooling rather than just survive. The Ultimate Homeschool Planner by Debra Bell:

  • Allows you to set yearly, month, weekly, and daily goals
  • Helps you begin each week with a planning session using the 2-page Lord’s Day section – which is unique to our mom’s planner
  • Provides space to set priorities which become your prayer list
  • Gives you ultimate flexibility by providing unmarked calendars, because every family homeschools differently. Fit the calendars to meet the specific needs of your family!
  • Provides space to plan for up to 6 children

A cute and sturdy I Believe in Homeschooling canvas tote bag. Show your homeschool spirit on field trips, at the library—wherever you go! Super sturdy with an outside pocket and snap enclosure.

Use the Rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway for Apologia’s curriculum and planning prize pack worth over $189! All entries will be verified. Open to US residents only. The giveaway period will close on Saturday 8/5/17 at 11:59pm EST. The winner will be announced via email and Facebook on 8/6/17. Good luck!
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  1. My favorite Apologia product is the Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology book.

    1. Mine too! Anatomy and Physiology was hands down my very favorite. The only elementary curriculum we have not tried yet is Astronomy and we plan on doing that one this year. Grandpa bought a telescope we need to learn to use so it should add some extra excitement. What a great giveaway and so timely.

  2. What a great giveaway!!

  3. We’ve used several Apologia resources and love them all! What an awesome give away!

  4. This will be my first year to use Apologia. We have General Science all ready to go! I’m very excited to have a Christian perspective science for my kids that doesn’t shirk on the academics.

  5. Love all of Apologia’s products!

  6. Oh I have been eyeing Writers In Residence.

  7. I like Exploring Creation with Biology.

  8. favorite Apologia product currently is Exploring Creation with Physical Science and its notebook.

  9. My favorite Apologia product has been all the elementary science courses, but I am excited to try their other courses too!

  10. So many incredible products in this giveaway!

  11. My favorite is the Young Explorers series.

  12. So far zoology has been our favorite…but the products are fantastic so this would be a wonderful addition.

  13. We LOVE Apologia!

    1. Astronomy is by far our favorite though.

  14. I haven’t used Apologia products yet, but would love to try them!

  15. Love all of Apologia”s science products. I know their worldview is Biblical, so guesswork is removed from teaching!

  16. I really love the Ultimate Homeschool planner, but we have enjoyed Young Explorers series too.

  17. We love Apologia sciences! I’ve collected all the elementary books over the years just to have as a resource. My children constantly flip through aND read just for fun. Would love to win the new astronomy set as we have the 1st edition. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  18. Awesome giveaway!!

  19. Love Apologia science!

  20. I wouldn’t know what to choose as a favorite product as we haven’t had a chance to try them yet. This would be a HUGE blessing for us, not only because we have been wanting to use this curriculum, but also due to our family circumstances at this time. Thank you so very much for this opportunity!

  21. This would be perfect!!!

  22. Just getting started so this would be very helpful! Thanks for the opportunity ?

  23. I have too many favorite Apologia products, but it’s probably their science curriculum!

  24. I am so excited to use Apologia this year. I am a first time user but am looking forward to science this year.

  25. I love their science books!

  26. Wonderful!

  27. I have used Apologia for 3 years now and it’s one of my favorite curriculums.

  28. I would love to win this one!!

  29. I’ve never used Apologia so I’m not sure yet. But I have a few kids who would be interested in the astronomy one.

  30. This is our first year using any Apologia products and I keep wondering why it took me so long to discover this publisher! As of now, my favorite product are the Notebooking journals! I love how the assignments from the text are all broken down in the journal. It makes it so easy on me to have my child just follow the plan in her notebook! Plus, with her needing to write down and research her answers the concepts really stuck!

  31. We’ll be beginning with apologia and my 5 year old daughter would definitely love the apologia astronomy science kit! We’ve been talking about astronaut and space and this would be a great place to start!

  32. We love apologia astronomy and the junior notebooks!

  33. We are brand new to homeschooling and this would be a tremendous help to get us going. I was unsure where to begin for Science but purchased Exploring Creation with General Science and also Physical Science. I can give an official “favorite” after completing ?

  34. My favorite Apologia curriculum is Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day

  35. I love their science classes! So far, Botany was my favorite because of the awesome garden my daughter created!

  36. My favorite Apologia curriculum would be the exploring science series for elementary ages.

  37. I’ve heard great things about Apologia! Love to try them out first year!

  38. I love all Apologia products!

  39. Been using Apologia for years. Getting into the High school books now. Hoping that they will give a good foundation for future science college classes.

  40. I love exploring creation.

  41. Our family loves the exploring creation textbooks!

  42. I have never used Apologia before, but would love to check them out.

  43. I can’t really say! I’ve never used Apologia. But this is a great way to get introduced to it!!!

  44. I’ve been looking into their Science curriculum for a while but it hasn’t been in our budget. No experience with Apologia yet, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.

  45. I have so wanted to try Apologia but it has been out of our budget, so I love this opportunity. We had a difficult homeschool year last year with a severe injury to our one son with a broken pelvis from soccer plus finding out he has Celiac Disease, having a daughter who schools part-time who has huge medical needs refused proper services by the public school thus removing her from that environment and finding out our youngest son was hard of hearing with no services in our area to help him. We are hoping to reorganize and are trying to find some curriculum to provide a better school year.

  46. I have only used their science (we loved flying creatures) but Writer’s In Residence is on my list of must-try curriculum!

  47. Would love to have new at homeschooling and any thing I could win would greatly help on a budget so this would be great

  48. Excited for my first year homeschooling my 7 year old. This would certainly come in handy for both our learning fun!

  49. I love all the science books.

  50. I love Apologia’s Biology

  51. I haven’t used Apologia content yet, but have heard wonderful things about it and would love to give it a try.

  52. When I was homeschooling my own kids, I enjoyed reading along with them the Exploring Creation with Physical Science

  53. We have not used any Apologia curriculum yet in our homeschool, but the Ultimate Homeschool Planner is my absolute favorite!

  54. Never tried Apologia, but it sounds fantastic.

  55. I’ve never used any as this is our first year homeschooling. But I’ve heard great things about their science resources.

  56. Looking forward to trying Apologia Biology.

  57. I love Apologia curriculum especially their science books. It would be such a blessing to win this bundle for this upcoming school year.

  58. We have not used Apologia yet. This year we are venturing into the Who Is God?

  59. I love all the Apologia notebooking journals! They make he courses so much fun and really reinforce the lessons. So far we’ve completed Zoology 1 and 2. And we are ready for course #3.

  60. What a neat giveaway!!

  61. Yes Yes! #1 found out how to comment Yay! But #2 Im SUPER Excited for this I’ve been seeing this around And Really Want to give it a go! We won a homeschool grant that allowed us to get a Telescope so we are So Ready for this!!
    Thanks for the Opportunity!!

  62. We’ve used all three of the zoology series and the kids really want to do astronomy next so this would be perfect for us!

  63. We love Apologia products this is a fantastic series!!

  64. We like the Physical Science course!

  65. I’ve only used zoology 2 but they all look wonderful

  66. What a great package of prizes!

  67. I can’t say what my favorite is yet because this is our first year to use it. My son will be using Exploring Creation with Biology.

  68. My fave Apologia product is the reading series. My daughter is doing great with it.

  69. I enjoy the apologetic series and the Days of Creation Ocean study….those are all we have done.

  70. Have used Apologia for all our sciences.

  71. I like it all! But if I have to pick, my favorite would be Flying Creatures. I did it with my 2 older boys years ago, and now starting it this week with my 2 younger boys. Excited!

  72. My favorite apologia product is their science books. They are all great.

  73. I have not yet used any Apologia resources, but I’ve heard great things about it.

  74. I’m new to home schooling and haven’t used any Apologia products, but would love to try them!

  75. I am new to Apologia. The curriculum sounds wonderful.

  76. We would love to try the Writer’s in Residence.

  77. The Zoology series.

  78. I’m not familiar with Apologia products. I did a search and I think I would like the “What we believe” series.

  79. Only have experience with a couple apologia texts through our Co op, have really liked them and would love to start using them at home.
    Great giveaway, thanks!

  80. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  81. This is amazing!!!!!

  82. My favorite Apologia is Exploring Creation with Astronomy.

  83. I have all the elementary series of apologia and love them.

  84. I love all the science books and plan to use them once my children are older.

  85. I’ve been using Apologia Science for 4 years now! I love it! Makes learning science fun and engaging.

  86. My Favorite Apologia product is all their science products! I used them growing up and now my kids use them!

  87. I don’t have a favorite product from Apologia, because I have never tried it! I would love to give it a to!

  88. Awesome giveaway!!

  89. Only one we’ve used so far is their Astronomy curric. LOVED it

  90. My favorite is astronomy. My kid’s favorite also!! Great giveaway!

  91. This will be our first year using Apologia and I’m really excited about it (science is my favorite so far). We’re using Science this year (high school). I spent some time looking at it at a curriculum fair and I love the notebooking with the lower level science so I may try that with my elementary age student as well.

  92. Amazing giveaway!!! So excited about this one!!

  93. Hard to pick a favorite Apologia product, they are all great. I’ll go with Astronomy.

  94. I’m sorry I do not know anything about Apologia, but I am desperate to have it because it is the curriculum my 2 will have this year for co-op. Thank you so, so much for having an opportunity for us us to win it and experience Apologia.

  95. We’ve used Apologia General Science, but don’t have a favorite yet. I’m looking at “Jump In” for writing this year. Looks great! Looking forward to more Apologia in our curriculum plan as my kids get older. Please enter me in the drawing!!

  96. I love Apologia Young Explorer series

  97. I have several Apologia books, would love more!

  98. We’re doing Apologia Astronomy this year!

  99. The Young Explorer series is my favorite.

  100. We’ve done Exploring Creation through Astronomy and Chemistry and have started Physics. I love them all but if I have to pick, Chemistry would be my favorite.

  101. My favorite Apologia product Is the field trip journal.

  102. Love the planners! My middle school son uses one! 🙂

  103. We love the science curriculum (have used chemistry & physics, anatomy & physiology, astronomy, and general science) and the Who is God? series!

  104. We love them all!

  105. Wow! We love apologia science.

  106. I Love the “Exploring Creation through….” Science series! We have gone through Astronomy, Botany, Flying Creatires of the 5th Day” and the notebooking journals that go with those. My favorite part is the Creation Confirmation sections in each chapter and the mini books in the journals.

  107. If I had to pick just one, I’d say Apologia’s Bible and Worldview curriculum. Keeping Christ in school is one of the main reasons why we homeschool, and making sure our curriculum reflects a Christian worldview is the most important! Thanks for this opportunity 🙂

  108. We’re brand new to homeschooling and I’ve only heard things about Apologia – and all of it was good! I look forward to learning more 🙂

  109. We love their science courses! We’ve purchased four different courses so far ☺

  110. love the Apologia science products!

  111. I keep Apologia’s books available to my children to look through at their leisure!

  112. I love the science books from Apologia

  113. We love the Apologia science curriculum!

  114. Wish I had apologia growing up! I loved learning together with my kids!

  115. Great Giveaway! My favorite Apologia resources are the Young Defenders Series picture books and the Field Trip Journal.

  116. I have been thinking about teaching my children astronomy for several months now. This product looks like it will help me immensely! Thank you for sharing this.

  117. I’m looking forward to using Apologia’s Physical Science program this year!

  118. Our favorite Apologia product would the Exploring Creation Young Explorer Science Series. We especially liked the Chemistry and Physics set! I’ve never tried the Planner before but I hear positive praises about it. I would LOVE to dig into the Writer’s in Residence and Astronomy curricula with my daughter. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  119. I look forward to trying this product!

  120. We are new to homeschooling, and this would be a great package for us!

  121. This looks like a great product. Looking forward to trying it.

  122. …and our favorite would be Exploring Creation with Astronomy Textbook!

  123. I love pretty much all Apologia but the sciences and the homeschool planners are the best!

  124. We love the journal/notebooks to go along with the elementary science books. I especially love that that there is a junior notebook and a regular notebook.

  125. I love Apologia’s science courses, especially that many include teaching dvd’s and MP3 recordings of the textbooks.

  126. We love their Zoology books!

  127. Our favorite Apologia product is their elementary science courses and the accompanying note booking journals.

  128. Exploring Creation with Biology is the only one we’ve used so far, my daughter enjoys it

  129. Love apologia curriculum for science.

  130. It’s hard to pick just one Apologia product. There are many I still want to try out. I love the science curriculum. We’ve dabble in the Astronomy book but will return to it again soon and my oldest will need the notebooking journal instead of the junior notebooking journal. I have the 1st edition, so I would be thrilled to check out the newer edition.

  131. What a great giveaway!

  132. We’ve never used Apologia, but I would LOVE to try any of their science curriculums!

  133. We have never used Apologia before, so I have no idea what my favorite would or could be! This giveaway looks fantastic, though!

  134. I love Apologia zoology 2, oceans.

  135. So far my favorite Apologia resource is their science!

  136. We love Apologia Science.

  137. We LOVE Apologia science!! We just finished up Physics and Chemistry and my 10 year old said it was his favorite so far!

  138. It’s hard to.choose a favorite… I live their sciences but Bible curriculum is the best!

  139. I am currently using Exploring Creation with Zoology 2 with my daughter. I love it! I would love to use some many more resources of Apologia.

  140. This will be our first year using Aplogia. I’ve already showed the kids he books and they are super excited!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this package!!

  141. I really enjoy reading your emails! From a new homeschooling mom the guidance is invaluable!!
    Thank you!

  142. I’ve heard wonderful things about Apologia and I’m excited to try it!

  143. Apologia has high quality resources for homeschool families. It’s hard to pin down a favorite, but we have lately been enjoying the childrens’ book Psalms to Know Early.

  144. We love Apologia Science programs.. our boys would love to study Astronomy.. thanks for the ch

  145. We loved using Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology.

  146. To be honest, we love their sciences and the kids have requested to study Astronomy this year! Looking forward to many more years homeschooling with Apologia!

  147. I would love to win this giveaway for my 13 year old! This would be a great for our first full year of homeschool. We are on a tight budget and I have heard nothing but amazing things about Apologia!

  148. My children have enjoyed all of the Exploring Creation texts that we have done — Swimming Creatures and Flying Creatures

  149. Our favorite apologia products so far are the elementary sciences.

  150. My daughters love the student planners!

  151. My favorite apologia product is Exploring Creation with Marine Biology

  152. I’ve never looked at this curriculum before. Would love to get a chance to try it out with my 2 girls as we begin homeschooling this year for the first time.

  153. We have only tried General Science so far, so I guess that’s our favorite! =)

  154. We’re trying Exploring Creation elementary science this year for the first time. Botany is our subject. I love the junior notebooks just from what I’ve read. It has lots of projects and is very hands on.

  155. My favorite apologia product is the what we believe series

  156. This is an amazing giveaway!! I am sure whomever wins this, will be blessed this school year!

  157. great products.

  158. I really like their astronomy book!

  159. Don’t have a favorite, but would like to try it!

  160. Great giveaway!

  161. I haven’t used Apologia products before, so I can’t give a favorite! I am going to do more research though!

  162. We are enjoying the Who Am I? series! Thank you for the giveaway.

  163. Oh wow, all of them! We have four or five of the ‘Exploring Creation with…” series, and we leave have to leave them out all the time for my oldest to read 🙂

  164. I am new to your blog and am loving it!! Thank you

  165. I love the Apologia High School textbooks and so do my students!

  166. I love Apologia science! The notebooking journals are perfect and I’m looking forward to using the audio cds in the future.

  167. This would be amazing to win. My child is wanting to study Astronomy this year.

  168. We don’t have a favorite (yet) as this is only our 2nd year of using the curriculum. So far, we have only used the Marine Biology. This year, we are using Chemistry.

  169. I would love to have apologia science curriculum ! I also love The planners My daughter is studying Astronomy this year and my boys are digging in to Earth Science and weather.

  170. My family is just begging our journey out of traditional school and into a LORD centered homeschool. As a homeschooling mother of four children, winning this Apologia package would be any enormous blessing. I trust God will send it to the family who can benefit from receiving it most of all.

  171. I love the science books! Simple but lots of good information!

  172. I like the iWitness 8 book set.

  173. We are new to apologia, but I have heard amazing things about them!

  174. We love Apologia science!

  175. We love Apologia science!!!

  176. I love the apologia exploring creation through astronomy, great book and it works for different age groups too!

  177. This looks awesome. We would love to win this!

  178. I love the Exploring Creation with Zoology series!

  179. My favorite Apologia product is the Anatomy book. I used it with my daughter for second grade and I think it was really well written. The notebooks are my second favorite. You have to use those with the young explorers books. They are great.

    Oh, is anyone else having problem with the giveaway widget? I click to “visit” pages on FB, but the button never shows up for me to click to finish that I visited. This is happening to me on all of the giveaways with this same widget.

  180. I really am liking the botany book. My kids are so excited about plants now ☺

  181. I have never had the pleasure to try Apologia. This looks like an amazing set though!

  182. We loved Apologia Astronomy with the Junior Notebook!

  183. I like the zoology books.

  184. Love their Science curriculum

  185. I love Apologia! Wonderful way to explore God’s creation!

  186. Our favorite (and only) Apologia product is the field trip journal!

  187. Would love to win this!

  188. I love the general science.

  189. Too hard to choose a favorite! But I do love the Ultimate Homeschooling Planner!

  190. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Apologia Science. Our favorite so far is Exploring Creation with Ocean Creatures. The kids and I had so much fun this past year doing it. We would measure and draw sea creatures on our driveway, and kids walking home from school would stop and study them.

  191. We totally enjoy the Exploring Creation elementary science series.

  192. We haven’t tried this seems like an awesome science curriculu.

  193. My kids love Apologia’s Science curriculum. We’re trying out Readers in Residence next year, and Writer’s in Residence would be great to try as well.

  194. What an amazing give away! I haven’t tried this product yet. The science looks really great!

  195. We have enjoyed several Apologia science books elementary through General Science so far. We very much appreciate the notebooking journals! The most useful so far is probably the General Science notebook.

  196. Love Apologia!!! Love to try the writing!

  197. Physical Cuenca so far. But I have had my eye on the writing curriculum.

  198. Thanks 🙂

  199. I don’t have any, but would love to own Apologia curriculum.

  200. Thank you. I would love to try apologia.

  201. We love all of the Apologia science products.

  202. I’ve heard great things about Exploring Creation and Zoology, but haven’t had the chance to try Apologia yet. Winning would be a huge blessing for our family of seven!

  203. This is exciting! I’ve been eying that planner, and my son is wanting to learn astronomy!

  204. We love Apologia Physics!

  205. We’ve enjoyed all of the Apologia science publications. Now I’m excited about maybe getting to use the new writing curriculum with our daughter.

  206. I love apologia!! We want to try the Writer’s program!

  207. another incredible bundle

  208. Thank you, for the opportunity.

  209. I don’t have a favorite, but I would love to learn more about their science programs!

  210. These are all resources I have had on my wishlist for a long time. This pack would be a wish come true for our homeschool 🙂

  211. What a great giveaway! Thanks for your hard work!

  212. The science series is pretty great!

  213. We have yet to have the privilege of trying any of their products so I don’t have a favorite one yet.

  214. I love Apologia’s Science curriculum.

  215. I am just getting started homeschooling and would love to add this to my supplies!

  216. I have been looking for a grammar program. This sounds like a good one. Would love to win it. And then there is all the other great items

  217. We’ve enjoyed all the science books we’ve used form apologia so far. Last year we also really enjoyed the Who is God? study.

  218. I am so glad my MIL shared your site with me! I don’t have a favorite Apologia product because this coming school year will be our first as a homeschool family. I appreciate the work that you do to provide such a great resource for homeschool families!

  219. What an amazing blessing to the family that wins this!!

  220. This will be our first year using it! Looking forward..heard wonderful things!

  221. We are looking forward to using Exploring Creation with Zoology with our daughter this year she is already fascinated with the couple of lessons we’ve done.

  222. I love readers in residence. So I’m hoping to win the writers ?.

  223. The science curriculum is probably my favorite.

  224. I would like to try many of the Apologia products, but have not yet had the chance.

  225. I have not tried Apologia yet, but we will be using the Anatomy & Physiology and Notebooks this year! We are excited!

  226. Thanks for doing this giveaway. We love Apologia!!

  227. My favorite Apologia resource are their exploring creation textbooks. There are great experiments to go along with every lesson and they mostly use everyday household items.

  228. We have used Swimming Creatures and Land Animals so far and loved them both. We are planning to do astronomy this coming year, so this would be perfect for us. I have also been looking at the Writers in Residence and would love to try it.

  229. I love the Apologia sciences!

  230. I especially appreciate Apologia’s What We Believe worldview series.

  231. I love Apologia’s high school and elementary science courses. I’ve been using them for the last 9-10 years! I haven’t used their notebooks though and would love to try them.

  232. Love pretty much everything I’ve ever used, but I really like the Who is God? series.

  233. I love Apologia’s Astronomy curriculum!

  234. I’d like to try astronomy.

  235. My favorite products are their writing programs! I’m super curious about their science programs as week, as they seem to get rave reviews.

  236. We love the Exploring Creation science curriculum with Apologia. I cannot wait to dive into the anatomy study! Thanks Heather!

  237. I’ve read a little bit of the Exploring Creation with Astronomy, but I’ve been eyeing the writing!

  238. This would be soooo awesome!!!

  239. I love the Apologia Astronomy!!!!

  240. Never tried Apologia before. Intrigued and excited to learn more.

  241. We have been using Apologia resources since Kindergarten and the kids love them!

  242. Really enjoy Apologia’s science texts.

  243. I love them all! I’m excited to use them!

  244. My favorite Apologia product at the moment is the Human Anatomy and Physiology course. My daughter saw one look at what we were going to study and was too excited for words~

  245. We’ve loved the apologia elementary science books and journals but I’m super crazy excited for the writers in residence curriculum. Just seeing it’s distinctive green spiral binding makes me happy.

  246. I have never used any Apologia product, but I’ve heard good things and would love to win so I can try something from them.

  247. My son and I are really excited to start going through the Exploring Creation series!

  248. I don’t think I have a favorite, we love them all!

  249. This is our first year for using Apologia. We are using Exploring Creation with Physical Science for my 8th grader. I had read such great things. I am SO excited! I would love to win!

  250. We love Apologia! What an awesome giveaway!

  251. My most desired Apologia product is Apologia What We Believe Volume 1 – Who Is God? Textbook. Thank you!

  252. We have used the Botany and love it. This looks like a great giveaway!

  253. I am really excited about Ms. Bells Ultimate Homeschool Planner. I’ve been listening to different people describe the Apologia science and love what I’ve heard but still haven’t actually looked inside. We’ve got science covered this year already but I’m looking forward to learning more so I can pick something good for next year!

  254. I have loved all of the Apologia we have used thus far. My highschooler particularly loves Marine Biology!

  255. My kids are starting the science curriculum for the first time this year, excited to try it!

  256. I love Apologia! How could I have a favorite? There all great and my favorite.

  257. I don’t know that I can pick just one Apologia product! I love the Exploring Creation series, but everything else I have used has been amazing.

  258. I love their High School Biology course.

  259. We haven’t used any of the Apologia curriculum yet, but all their stuff looks like it’s top quality! Thank you for the opportunity to win this bundle!

  260. We have enjoyed the Exploring Creation (Science) curriculum. This is the first year we will be using General Science with my eldest.

  261. Great giveaway thanks! It is really hard to choose a favorite. I love all their science curriculum.

  262. What a great giveaway! I am a big Debra Bell fan and live Apologia science, too.

  263. Apologia science is my fav!

  264. I haven’t used Apologia yet, but we will this year. I’m so excited! My son is doing their Marine Biology for high school and my daughter is starting Who Is God?. So excited!

  265. I think our favorite so far is Exploring Creation with Physical Science.

  266. I like their science texts.

  267. Oh, my! So many to choose from. If I had to pick just one favorite I don’t know…I really liked their planner (mom’s planner). But I love their sciences the most. I love how they fully explain everything from a Christian standpoint and what that means for believers. They really do defend Christianity in a way that totally makes sense!

  268. Loving this giveaway!!

  269. What a great giveaway! I was just looking at is course at the homeschool convention I attended this last weekend, but I couldn’t get it. This would be great to do with all of my kids!

  270. We have enjoyed the science curricula but we are starting Readers in Residence and I think this might just be my favorite! Love it so far. It teaches the concepts in such easy ways.

  271. We have loved using Exploring Creation!! Looking forward to the books geared toward high school now.

  272. I haven’t used Apologia product before, but I would love to try them. they sound amazing!

  273. Going to try the apologia astronomy this year ☺ thanks for a giveaway!

  274. I have not used anything yet..Looking at it for next year 🙂

  275. We love apologia! My favorite thing is that we can do it as a family. My 3 year old loves hearing me read the lessons and watch his brothers do the activities. My 4th grader loves going deep into the topics and does extra research. It has really brought our family together.

  276. I love Apologia science. We use it for all my children’s science learning.

  277. Love Apologia Exploring Creation with Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day!! So much fun and learning.

  278. We used science in the beginning and really enjoyed and learned a lot. I would be blessed to use any apologia products in the future.

  279. My favorite products are the planner for the kids. Totally helped my kids get organized and stay on track. No more nagging from me!

  280. We love Apologia’s Zoology!

  281. Not sure I can choose a favorite! But my son was able to work through Chemistry with very little help from me; yay for independent study!

  282. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

    1. My favorite Apologia product is their Science!

  283. I haven’t used Apologia yet, but I’d love the opportunity!

  284. We love apologia science and would love to try the writing curriculum.

  285. Super giveaway. Always been curious about Apologia.

  286. We like teh high school sciences.

  287. I’ve never used Apologia, but have heard great things about their programs!

  288. I don’t know that I could pick a favorite right now. I’ve just started looking into it. But I have downloaded their mini lesson on the eclipse (my kids and I are going to be in the path of totality!) And we are so excited to dig into it!

  289. I haven’t used apologia yet. I have just started homeschooling and would really like to try their materials. The samples I’ve looked at make it look amazing and really well written.

  290. We have enjoyed exploring creation with botany and look forward to general science this year.

  291. Great giveaway! My kids will be studying the Exploring the Human Body books from Apologia at their Homeschool Co-op this year. That would be great to win!

  292. I have never used Apologia for our homeschool…have heard lots of good things, and am considering a change. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  293. We love all the science books!

  294. I don’t have a favorite Apologia product, yet!

  295. Wow! Apologia items are amazing! This giveaway would be a HUGE blessing to me and my homeschool boys <3

  296. The elementary science is my favorite. We have done Astronomy, Flying Creatures, and Land Animals. My kids love it!

  297. My favorite is the Young Explorers series!

  298. My favorite is the Young Explorers.

  299. I have yet to really try anything from Apologia, but would love to!

  300. I’ve heard Apologia is great and I’ve been wanting to try it!

  301. My favorites are the Exploring Creation books.

  302. So far we are enjoying the science curriculum. We have used it for the past few years now and have every intention to continue with it.

  303. We love every product we have tried! One favorite is the “Who is God” series.

  304. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  305. I would have to say Exploring Creation with Astronomy is my favorite.

  306. We have enjoyed the swimming creatures and flying creatures! I would love to win the new Astronomy curriculum!

  307. We really like Apologia’s “Who is God?”. It’s the only thing we’ve used so far. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Astronomy book and journals!

  308. We love Apologia’s science curriculum. Zoology 3 was a favorite (so far!).

  309. Ha ha! Does everything count?. I really like their stuff.

  310. I am not sure what my favorite Apologia product is, though this year I am using their Exploring Creation with General Science and Exploring Creation with Botany, and both have been interesting so far. I am learning more with my kids using these products then I think I ever did in school. 🙂 I am interested in their homeschool planner, and I actually do love their Biblical Worldview series where it goes through “Who is God?”, “Who Am I?”, etc.

  311. We have never used the Apologia Curriculum, but if I won, I think I would like maybe Astronomy. My daughter loves to learn about the planets, stars, etc.

  312. We are trying the Chemistry course with my high schooler for the first time this school year. I would love to try some of their other courses with my other kids.

  313. I have never tried it yet . I wanted to but the money was not there. I am hoping to be able to save the money to try different ones. I have heard great things about these products though.

  314. My favorite is the science kits. I love all of though.

  315. We actually just discovered Apologia and so far we live exploring creation zoology 2! The junior journal is perfect for my lil ones

  316. We love Apologia notebooks! Thanks for the chance to win!

  317. I love Apologia Science!

  318. Apologia’s products are well regarded in the homeschooling community. I have only used their Land Animals curriculum and we really enjoyed it. I’d love to have the opportunity to use more of their resources.

  319. I love exploring creation human body.

  320. We love Apologia’s science series

  321. I have heard wonderful things about the writers in resistance and I have wanted to try it with my older ones but I have not had a chance to yet. I would Love to get to try this out

  322. We love their science and writing!

  323. Thank you for the opportunity to check out this curriculum. I have been drooling over it but have not had the opportunity to afford it.

  324. My favorite Apologia product is the one I get for free!!! 🙂 Hoping to win this giveaway to help us save money as our family of 8 is adopting two precious boys from Ukraine! Help a mama out! 😉 Thanks for offering these giveaways!

  325. This is the first year we are homeschooling so we do not have a favorite yet! My kids would love the astrology one! They are super into space and stars since the eclipse is coming through our town!

  326. I am so excited about this giveaway. We totally love Apologia science and What We Believe series. Would love to explore their writing curriculum.

  327. We love Apologia! The notebooks are a wonderful part of this curriculum. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  328. So hard to choose! This year we’re using Who is God and Astronomy but last year we did Chem/Physics and LOVED it!

  329. I love Debra Bell’s planners, and just started using Writers in Residence. ❤️

  330. We are currently using their Flying Creatures science book and we love it!

  331. I love their science curriculum.

  332. I want to teach Apologia! Love this curriculum but can’t afford it right now. Utilizing a lot of library books at the moment.

  333. We love everything Apologia. We use their science at both levels and are completing the worldview study soon.

  334. We’ve only done the first two levels of the worldview curriculum, but we’ll be starting a science next month. Interested to see how it goes!

  335. I have never used it, but am anxious to try it!

  336. This would be so helpful!

  337. Apologia is great for any homeschooler. I especially love that I can teach all my children without needing multiple curriculums.

  338. Our second year using Apologia. So far it’s great!

  339. I haven’t used any Apologia yet, but it all looks wonderful! I think we could really use Writers in Residence.

  340. Truly love all of Apologia’s products. Looking forward to digging in to Exploring Creation through Human Anatomy this year.

  341. We’ve never tried Apologia due to our limited budget, so I don’t have a favorite. It all looks wonderful, though!

  342. I don’t have a favorite product yet as I’ve never tried them. I really like the sound of this curriculum, and would love to give it a try. My oldest is starting 2nd grade, so I’m feeling like it may be time for a more planned curriculum. I love the creation base on this one.

  343. I love Apologia!

  344. I have looked at the exploring creation science series and that looks really good. I have heard that books by Jay Wile are amazing.

  345. We loved the zoology series! what a fantastic giveaway!

  346. My favorite Apologia product is there Bible curriculum. We also use their Science, which we love, but their Bible curriculum is one of a kind. I want my girls to know Jesus but also know why we believe in Jesus and be able to defend that belief. Apologia’s Bible curriculum does that and in a way they can understand!

  347. I’ve never used Apologia but have been interested!

  348. The elementary science textbooks are our favorite. Thanks ?

  349. I just really love the General science textbook. It is such a readable introduction to basic scientific concepts.

  350. We have not used any of these just yet but would love to!

  351. Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!

  352. I love Apologia Science and have not tried any of the Writing curriculum.

  353. I have not tried apologia yet but I think we might start using the junior science series soon. Might let the kids decide between botany or astronomy

  354. We LOVE Apologia!

  355. Love Apologia curriculum!

  356. I’ve heard great things about apologia! I’d love to try it out!

  357. This will be our first year using Apologia. We have decided on the human body. I am so excited!

  358. My favorite is the Ultimate Homeschool Planner!

  359. I’ve never used any Apologia products but have wanted to for a while. This would be a great opportunity to do so. Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!

  360. I’m looking into using Apologia for the first time and everything I’ve heard and read is so good I’m having a hard time deciding what to start with! Thanks for this giveaway, great timing!

  361. We’re about to start using Zoology 1. It will be our first (therefore, favorite) Apologia product

  362. I love the planner!

  363. What a great giveaway. We are hoping to use apologia for the first time this year!

  364. This all looks so neat! We will begin our first year of homeschooling next month! Thank you for the opportunity!

  365. All of them.

  366. I haven’t used any apologia products yet. Only our 3rd year homeschooling and never heard of them before?The planner really caught my eye first. So I am hoping to try that out to stay more organized this year.

  367. I love the Exploring Creation series!

  368. This will be my first time to use the science! I’m excited about it!!

  369. My kids loved the Anatomy and Physiology one. They still talk about making the blood flow of the heart with graham crackers, marshmallows and frosting.

  370. Love Young Explorers!

  371. I’ve never used any Apologia products for our homeschool, but my landlord, who is a fellow homeschool mom, just let me look through one of her new science books from Apologia and I was very impressed!

  372. What an amazong giveaway! I hope I win this one! 😉

  373. We are using Apologia for the first time this year for Biology. I’m so excited to use this highly recommended curriculum!

  374. I love all the Exploring Creation series for Elementary age children!

  375. My favorite right now is the world view curriculum. We’re using “Who is God?” and we really enjoy it.

  376. Thus will be our first year using Apologea. We are doing 9th grade biology.

  377. Literature portion is what I like best.

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