FREE Learn the US Presidents & Learn the USA Study Packs {Limited time}

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In honor of Independence Day, I thought it was only fitting to make my Learning the US Presidents & Learning the USA Study Packs free for a limited time!

Learning the United States Presidents Study Pack & Matching Game Bundle:

If your children are interested in learning more about the presidents of the United States, or if you are looking for a comprehensive study of US presidents,  you are in the right place! The Learning the United States Presidents Study Pack allows your student to research and make notes about every president we have had.

Each page is dedicated to a U.S. president, asking your student to fill in information such as date of birth, serving dates, vice presidents, and additional facts about the president. The pack also helps them to learn the presidents in order with handy lists! Also included in this bundle is a Learning the US Presidents matching game where your child will practice putting the presidents’ first and last names together in the order in which they served as president.

Click here and complete the checkout process to get your FREE copy of the Learning the US Presidents Study Pack + Matching Game Bundle!

Learning the USA Study Pack

Learning the USA mini-book printable! Great for homeschooling.

All 50 states are included in this printable pack. Children will be asked to identify the states in each region of the US by writing their names in a list. The states are all different colors, to help children easily see borders and the shape of each state.

There is also a page for each individual US state. On these pages, the child will have to research the state and write down 5 facts. They also need to answer a few questions pertaining to each particular state, such as naming the state capital, state nickname, and state bird. They will also research which Presidents/Vice Presidents were born in each state.  Students will also need to find out when the state become part of the USA.

Finally, the child can draw and describe the flag for each state!

The Learning the USA Study also includes a state capitals quiz.

This study is a great intro to helping your students learn about the United States. To get your FREE copy of this study, simply click here, then click add to cart, and complete the checkout process.

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  1. Thank you for this! I have been looking for a fun way to teach my kids about the presidents! I think they will learn a lot from this!

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