7 Educational Activities You Can Teach in a Swimming Pool

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Welcome to Summer Learning week at Life of a Homeschool Mom! School may be out for summer, but that definitely doesn’t mean that learning slows down. This week, I’m sharing with you specific learning activities that you can do with your children at the beach, at the pool, at the park, and at the zoo. Also- be sure to download this week’s freebie: Summer Camp at Home. This amazing download provides you with everything you need to conduct a fun summer camp at home with your children!

Don’t let summer brain drain set in, instead, get creative with the ways you present educational activities to your children. There are all sorts of instances where you can present them with the chance to learn, and believe it or not the swimming pool is one of them. Look below at 7 educational activities you can teach in a swimming pool, so kids can continue to learn even when they are splashing around.

1. Sinking and floating.
What better place to teach sinking and floating than in a swimming pool? Take small items like a bouncy ball, some Styrofoam, a toy, a feather, etc. You can then predict if you think these items will sink or float. Let children place the items in the water and see if their prediction was correct.

2. Liquids and solids.
Talk about liquids and solids and the difference between each. Then look around the pool for examples of liquids and solids. Some liquid examples may be the pool water, beverages, and tanning lotion. Examples of solids could be food items, shoes, a bathing suit, or pool materials. Make a list of liquids and solids based on what you see.

3. Liquid measurement.
You are surrounded by liquids at the pool, so why not take the chance to talk about liquid measurement? Take a few measuring cups with you and show children how to measure and read the samples of pool water they collect. You can also look for rain gauges around the pool or look at the units of measurement on your bottle of sunblock.

4. Depth measurement.
It is important to know how deep the pool water is so kids can play safely. Show children where the pool depths are marked and talk about these depths. You can discuss the measurement units used to measure the pool depth (typically feet) and point out the various depth measurements around the pool.

5. Chemical reactions.
Chemical reactions take place all over the pool! Look for examples of water puddles evaporating with the help from the sun, food being heated up, and soda beverages bubbling when the ice is dropped in them. These are excellent examples of chemical reactions.

6. Temperature.
Children should learn how to read temperature via a thermometer. You will find a thermometer both in the pool and usually hanging somewhere around the pool area. Take time to look for these tools of measurement and take turns reading the temperature on them.

7. Does gas take up space?
This is a fun lesson to teach at a pool because you can use a pool float as an example. Children often don’t think of air taking up space, but it does. Show them how the air in us can be used to blow up a pool float and how it takes up space in the float. They might just look at how gas takes up space differently!

Consider these 7 educational activities you can teach in a swimming pool and see how easy it can be to keep the learning going all summer long.














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