7 Educational Activities You Can Teach at the Zoo

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Welcome to Summer Learning week at Life of a Homeschool Mom! School may be out for summer, but that definitely doesn’t mean that learning slows down. This week, I’m sharing with you specific learning activities that you can do with your children at the beach, at the pool, at the park, and at the zoo. Also- be sure to download this week’s freebie: Summer Camp at Home. This amazing download provides you with everything you need to conduct a fun summer camp at home with your children!

Summer is the perfect time to head to the zoo and see what all your animal friends are up to. Kids love visiting the animals, observing them, and even petting and feeding them if given the chance. At the same time, this can be a highly educational opportunity for children. Look below at these 7 educational activities you can teach at the zoo, so you can make the most of your visit!

1. Listen for the various animal calls.
Just sitting quietly and listening to the sounds around you can be a huge learning experience! Take the time to listen for the various animal calls and see how many you can identify. You might hear birds, elephants, lions, and even tigers.

2. Talk about the diets of the various animals.
Eating is essential for survival. Observe what the various animals are eating and talk about their specific diets. Notice which ones are meat eaters and which ones are plant eaters. You can also make note of which ones eat both meat and plants.

3. Interview a zoo keeper if given the chance.
If you get the chance to chat with a zoo keeper, do it! This is a fun way to get some behind the scenes info and learn more about the animals you are visiting. A zoo keeper will have tons of fun facts to share, so feel free to ask questions if you see one.

4. Talk about the basic needs of living things.
All living things need food and shelter. Look for the examples of these needs when you see the animals. Look for their shelters and look for their food. Talk about how the shelter and food varies from animal to animal based on their needs.

5. Observe the various habitats animals live in.
Many of the animals will make their own habitats while others have habitats created for them. Look for the ways the animals make themselves at home. Talk about how each habitat is unique and the materials that make each habitat up.

6. Have children write about which animal they like the best.
Let children enjoy some creative writing when they write about the animal they like best. Have them use adjectives to describe the animal in detail. This is a great activity you can try when you get home so you can keep the learning going.

7. Go on a zoo scavenger hunt.
Make a list of items to keep an eye out for on your visit. Check off these items as you spot them. This helps children with identification and helps them practice reading the words on their scavenger hunt list. 20 or so items is perfect, and kids will love keeping their eyes peeled for these things!

Are you ready to head to the zoo for some fun? Consider these 7 educational activities you can teach in the zoo, and see how you can make your visit one that is just as educational as it is fun.

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