7 Educational Activities You Can Teach at the Beach

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Welcome to Summer Learning week at Life of a Homeschool Mom! School may be out for summer, but that definitely doesn’t mean that learning slows down. This week, I’m sharing with you specific learning activities that you can do with your children at the beach, at the pool, at the park, and at the zoo. Also- be sure to download this week’s freebie: Summer Camp at Home. This amazing download provides you with everything you need to conduct a fun summer camp at home with your children!

With warm weather here there is no better time to head to the beach and have some fun. But while you are having some fun, why not enjoy some educational activities as well?

Luckily there are all sorts of fun activities you can do at the beach that don’t just provide entertainment but a chance to learn, too. Look below at 7 educational activities you can teach at the beach so you can make the most of this family time together!

1. Fine motor skills building.
Picking up and sorting rocks, shells, and pebbles help children develop important fine motor skills. Building a sandcastle and playing in the sand can also help develop these skills. Strengthening fine motor skills can help children do other activities like write, cut, and paste later.

2. Sinking and floating.
With so much water at the beach, you can look for examples of items that sink and float. Look at the water and see which items are floating (rafts, seaweed, grass) and look for items that sink (people, rocks, shells) and make a list of each. Talk about why some items sink and why some float.

3. Shape identification.
Go on a shape hunt and look for all the shapes you can find at the beach. You will find circles (beach balls) plus rectangles (towels) as well as numerous other shapes. Make a list or just call them out verbally. This is a fun activity for children to do when waiting for their lunch to settle.

4. Classification.
Kids can practice sorting and classification using shells and pebbles found at the beach. Let them collect these items then take turns sorting them by size, color, shape, etc. The more they collect, the more sorting they can do and classes they can come up with.

5. Identification of animal habitats.
Nature is all around you when you visit the beach. Make a list of the various animals that call the beach their home. This may be fish, crabs, bugs, birds, and many other critters. Look for signs of them, look for the items they eat, and look for the spaces they call home.

6. Gross motor skill building.
Running, building, climbing, and even swimming all help build gross motor skills. Allow children to be active during this time and practice these skills so they can continue to build these muscles and develop this important coordination.

7. Cause and effect.
You will see lots of examples of cause and effect when you visit the beach. You can see how the wind blows and moves items. You can see how the waves push items. You can see how sunblock prevents burns. Take note of all the examples of cause and effect you see while visiting the beach.

As you can see, the beach can be a fun and educational time for everyone! Try these 7 educational activities you can teach at the beach and see how simple it can be to turn learning time into fun time!

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