10 Weeks of Shakespeare: Introductory Course for 7th-12th grades {HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT}- Limited time freebie!

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Have you ever tried to teach Shakespeare to your kids? It’s a daunting task for many homeschool moms, although most of us would agree it’s probably a good idea for a well-rounded education. It’s also a must if you are a Charlotte Mason or Classical homeschooler.

I’m excited to introduce a brand new course today from veteran homeschool mom of 8, Gena Mayo who writes at the blog I Choose Joy!. The online course is called 10 Weeks of Shakespeare ~ Introductory Course for 7th-12th Grades. Gena is partnering with Life of a Homeschool Mom to offer the course for free this week only! It’s a $29 value! (Ends 6/11/17.)

10 Weeks of Shakespeare - Introductory Course for 7th-12th Grades online course

What is 10 Weeks of Shakespeare ~ Introductory Course for 7th-12th Grades all about?

There are 10 lessons that are perfect for an upper-grade student to work on independently or for a homeschool mom to teach at a co-op. In fact, the course was originally written and taught at Gena’s homeschool co-op.

Each week the students learn a new concept about Shakespeare. It might be about his life, his theater The Globe, or Elizabethan theater in general. Students will learn about iambic pentameter and how to scan a speech, poetry versus prose, how Shakespeare is supposed to be pronounced, and the funny insults he used so often. They will learn and practice techniques for memorizing and performing Shakespeare. Students will watch one of his plays, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and perform an act based on Star Wars but written in Shakespearian language and technique!

This course is educational and fun. Instructions are included for how to use it as a half-credit in Fine Arts or English. See preview lessons of 10 Weeks of Shakespeare ~ Introductory Course for 7th-12th Grades here.

To get access to this course, simply complete the form below.

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  1. Thanks for this great freebie!
    In the email sent out about this there was a P.S. about an exercise program you and your husband are working on and you ask about interest…I’m looking forward to more info! it sounded great…I liked that it was in small bites. the easier it is to fit in here and there the more likely I’m going to do it and stick with it. Also liked that you were thing about kiddos being able to participate too! Thanks again for sharing your time and knowledge!

  2. Thank you for an awesome freebie!

  3. I would love to do this! I don’t see a form, though. Could you help me out? Thank you so much!

    1. There is a form at the end of the post {above the comments}.

  4. This looks great!

  5. I think I’m missing something. I can not find the form to fill out. It is suppose to be before the comments but at the end of the article however I just don’t see it.

    1. It is there. I just saw in on PC and on my phone. It says Yes, I want access to… and then has boxes for your name and email address. Allow the post to fully load and you will see it. 🙂

      1. Hi. Just to let you know– I was unable to see the form using Chrome even after it loaded completely. I tried Firefox and it appeared. Strange however I thought I would let you know encase someone else has the same issue. Looking forward to using the freebie… Thank you for the offer.

  6. Thank you for the freebie! My kiddo enrolled over there, will she able to use the course throughout the year or just this month?

  7. Uh, I’m trying to get this but it says my email address has been removed for previously flagging spam or abuse? I have no idea what that means and it must be some kind of error. Can you please respond to me? We’re doing Shakespeare next year and I REALLY would love to get this! Thanks!

    1. That is strange. I’ve never heard of that before. Have you marked any of my emails as spam? That could explain it. I would try using a different email address and see what happens.

  8. Hi, I put in my name and email and it took me to the site, however it said I wasn’t registered and it didn’t show up for free. I did login and still cannot figure out how to access this for free. Please advise.

    1. When you put in your name and email address it redirects you to an instruction page that gives you a coupon code to get the course for free. When you get the code, then go to the course page and act as though you are purchasing the course and you can then enter the coupon code. Enter the code {do not copy and paste} in ALL CAPS and press enter or click the button next to the box.

      1. Thanks! Got it!

  9. I didn’t see the coupon code anywhere to get it for free.

    1. When you enter your name and email address into the form, it will automatically redirect you to an instructions page which contains the coupon code. You have to enter the coupon code in all caps {DO NOT COPY AND PASTE} and it will let you into the course for free.

  10. Your offer says avail until 6/11/17, but when you click through it says the freebie has ended. Is that a typo on your offer?

    1. No, it is correct. It was available until 6/11/17, which was over 3 weeks ago. I’m sorry that you missed it.

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