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If you have been looking for a wonderful language arts curriculum to add to your homeschooling plans for next year,  Learning Language Arts Through Literature just might be it! With 36 lessons on a variety of language topics, this program will help you student improve their skills in a number of areas.

Each weekly lesson is divided into easy-to-use daily plans, making homeschooling simple for both you and your child. There isn’t much preparation needed for these lessons either, so it’s a time saver as well as a great instruction book.

This language arts program isn’t just about lecturing your student either. Each lesson provides hands-on activities that let your apply skills they are mastering by journal writing, creative writing, and more.

My children and I have recently had an opportunity to review the Learning Language Arts Through Literature Tan Book (geared toward 6th grade) and we really found that we loved the way this program was set up. It includes so many different skills.

Skills Mastered with The Tan Book:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Creative Writing
  • Research

Four interesting book studies are also included in The Tan Book for language arts. For each book study, this text provides a book summary, vocabulary skills, and other fun activities. There is little for you to plan when it comes to the book studies presented in this guide.

There is a unit in The Tan Book dedicated to helping your student learn how to write a research paper. This will not only be a great tool for your child, but a helpful refresher for you as well. It’s probably been a while since you wrote a research paper!

Your student will also learn how to properly use the library with this program. Research will become easier, so your student can learn on his own and produce quality papers using information obtained from the library.

One great feature of Learning Language Arts through Literature is the review exercises provided at the end of each lesson. Repetition is a great way to learn and master necessary skills, especially in the field of language arts. There are also supplied assessments so you will always know where your child is in terms of the material covered throughout the course.

If you’re looking for an engaging Language Arts curriculum that ties in both Literature and Language Arts, as well as spelling, creative writing, and more, Learning Language Arts Through Literature is for you!

Learning Language Arts Through Literature is available at Common Sense Press!

Would you like to give Learning Language Arts Through Literature a try? If so, you’re in luck! One of my readers will win a Student Book and a Teacher Book in the level of their choice! To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter form below. All entries will be verified. Open to US residents only.
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  1. I have been interested in trying this with my children. We enjoy reading and literature curriculmn!

  2. We use Tan book this year and we like it!

  3. I would love to find a curriculum that makes language arts more enjoyable for both of us, well organized, and practical.

  4. We used the Purple book this year and have really enjoyed it. Going into Tan this coming school year.

  5. This has been a great curriculum for my boys who aren’t overly thrilled with English. This is on our purchase list for next.

  6. I love this curriculum! We tried it this year and the kids have really enjoyed it. There is enough reading, writing, spelling and grammar mixed together so that they are learning well but not overwhelmed. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. I would love to try this with my son. He is a struggling reader and think this might excite him!

  8. I would love to use this with my youngest daughter!

  9. I would love to win this because I am new to homeschooling and heard this is a great curriculum!

  10. This looks like it would by at least 75% independent for my middle school & high school kids. I need that!

  11. Thank you for this opportunity to win! I would hands-down pick purple for my daughter!

  12. LLATL has been great for my early elementary kids. I prefer a different program, but it does not start until 4th grade. LLATL is a perfect fit before 4th grade because it is similar and a great stepping stone.

  13. I love trying out new curriculum!

  14. Looking for a workbook approach to literature and English for my one of my high school sons. We did this before in the early grades and we liked it.

    Lisa Joy

  15. I have looked at this curriculum a few times now. It looks very interesting and I would love a chance to try it out. Thanks for this opportunity!

  16. I would love to win thos set for My Son! Smart Child, just struggles with Readng a little bit. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Love LLATL! Been using it for years. Would love to win this!!

  18. I would love to try this. Will be homeschooling just my 4 daughters next year, because my son is graduating this year, and I still love trying new things.

  19. I love this curriculum! Winning would be great for getting next year’s 🙂

  20. I’ve never heard of this curriculum, but I’d love to use it with my son!

  21. I would love to get the next set that I want to use.

  22. This would be amazing would love to win

  23. I have used LLATL for all of my kids. It really is a great curriculum. I would love to win 🙂

  24. I was looking at this for my upcoming 9th grader. I was trying to find a used gray book ,But no luck so far for a price that I can afford. So winning a set would be a huge blessing. I am thankful to read your review to see what people think of using it.

  25. It’s something that I have been looking at for awhile now and think it will be a great fit for my girls.

  26. We love literature based learning! My daughter would like 4th grade.

  27. We love LLATL! We have used the blue and red levels. Winning something you want is just amazing! Knowing already it’s something you love and will use

  28. I would love to have an “all in one” Language Arts program!

  29. I like how it’s an all in one type curriculum.

  30. I am looking for a new Language arts program.

  31. Oh my – we love LLATL. I’m SO glad I found it our first year homeschooling. I’ve strayed once or twice, but always come back. I’d love to win a set because schooling 6 kiddos can get expensive.

  32. I would love to give this curriculum a try. I love that it is a literature approach to learning the mechanics of our language.

  33. I have the silver book I think. Love this LA set!

  34. We are planning to try out LLATL next year! I’ve heard many great things about it!

  35. Thank you for this giveaway!!! I have been researching LLATL for a month or so now and decided to give it a try this upcoming school year! I can’t wait to try it out.

  36. Used the Gold book with my highschooler this year- Am looking forward to trying the Orange Book with my younger one next year… I love that they have student books for that age!- Would love to win it!!

  37. I need something to trip my granddaughter s love for reading.

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