$400 Homeschool Curriculum Shopping Spree

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Homeschool curriculum buying season is in full swing. If you’re like me, you try to hold out and wait until you can find the absolute best deal before making purchases. Well, friends, I’m here to tell you that time is NOW! The Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale is finally here and you can rest assured that these deals {up to 96% off!!} are the best you will find. BUT- what if I told you that I can make curriculum shopping even easier on your budget this year?! Now, I’ve got your attention, right?!

I’ve teamed up with some of my very best homeschool blogging friends and I’m very excited to announce that one of you will win a $400 Build Your Bundle Gift Certificate!!! YES! $400 will definitely help your homeschool budget go a lot farther. This $400 Gift Certificate can be used on ANY purchase from the 2017 Build Your Bundle sale!! Can you say “curriculum shopping spree”?! How fun is that?! Click here to view the products in this year’s sale!

This gift certificate can be applied to purchases of ANY bundles {premade or build your own} and can be stacked with other coupons and the Buy 2, Get 1 free promotions! Just think of it like cash! In addition, ANY purchase from the Build Your Bundle sale {and bundle prices start at just $9.95} gets you the Bundle of Bonuses- valued at over $500- for FREE!

To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter form below. All entries will be verified. The giveaway will close on Wednesday, 5/24/17 at 11:59 p.m. EST. The winner will be announced by email on Thursday 5/25/17. Be sure you have signed up to receive emails from me. If you aren’t sure, click here to sign up now! Good luck!
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  1. Thank you for the opportunity! Good luck to all!

  2. Super excited for the character building bundle!

  3. There are so many bundles I am interested in, it is hard to just choose a couple. For sure the Homemaking Bundle, but also the Early Learners bundle. Maybe also the Healthy Family Bundle too. Heehee okay so yeah I really want them al!!

  4. definitely the wayfarers

  5. I’d love the early learning bundle! Thanks for a great opportunity!

  6. Awesome! Looking forward to checking out this sale for the first time.

  7. Just now looking at everything! So many choices.

  8. Look forward to this sale all year! Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. The Ellen McHenry Bundle … wow. Her stuff caught my eye last year but the budget would only allow me to get other things. But with a $400 shopping spree? YEAH! I could get all of my wants 😉

  10. I’m excited about the Ancient History Cookbook, WRITE: Interactive ELA Notebook, Spelling Workbook Level 1, and Maestro Classics are just some of the things on my wishlist so far 🙂

  11. This would be such a blessing!

  12. I am most excited by the upper grades bundle.

  13. I’m really interested in Grammar Galaxy and also the Ancient History cookbook, it’s so much fun to combine subjects!

  14. oooh the character building and early learning are wonderful!

  15. This would be so amazing to win. Thank you for the opportunity. Gpod luck.

  16. What a great opportunity to help a lucky homeschooler get a little help purchasing curriculum! Thanks!

  17. Oh my goodness! How to narrow it down? I’m most interested in the elementary bundles and the brother & sister bundle.

  18. There are so many to pick from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t choose! My husband is the one who is homeschooling the kids so its a huge change from the norm but we are so excited to start our adventure this year. 🙂

  19. I am interested in the elementary bundles.


  21. Thank you!

  22. Wow! Awesome opportunity!

  23. I can’t decide!!!! I purchased from the BYB for the first time last year and I love it!

  24. This is awesome!

  25. Would love to win this!!!

  26. Thanks so much for making this possible! Blessings!

  27. Excited about upper grades bundle thanks for giveaway opportunity

  28. Every time I look I add another bundle to my “want” list! I think I need more bookshelves!!! ???

  29. Thank you!

  30. How awesome! Thanks! 🙂

  31. Thank you for this opportunity. I am excited about looking through this bundle and seeing what’s available. This is my first year
    Homeschooling, so this is amazing to see.

  32. I am so happy to see some new resources for my high schooler.

  33. Any of the organizing tools look great!

  34. They all look amazing but if I have to pick one it would be the Character Building Bundle.

  35. So many bundles to choose from – I like the Healthy Families and Homemaking, but also the Special Needs since I teach K at a private school and have a couple special needs kids in my class. The Ellen McHenry bundle looks really good too!!

  36. I love all of the bundles. I can’t want to look closer.

  37. So excited to try an online course bundle or elementary or upper grades bundles ❤

  38. Really interested in purchasing the Early Learning bundle, the Charlotte Mason bundle and the Character Building Bundle! Really appreciate this 🙂

  39. I am looking at the high school bundles. Thanks for the great savings.

  40. So excited to try the online courses bundles and the elementary or upper grades bundles. Thank you for this fun giveaway ❤

  41. So excited about so many of these bundles! The elementary bundles are amazing!

  42. So many great bundles! I am most excited about the Homemaking bundle. Thank for the chance to win!

  43. So excited about this! Thank you!

  44. thank you so much

  45. Early Learning and Homeschooling Help Bundles would be the ones for us as we are about to enter into the homeschooling realm with my oldest.

  46. the elementary bundles

  47. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. What an amazing gift! This is my first year homeschooling. And I truly feel like a fish flopping around. ☺ I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have given my children a safe place and a reset from what they were encountering at school. (My middle child had no longer wanted anything to do with school, due to bullying.) But we have come a long way since November.
    My goals for next year actually include making academic progress a well ? LOL! So. I am really excited about a number of these bundles. The Early Learning bundle, all 4 of the Elementary bundles, Character Building bundle, Unit Studies bundle. As well as the Homeschool Helps bundle, Healthy Families bundle, Homemaking bundle. That right there is $295 of the $400 gift! With 5 free bundles to claim! WOW! I am sharing the info of this 2017 Build Your Bundle sale, with the other family I know who homeschools. Her first year too ?
    Thank you again☺☺

  49. Would love to win! Thank you so very much for this opportunity!!

  50. I’m looking forward to many of the bundles including the mystery bundle.

  51. Ultimate US Geography looks amazing!

  52. I am interested in the Charlotte Mason Bundle and the Uooer Grades bundle.

  53. I am interested in the Character Bundle!

  54. Great Homeschool website!!! Just starting to homeschool my 5 children and didn’t know where to begin. Thank you for offering so much information to help with our transistion.

  55. This would come in handy! Moving from PA to TN this summer, will be a first year homeschooling mom for a 2nd and 5th grader with a 2 year old!! Lol, my plate runneth over! good to luck to everyone!!

  56. I need lots of help with my middle school curriculum selections! Like the choices.

  57. I thank you for the giveaway! Good luck to all!

  58. Thank you!

  59. My husband’s contract job ends at the end of the month, so I probably won’t be buying any bundles unless he gets another one before the sale is over, BUT if he does I will snatch up that Ellen McHenry Bundle. It’s a great deal, even though I have a few of the items in it, and while I won’t use it this year I know I’ll use it eventually.

  60. The elementary bundle #2 looks the most interesting!!

  61. So exited what a great giveaway.

  62. Good luck everyone

  63. What a wonderful giveaway!

  64. 🙂

  65. Spent almost an hour this morning looking at all the bundles still can’t decide which ones to get…… they’re all so good! ?

  66. I’m interested in the elementary bundles.

  67. Excited to start Early Learning here!

  68. The Ellen McHenry bundle looks marvelous! 🙂

  69. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I’m definitely interested in the high school stuff for my eldest daughter. It’s so hard to find good curriculum these days.

  70. I am honestly interested in all of the bundles, I have kids in kindergarten, first, second and seventh grades. I wish I had the funds to buy them all.

  71. Thank you!

  72. Thank you so much for this opportunity! It is an incredible gift!

  73. I have a 16, 12, and 5 year old….so I’m looking for a little bit of everything! Teaching my 5 yr old to read, math and marine biology work for my high schooler, and history for my 7th grader! We can’t afford to buy our curriculum until Sept this year, but I am excited to start looking at new books!

  74. The homemaking and healthy living bundles I love… and the elementary school bundles. There is just so much to choose from. I’m sure I’ll be spending a few days just going over everything.

  75. Thank you for offering the giveaway!

  76. I’d love the thematic bundle!!

  77. Excited to start the Homeschool journey!

  78. With three kids that will be in elementary grades this coming school year, I’m most excited about the elementary bundles!

  79. Awesome, thank you!

  80. Thank you for the chance to win!

  81. I have my eye on the Healthy family bundle! The Charlotte Mason bundle looks great too.

  82. Thank You for the opportunity! I’m interested in the Early Learning Bundle & the Special Needs one.

  83. Wayfarer’s!!!!

  84. I like the Ellen McHenry products and The Canadian Adventure. My son wants to learn about Canada as he has a friend who lives there.

  85. Looking forward to the unit studies this year!

  86. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway!

  87. Haven’t started shopping yet…I want complete quiet in the house when I start looking, so that means after everyone else is in bed!!! Excited though!!!

  88. I’ve never done the Bundle before, but I’m hopeful in finding something my family can use.

  89. I’m excited about the Charolette Mason bundle!

  90. I am definitely going to buy the homemaking bundle and the homeschool helps. But I’m also interested in the Thematic and Unit studies bundles.

  91. Thanks for the invite 🙂

  92. I’d like the elementary bundle #1. Thank you!

  93. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. There are so many products to choose from which makes it hard to decide. But I am looking at Elementary Bundle #1, Upper Grades # 1 Bundle and Upper Grades #2 Bundle.

  94. The upper grades bundle #2

  95. Wow! Very exciting giveaway. Thanks!

  96. Thank you!!

  97. I am interested in the elementry bundles. I also would like the grammar and spelling. I like Amanda Bennet’s unit studies too!
    Thank you for the chance!

  98. Awesome, thanks!

  99. There are so many great selections. I’m having a hard time deciding. I’m looking forward to the Great Christian Writers course.

  100. Pick me!

  101. I’m excited about the preschool bundle

  102. This is an amazing opportunity for someone who is a new homeschooler. Thanks so much!!!

  103. Thank you for the opportunity! I am most excited about all the books. Being on a very tight budget, they would be a huge blessing. Good luck everyone.

  104. I’m most interested in the elementary bundles, but considering the build your own to pick and choose.

  105. Healthy family looks interesting!

  106. Thanks! I love the elementary bundles!

  107. Thank you!

  108. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Just successfully completed my first year homeschooling my 3rd grader and K3 boys. As a new homeschool mom every little bit helps. So excited for the upcoming years as my oldest has shown me that homeschooling him not only helped with his anxiety but also increased his reading from almost a full grade behind to now almost a 5th grade level scoring a 4.7 when average is 3.9 as of right now.

  109. I would probably get the homemaking bundle and elementary bundles.

  110. Just beginning our homeschool journey. The choices are amazing and overwhelming at the same time. Thank you for the opportunity to make it a little easier.

  111. The Upper Grades bundles definitely look like something solid we could use!

  112. I think I could build 10 of my own bundles! Looks like tons of great learning opportunities!

  113. I’m working on planning my bundles and then saw this.

  114. Thanks for the opportunity. As an one income family of 6. Winning this could definitely help us. Good luck to everyone.

  115. What a great chance, thanks! So much to choose from.

  116. So many great things!

  117. I am so excited about Truth Quest History. We are blessed to have Michelle Miller in our area with a true living library. Absolutely amazing!!

  118. Wow! I’m so excited for this bundle giveaway!

  119. The Science of Seasons and Memorizing the 10 Commandments are my favorites.

  120. I would pick both Middle School bundles and maybe a few extra items!

  121. Always tough to chose!

  122. Wow! What an amazing offer! Thank you for all you do!

  123. Thanks for this opportunity. I need The Making of Real Men, Pirates or Privateers: You Decide, My Character Matters, American History I, and some other titles. I do not need the whole $400, only about $80, since my child is older, but I will give the rest back to you to choose a second winner for the balance.

  124. So much great stuff! Thanks for the opportunity.

  125. Dyslexia resources!

  126. Thanks for the opportunity!

  127. Looking forward to Character Building; Special Needs. There is lots of choice so still reviewing.

  128. My top pick is the Character Building Bundle followed by the Early Learning Bundle and Homemaking Bundle. Love this sale!

  129. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  130. I love ALL of it but especially the character bundle and mystery bundle..

  131. How exciting! I’ve been trying to piece together a curriculum and this is a perfect chance. Thanks for offering this!

  132. What a generous giveaway. Thank you!

  133. I think that the president’s of the united States video series would be awesome. We never learned about the president’s when I was in school so I know nothing about them.

  134. Cool! There’s so many good choices!

  135. Character building would be a great resource.

  136. The character bundle looks great.

  137. Thank you for the chance at this. Looking forward to getting something for history.

  138. Definitely wishing for the premium build your own bundle…..so many amazing things to choose from! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  139. I’ve never purchased curriculum before, but after two years of homeschooling with charter schools, my (almost) 2nd grader and soon to be kindergartener needs something other than what we’ve been doing. 🙂

  140. We would be so very blessed to win this. We’ve never had real curriculum to use.
    Thank you! 🙂

  141. Great Opportunity!!! So much to choose from looking at the Charlotte Mason bundle

  142. Awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  143. They all look wonderful! Really interested in the Character Building Bundle.

  144. Interested in looking at the early learning bundle but there is so much I want!!!

  145. I absolutely love Living books, nature studies and unit studies. Love Charlotte Mason!

  146. Thanks for the great opportunity!!!

  147. I am very excited about this!!! I would love to build our own bundle!

  148. I’m excited about any materials that will help keep me organized as I teach a Kindergartener and a 1st Grader! Also, specifically, reading materials for K.

  149. I would definitely want the “Character” Bundle; “In the Hands of a Child” Bundle; & the “Special Needs” Bundle if I won.

  150. What an awesome opportunity!

  151. This is awesome Thank you, I would be looking at some of the Elementary/Elementary Learning bundles as well as Healthy Families and Homemaking.

  152. IndoctriNation and upper levels

  153. Thank you!

  154. Thank you for this great opportunity!

  155. I would love the Homeschool Helps bundle and the upper level bundles!

  156. Elementary and character building!

  157. I am looking forward to the Maestro Classic opportunities, I have wanted them for forever for the girls.

  158. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  159. Thanks for the giveaway!

  160. Awesome giveaway!

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