Making Time for God as a Busy Homeschooling Mom

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On March 21, 2017, the world lost a great soul. Well, four great souls actually. My friend, Mandy Kelly, her husband, Scott, and their two youngest children Lizzie and Judah perished in a house fire early that morning. As I processed this huge loss, I found myself not only sad that I had lost my friend, but sad because the world would no longer find daily encouragement on Mandy’s blog, Worshipful Living. You see if you ever visited her site, you would instantly know that Mandy lived her life in constant worship of our Lord….and she encouraged others to do the same. If I have learned anything in this life, it is that this world needs more Mandys in it. In an attempt to ensure that Mandy’s quest for everyone to live lives of worship doesn’t end simply because she is no walking with us, Misty from Beautiful Ashes and Year Round Homeschooling, Stephanie from The Multi Taskin’ Mom, Rosilind from A Little R&R and Bridget from Becoming a Godly Wife have decided to continue the theme of Worshipful Living in a monthly feature on each of our blogs. The last Thursday of each month, I hope that you’ll join us as we share bits of wisdom and encouragement to help you lead a life of worship.

My first post answers a question that I often find myself asking: “I’m so busy as a homeschooling mom, how do I make sure that I’m spending enough time with God?”

Doesn’t it sound weird trying to “make time for God?” Really, He should be our number one priority, but it doesn’t always work out like that. You have ambitions of waking up early and spending time with Him, but it doesn’t always happen. Here is how you can make time for God as a busy homeschooling mom!

Tips to Making Time for God as a Busy Homeschooling Mom

Listen to praise music

What I love most about praise music is that you can listen to it anywhere you want. Pull up songs on YouTube on your phone or computer and go to town. Listening to praise music is an excellent way to spend more time with God and expose your kids to praise music.

Make a bible study part of your curriculum

It’s easy to say that you need to do writing and math, but push aside the bible curriculum. However, making bible curriculum a part of your family’s homeschooling environment is an excellent way to make time for God as a busy homeschooling mom.

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Start a journal

I don’t personally think God cares how he hears from us, just if He does. Starting a journal, as a mom, is an excellent idea. As you have time, write down thoughts, prayers, or verses to Jesus. Anything that you’d like to say to him, go ahead. A journal is a safe place to write down your prayers.

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Make God a priority

What? It seems like everything else is clawing for our attention and we give it away freely, but keep it away from God. You can have time for anything if you make it a priority. It’s not always easy, but you can make it happen. Set reminders on your phone if you have to.

Ask for accountability

Having other women hold you accountable in this area is a smart move. Texting, messaging, or even meeting with other women who will encourage you in your walk with Jesus is a good thing. It’s easy to get busy and forget about your relationship with God, but don’t let it happen.

No one is asking for perfect from you or telling you that you need to add one more thing to the list. As a homeschooling mom, make God your priority daily. If you fail, that is okay! Remember the grace we show our kids? You need some of that too!

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How do you make time for God as a busy homeschooling mom?


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  1. These are all great points and very helpful. I am so sorry about Mandy and her family.

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