Using Minecraft to Write Stories

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When we think of Minecraft, we think of it as a fun pastime for kids. Kids get on Minecraft to build new worlds and play virtually with friends. As the craze continued, the value in Minecraft became apparent. It may be a game but it gave children a chance to exercise their creativity in a fun and low stress avenue.

The kids were now in the driver’s seat and enjoying every minute of it. Once parents could see the educational value as far as teaching math, among other subjects, Minecraft quickly became used in homeschools and school to reinforce lessons.


You will find many ways to use Minecraft to teach math, science, and even history but did you know it is a great platform to teach children how to write stories?

How to Use Minecraft to Write Stories

When you think about it, creating new worlds in Minecraft is already like creating a story. Your child has to create the setting, think of characters or interact with other characters in the world, and if there wasn’t excitement or a climax, then your child would quickly lose interest. The trick is to use this to teach the elements of a story.

Choosing Your Theme

Before you begin, have your child pick a theme or story they want to tell. It can be anything from a princess story to a story of the first Olympics. Once your child pics a theme and decides the basic plot, or what the story is about, then it is time to fine tune the elements of the story.

Applying the Elements of a Story to Your Minecraft Story 

  1. Characters: Your child can build characters and/or design his own character to be part of the theme he wants to use for his story.
  2. Setting: This is the part where Minecraft shines. In creative mode, the child can create anything he wants, so the possibilities are endless. Does he want to tell a story of ancient Rome or a spaceship?
  3. Conflict: What is the problem that the characters will face? What do they need to solve?
  4. Resolution: How does the story conclude? What happens to the characters? 

Use this helpful story map printable to help guide the story! Simply click the image to download the file onto your device.


You can allow your child to tell the story as he builds if that is how he gets inspired. Once he is ready, he will be required to tell you his story from beginning to end. Depending your child’s ability, you can have your child narrate it orally to you or write it down. Don’t be surprised if this becomes one of your child’s favorite school activities.

Are you looking for other Minecraft-themed learning activities? If so, I’ve got you covered–CLICK HERE!

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