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Yesterday was a HUGE day in the life of this blog! The post, 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Homeschool Your Children, went viral. If you haven’t read it, click here {and be sure to share it with your friends!} The response to the post absolutely blew me away, and I’m unbelievably excited, so I’m doing something that I don’t typically do. I’m posting on a Saturday…..so you know whatever I’m about to say must be a HUGE deal!

The post was successful because of YOU. You read it, got a good chuckle out of it, and then shared it with your homeschooling friends, and they shared it with theirs, and bit by bit, we took the internet by storm! To say thank you, to you- for being part of this community of over 95,000 moms, I am hosting a HUGE curriculum pack giveaway. This amazing curriculum pack is valued at over $400 and includes:

To enter, simply use the form below. All entries will be verified. Open to US residents only. The winner will be announced via email on Friday, 3/17/17 {so be sure you have subscribed to my email list!} Good luck!!
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  1. Writer in Residence!

  2. Readers in residence!!

  3. I am most interested in the American Literature curriculum.

  4. I’m excited about Apologia’s readers in residence. I’ve been interested in that recently.

  5. all the apologia resources!

  6. Looks like some great curriculum to round out a learning adventure.

  7. Would love the Apologia’s American Lit set. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  8. I would really like the Writers in Residence and the American Lit.

  9. Writers in Residence is something I have been wanting to see.

  10. I pray that I win as a I browsed through the Apologia American lit and the Writers in Residence at the homeschool convention last month but I could not afford the books. I will also need Algebra 2 for my oldest in a couple of months.I am most excited about the American lit set.

  11. Writers in Residence 🙂

  12. I would love to try the Writers in Residence. We have tried IEW, EIW, Brave Writer, Writing Strands, and so on but nothing has clicked for my youngest son. I was planning to buy this for next year but it would be great to win it.

    Lisa Joy.

  13. What a package! My daughter will b e doing American lit and algebra 2 next school year so it’s great to see the first two items in the giveaway pack includes those subjects. Would totally love to win this.

  14. I am most excited about the Homeschool Mom’s Life Binder, because I could really use some help getting my life more organized! Thank you!

  15. I’m most excited about the writers curriculum and the mom journal.

  16. Apologia’s Writers in Residence!

  17. I’m interested in the Apologia’s Writer’s In Residence Student Text/Workbook and Answer Key because I want my child to learn how to love writing in her own words but eloquently. Right now, she avoids picking up a pencil. 🙁 But she types her words very well.

  18. American Literature. I would be able to use it with my high schooler and later for his younger brothers. I have been looking into this book for a while and have just been holding off, hoping to find it at our used curricula sale

  19. I’m most interested in Readers or Writers in Residence. Lots of great stuff there, though. Thanks for the chance!

  20. I am most excited about the Writers in Residence because I have heard and read many good things about the program. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity!

  21. Readers in Residence.

  22. Excited to win any of it, but would love the Readers in Residence!

  23. Dealing with the recent death of my husband, I’m kind of in a fog and not too sure what product would most benefit our homeschool adventure. I think the Homeschool mom products might be helpful in getting our homeschool back on track, without the wonderful help my husband was in homescling our so., He was the one who tackled English and literature with our son, without him we’re in a muddle. So, maybe the literature products would be more helpful to our homeschooling instead. But, we’ve been in a kind of funk for a while with our math, but then again, since our son has autism changing our to a different math product wouldn’t be such a good idea.

  24. The entire set would be a blessing! It’s really an amazing combination.

  25. I am interested in it all, especially Readers and Writers in Residence! The Aplogia’s American Litature is on my list too.

  26. The homeschool mom’s life binder is what I’m most excited about.

  27. I’m most excited about the Apologia American Literature! I could never afford that brand new with 5 kids ?

  28. It would be great to win. I have my eye on the reader and writer in residence. I am currently looking into purchasing them for next school year. It would be a great blessing to win either one of them.

  29. Apologia’s Readers in Residence

  30. I would be most interested in Writers and Readers in Residence. Thank you!

  31. The Life Binder or the American Literature set. Everything looks great!

  32. I am excited about Apologia’s Writers in Residence as well as Apologia’s American Literature set. But I can’t ignore the Homeschool Mom’s Life binder, or the Flourish book. It has been such a hard month. I could use some navigation and encouragement in my life.

  33. All the Apologia items look fantastic!!

  34. The American Lit or the Writer’s in Residence would have to be my favorites, but everything looks great!

  35. Writers in Residence!

  36. I would love to win the The Homeschool Mom’s Life Binder or Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms!

  37. I would love the American Literature curriculum. Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway 🙂

    just what i need to finish out our high school

  39. I love everything apologia!! Would love all of this for my homeschool!!

  40. It’s a tie between Writers in Residence and Readers in Residence. They both look so good!

  41. I’m excited about the Writers and Readers in Residence!

  42. I’m excited about any of the Apologia curriculum and the Writer’s in Residence.

  43. Writers in residence

  44. Well since Writers in Residence has been in my wishlist I’d say that one

  45. The most product I would like the best is the Algebra 2. I need this for next year.

  46. I am most excited about the Apologia Literature pack which I was just thinking of buying. Thank you!

  47. Writer in Residence

  48. Excited about the algebra 2 set!

  49. Readers in residence!

  50. So exiting!

  51. I’m most excited about the In Residence products and the planner.

  52. Our youngest loves BJU books so I am most interested in the Algebra and the Mom’s Life Binder. <3

  53. Thank you for this givesway! I would be most excited to win your life planner!

  54. They all look good! Hard to make a choice.

  55. Thanks- It all looks great!

  56. I’m most excited about Writer’s In Residence!

  57. Either theHomeschool mom binder or exploring creation

  58. I am most interested in the American Literature curriculum.

  59. I am very interested in the Apologia American Literature! Thank you for the chance to win!

  60. The American Lit one!

  61. The exploring creation book sounds wonderful!

  62. Ooh, these all look great, but I’ve been excited to try the new Readers in Residence with my older kiddos!

  63. Writers in Residence!

  64. Writers in Residence, I have been looking for a writing program for my oldest.

  65. Writer’s In Residence!

  66. This is amazing!

  67. I’m excited about any of the Apologia products. I haven’t used any yet and am very interested in those!

  68. Writers in residence looks really cool!

  69. The Writer’s Program

  70. I would love the Apologia Writers in Residence! I have been lusting after it for a whole year now.

  71. Flourish: Balance For Homeschool Moms

  72. Exciting giveaway! Love all of it!! Apologia’ American Literature. Thank you.

  73. Writers in Residence.

  74. This would be such a blessing!

  75. Apologia American Literature

  76. I’m most excited for readers I. Residence and writers in residence. So it’s more of a tie.

  77. These all look great

  78. All these resources look great!!!

  79. It would be so helpful if I won this! A couple of things would be checked of of next year’s list!

  80. Thank you so much for this opportunity!! I am thrilled to participate, thank you!!

  81. Oops!! P.s. Algebra 2 is what Im excited about!!

  82. Writers in Residence!`

  83. I am very excited for the Moms binder.

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