6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Homeschool Your Child

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You have seen them, the homeschoolers, likely in the library or at the grocery store. You have noticed that mom, all kids trailing along doing odd things like calculating the grocery total at the store, checking out mountains of books at the library that are taller than your 2-year-old, and playing outside at odd hours when they should be in school.

They seem to be having fun, enjoying life, getting along, but there are so many things that you should consider. When you see these homeschooling families out and about, or you meet a mom and learn that she homeschools, don’t be fooled by the wonderful things they tell you about this form of education. There are some very real reasons why you shouldn’t homeschool your child.

  1. Your child will be weird

You don’t want a weird child who prefers living books to dry history. You don’t want a child who just might spout off random facts they learned from a rabbit-trail study of fossils during a Science lesson on rocks. You surely don’t want a child who is comfortable identifying his or her learning style and explaining it to the nearest adult, that is just downright strange.

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  1. Your child would be with you…like ALL the time

Moms need a break, we need our “me” time, we had children so we could send them off and not have to be bothered with the mundane chore of educating them. If you homeschool you are going to see every bit of your child, all the time. You are going to have to learn how to best teach them and how they learn, this will surely not help you in life, and it will just be a hindrance to all other areas.

  1. Others will judge you

The neighbors will notice your children are never gone, they will notice that they are doing yard work or taking out the trash when they should be in school. The checkout lady at the grocery will give you the stink-eye when she asks why your children aren’t in school and you tell her that you homeschool. Your family may even question your sanity if you make the choice to homeschool; we all know that our family’s opinions should dictate every area of our parenting.

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  1. Your child needs to be taught in the same way as everyone else

Education should be the same for every child. You shouldn’t think your child is special and that some children learn better through doing and others through reading, all children should learn to learn the same way.

  1. You want a conformist

You do not want to encourage extremely creative thought. You want to be sure that your child does not stand out, they should learn and do like all the others, marching to the same beat as the rest or they might be too much of an individual. The world does not need more individuals.

  1. You aren’t qualified

You are not a teacher, there are people specifically educated in the art of education and this is not you. You were only chosen as a mother, there is no educational component to rearing a child to learn from the world around them, this mothering role is where you should stay, you don’t want to teach your child anything.

Don’t be swayed, don’t be tempted, just don’t. There are so many reasons why you simply should not even entertain the thought of homeschooling your children.

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  1. What a satirical article!

  2. Dumbest thing ever. Number 6 is pure poppycock and the other 5 are good reasons to homeschool.

    1. Why is it dumb? Do you not know sarcasm when you read it? Because the article was totally that.

    2. I think that’s the point…

    3. Hahahahaha you haven’t a clue, do you?

  3. Love! So thankful for my little weirdos. <3

  4. Heather,
    I get how funny this is. Though I would be hesitant to send this to someone who is on the fence… unless I knew for sure that they would get the humor. Trying to decide to homeschool was one of the hardest and most emotionally challenging choices I ever made. I am so glad that I chose to homeschool so I can have weird, creative, independent kids driving me nuts all day every day. Because it is all worth it when they shine like little stars holding the door at the store without being reminded or being super awesome in the waiting room….or just finally being able to read that one page without struggling so hard.
    Thank you for supporting all of us who do choose homeschooling!

  5. This was such a funny article! Had a good laugh. Yes, homeschooling is definitely not for the faint hearted!

  6. Great!! Loved it!!! Hilarious and so true!!

  7. So true that they do not conform.
    I have one who is a search and rescue team member and who has delivered 4 of his six children, b/c his wife’s labor is too short for the m/w to get there in time. 🙂
    I have another who became a professional artist, who works at a car dealership as a Head accountant.
    Another is a forester who makes amazingly beautiful things from wood. Like pens and lamp shades…and is not afraid of snakes.
    One is a controller for an international corporation and his first task on the job was to help them recover from major losses during a tornado.
    And. One is an IT guy for a big bank.
    Not many can say those things. Somehow they sought out the odd jobs. Love my babies. <3

  8. Heather, thanks for the laugh. Yes, I get most of these…especially family members who feel it may overload my busy days. I homeschool four obnoxious, funny and highly intelligent boys. I love them dearly and that is all the reason I need to keep them in my care and educate them myself (with the Lords help, of course!)

  9. This is hilarious! I was homeschooled and agree with everything.

  10. Hahaha you pegged my kids!! We have been questioned a few times. One lady at a restaurant questioningly asked if that was even legal! mynkids will talk to anyone anywhere. A lady at the grocery store asked
    Me one day if I homeschooled and she said she could peg homeschool kids a mile away. I was scared to enter this possibly dangerous discussion but she said it was because
    Homeschooled kids acknowledged her and talked to her!

  11. Really really dumb…

  12. Love it!

  13. This article is the the most dumbest thing I have ever read. My son is highly intelligent. He has so many friends we go on field trips with other families. I love homeschooling my son loves being homeschooled. Weird I’m so glad that we are weird and not conformed robots. What an ignorant way to think and if you think that this article is right then you are ignorant and a robot.

    1. LOL- this article is 100% satire. Written by a veteran homeschooling mom meant to give fellow homeschooling parents and chuckle and to remind they of all the wonderful reasons that they chose to homeschool.

    2. When it comes to teaching them elements of literature…like satire…maybe you should let someone else take the reins.

    3. Sarah,

      You clearly should NOT be teaching your child language arts! Seriously.

      Two examples from your comment:
      1. “Most dumbest” – grammatically incorrect. Review superlatives.
      2. This was satire, which is a literary style.

  14. I am In!! Totally true!!!

  15. So true!!! Love it!

  16. I love this! I am already getting flack for planning to homeschooling my (friendly, extroverted) one year old because… What about socialization!?! I’ve decided to tell people we’re going to keep him in a cupboard under the stairs like Haryy Potter. 🙂
    Thanks for your humor!

  17. LOVE THIS! Too funny! Growing up being homeschooled and now homeschooling my own children, there is so much truth to this!

  18. How could anyone read this and not realize that it was light humor?!! Either way, I loved it and you made me laugh hard. Thanks for the article, it made my day!!!!

  19. This article made me laugh!
    It’s soooo much fun ? I particularly love number 2 – I have said a few times “homeschooling is great if you enjoy your children’s company” & then realised how offensive that may sound. But almost every mum I talk to says something about how they neeeeed that time away from their children – you know, when the government provides free babysitting and calls it education.
    And point 5 – we need more round pegs for the round peg holes!! Heaven forbid your child be a different shape than the status quo!!

  20. This is the worst article I have ever read.

    1. Then you totally missed the point…read it again…and then check out the name of the blog. Written by a homeschool mom. Totally in support of homeschooling.

  21. As a homeschool graduate, I thought this was hilarious! That being said, having been homeschooled, I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions my parents ever made. To anyone who isn’t sure if they can do it, I encourage you to take the leap for your kids. Find an awesome homeschool covering or support group, let your kids participate in extracurricular social activities, but please homeschool! I am a better person today because my parents did, and I plan to give my children the same gift.

  22. Hi
    Loved every point and had a good laugh! I’m starting home schooling this year and can’t wait to experience all that you’ve said ??!

  23. I love all these, but I was really consumed with #3 in our early years. Now I guess I feel like I have “proven myself” more, and let it all roll off. Plus I have realized that the comments are generally positive. I guess the few negative ones are just more noticeable than the many positive ones.

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