6 Tips to Organizing your Pantry + Printable Pantry Labels

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It’s time your pantry got a clean out! For it to be orderly and clutter free, you must take the time to organize it – and keep it that way. If you aren’t sure where to start, read the following pantry organization tips below.

They should help you get started on your quest for a fresh and organized pantry!

6 Tips to Organizing your Pantry

1. Remove everything. Take out every bag, box, and container. Pile it all on your kitchen counter, or even in the floor if you need to. You must carve out a few hours of time so that you can thoroughly organize your pantry.

2. Place the various cooking powders and additives into plastic containers. This will keep them labeled so you never grab the wrong one. The containers seal tight to keep any insects out, unlike a rolled up bag.

3. Use baskets for individually wrapped snacks. Designate each basket as holding chips, crackers, trail mix, or any other category of your snacks. Remove the packs from their boxes and toss them into each basket to reduce some of the pantry clutter.

4. Label all containers. Make it easy on yourself to find what you need, when you need it. All plastic containers holding sugars and flours should definitely be labeled in order to cook with the correct item.

Download these free pantry labels to keep things organized!

Add the date to your labels for items that may go bad, so you are always cooking with the freshest ingredients!

5. Check dates before refilling the pantry. Once you have everything out and labeled, make sure you aren’t putting anything in that has expired. Cans or boxes that expire soon should be placed in the front. Better yet, create a section of a shelf for “use soon” items, so that way you don’t waste food.

6. Utilize the floor space. You may not want to store food in the pantry floor, but that doesn’t mean you should let the area go to waste. Place small appliances such as a mixer or blender in this area. Bottled water and paper products are also great to keep here.

Following these pantry organization tips, you should have a clutter-free pantry that will work for you. Removing the clutter cuts down on the time you spend looking for the right flour or sugar when cooking, and the once organized, you can keep it that way!

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