Bullet Journaling 101 for Beginners

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You may love having a planner, but find that the structure of little squares or 15 minute increments of time are just too specific. This issue may cause you to not use half of the features of your planner and remain unorganized. If this is you, a Bullet Journal may be the solution!

It is still a planner, of sorts. Not your typical planner though. The bullet journal is for those of us who don’t fit in the typical planner box, both literally and figuratively.

Learn the basics of bullet journaling so you can start planning and getting organized!

I have discovered a new and secret world of bullet journaling…okay maybe it’s not so secret, but it was news to me. When I discovered bullet journaling, I felt like some secret gift had been laid at my desk.If you are still scratching your head I am going to give you a quick crash course for using a bullet journal.

Bullet Journal 101

First a little about BuJo (short for Bullet Journaling) – this style of  planning and organizing is awesome for multitasking moms. It combines planning, to do lists, note taking, arts and crafts, scheduling, menu planning and more into one neat little journal.

You don’t HAVE to use any special items for bullet journaling…but you can use washi tape, stickers, tab dividers, and more. I have to admit that I am a bit addicted to pretty stationery so I am gathering a pretty good collection myself.

The Beauty of Bullet Journaling

1. You are not confined to one little square or even one page. You decide how much space and what headers you need to have covered.

2. You can let your inner kid out and decorate it in any way that makes you smile with pretty pens, themed washi tape, etc.

What You Need for Bullet Journaling


A Journal – Most people use a blank or dotted journal but you could use something as simple as a spiral bound notebook for yours.


Pens – Have a few pens on hand, perhaps in a variety of colors. Many people go all out and buy a couple dozen colors of pens – which is not necessary but it definitely makes it more fun! These Staedtler Fineliner Pens are great in adding color to your BuJo and do not bleed through most paper.


Washi Tape – Again, not a necessity but washi tape is very useful in marking off sections, decorating the edges of your pages, and adding color.


Stickers – Stickers add a touch of whimsy and make your bullet journal pretty, it’s not the same as a Trapper Keeper but the combo of a bullet journal and stickers will take you back! Happy Planner stickers are a favorite because they feature inspirational messages and reminders to keep going through your day!


Dividers –  Sticky dividers are handy for separating sections like a calendar and to do lists or home and work pages. They also make it easy to find the page you are looking for when flipping through your BuJo.

Things to Add to your Bullet Journal

  • An index – To easily find a page within the book

  • Daily, weekly, and/or monthly calendars – A visual of what you need to get done!

  • Inspirational quotes – To keep you motivated every day

  • To do lists – Don’t forget those important tasks!

  • Appointments – For yourself as well as your family

  • Household maintenance/chores – Cleaning routines and tasks, when to change the filters, etc.

  • Personal goals – Fitness, money, or health

  • Business goals – Success, income, expenses

  • Finances – We all need to track this!

  • Grocery lists – Ensures you get everything at the store, and keeps you within your budget

  • Water intake – Being healthy!

  • Exercise log – It’s very motivating to see your progress.

  • Books to read list – Great for those that love to read

  • Self Care ideas – Because we all need a little pampering

  • Goals – Add them all in a single list or categorize them

  • Bucket lists – Everything you want to do before a certain deadline!

  • Logins and passwords – Only if you are going to keep your BuJo in a safe place at all times

I hope this gives you a little more insight into what a bullet journal is and what it can do for your life and schedule!

Have you tried bullet journaling yet?

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  1. Glad to see this! I’ve just started bullet journaling and love it so far!

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