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Nothing stays with you like the books you loved when you were a kid. Books set your imagination on fire and even set the direction of your life. The books might have been gifts from family or friends and could well have been Dover books.

There are so many great surprises once you start digging into children’s literature. For example, people know about the little French girls who go out and about in two straight linesbecause the smallest of these was Madeline. Madeline appeared for the first time in The Golden Basket by Ludwig Bemelmans.

Dover Publications is the home of hundreds of these great surprises.  “I have enjoyed Dover books in every season of my life! As a child, I delighted in hearing my mom read Raggedy Ann and Andy books to me. Later in childhood, classics like Little Women were read aloud to all my siblings,” says Mary G. in Minnesota.

Another reader says, “A few years ago, I discovered some classic books by T. W. Burgess that my mother read to me when I was a child, 80 years ago. I bought them and relived my childhood, then passed these wonderful stories on to the next generation.”

“My kids are also enjoying the Dover editions of Andrew Lang’s Fairy books,” writes another Dover lover. “These timeless tales are shaping the moral imagination of my children and we are so grateful for them!”

Homeschool approved!

“I am a homeschooling mom of three. We have used Dover books in our literature curriculums. G. A. Henty, Howard Pyle and H. Rider Haggard are favorites,” says Michelle B. of Fincastle, Virginia. “They have developed lifelong passions for art, music, and great literature due to your great selection.”

Families like these look for educational inspiration beyond offerings targeted specifically for children, although there’s plenty of age-appropriate science and math to educate and stimulate young minds. It’s easy to create a curriculum that will inspire.

Teacher approved!

“The most useful thing about all Dover Thrift Editions is the price,” says Earl S. of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. “It enables me to actually buy a copy of Hamlet for each of my students and carry lessons one step beyond the usual read and study. My students are encouraged to mark in their books. We actually spend less than buying and replacing library editions.”

The premium Calla Editions™ imprint features impeccable hardcover reproductions of some of the most beautiful books ever published. Filled with breathtaking artwork and other deluxe features, each Calla Edition recalls a time when bookmaking was considered an art form.

“I originally bought the paperback version of Dinotopia over 20 years ago. I am an Art and Photography teacher and have used the book as a source for ideas on several assignments for my students over the years,” says James N. of Brownsville, Oregon. “It is so full of wonder and sumptuous glimpses into a world of fantasy and believable character portraits. The scene of ‘Waterfall City’ alone makes the book worth buying. My own children and now grandchildren have become enthralled with the images and fascinating world portrayed in Dinotopia. James Gurney’s artwork is worth every penny. I am a great fan.”

Forever Dover

The Schaeffer family, life-long Dover readers, summed up the thrill of discovery offered by Dover: “Our lives changed one night over 40 years ago when our dad brought home our first Dover book, The Mathematical Recreations of Lewis Carroll. Dad saw it at a bookstore in Penn Station and fell in love with it. We of course knew Lewis Carroll as the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland but you cannot imagine our excitement at finding out that he also wrote books of math puzzles and we were actually holding one in our hands! To this day, one question we ask any new acquaintance, to see if they might become a lifelong friend, is this: do you know Dover books? With love and thanks for all you have meant to our lives.”

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  1. I love this post! I never really thought much about how good and necessary children’s books were until I started our homeschool journey 3 years ago! We just fell in love with quality books and have been collecting them ever since❤️

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