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I don’t think I’m alone as a homeschool mother who dreams of sharing fine art with her children…..and then doesn’t get it done. I mean, by the time the money is spent on math books and science supplies and penmanship workbooks and great books to read, it feels hard to part with any more money for art books. Or if you *do* get the art books, you have probably noticed that the kids don’t really gravitate toward them. Nobody’s reading them! Nobody’s looking at the pictures! It feels like nobody cares! And after a long day of schooling the kiddos, do you really want to tack art onto the schedule as well?

I know, ladies. I know. I’m in my 19th year of homeschooling my six children, and I know how far my ideals have been from reality.

I’m excited to tell you that one day I came up with an idea that changed this for me. I thought, “What if I could introduce fine art to my children simply, painlessly, inexpensively, without taking up hardly any time, and in a way that would prevent the children from resistance because they wouldn’t even realize anything was going on?” YES!

Free Thanksgiving and Christmas Fine Arts Page

The solution? Fine Art Pages!

What is it? Printable art with just enough information about the piece and artist.

The method? It’s organic. Print ’em out. Put ’em up. Let your family observe, absorb, and enjoy! It works! (It works so well, in fact, that I get emails from moms telling me about how their kids even as young as 4 are dazzling the adults in their lives with their knowledge and familiarity with famous works of art. So cool!)

To celebrate this holiday season, I’d love to give you some free Fine Art Pages to get you started with trying out this fun and beautiful approach to art appreciation. I’m also including my short ebook that gives you all sorts of tips about how to use Fine Art Pages in your home. Just click here to get your Thanksgiving and Christmas Fine Art Pages today!

“Every child

should leave school

with at least a couple hundred

pictures by great masters

hanging permanently

in the halls of his imagination.”

~Charlotte Mason

Erica Johns is a busy homeschooling mom of six and owner of, where she creates products that help homeschool families enjoy more fine arts, the easy way!


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