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Is your student interested in learning more about STEM? Have you been looking for a solution that fits your family’s budget and is easy to implement at home?

Growin’GEERS is an online, STEM curriculum designed to make it easy to bring engineering lessons into your household! Growin’GEERS is designed for 2nd-5th grade students, and our goal is to provide an integrated curriculum that covers STEM concepts and shows students how those concepts can be applied to real world problems. Growin’GEERS is perfect for a homeschooling family because it is cost effective (only $8 a month per household), it can be done alone or with a group of siblings, and it mixes creative problem solving, engineering concepts, history, culture, and more!


There are 4 different adventures on our website that follow the adventures of Flynn, our main character, as she travels around the world solving engineering problems. Each adventure takes place in a different area of the world, ranging from Brazil to China! Within each adventure, there are 3 Quests, or lesson plans, that detail the problem Flynn is facing and discuss different engineering concepts and disciplines. In addition, each Quest discusses the historical and cultural aspects of the country she is visiting.

Each Quest includes a multitude of materials to help your child complete the Quest as well as guidance for the parent to understand the goals of each Quest. Included in each Quest are 6 animated videos, brainstorming and research worksheets, and a hands-on activity that can be completed with all household materials. There are also a variety of facilitator resources such as background information on the Quest, a step by step facilitator guide, and much more! Each piece is designed to show students the importance of learning this content and how they can make a difference in the world when pursuing math and science.


To give our readers an idea of how the Quests are built, each Quest is divided up into three sessions that focus on one high level step of the engineering design process. In the first session of each Quest, the students are introduced to Flynn, and she explains her current problem to the students. They must use a set of predetermined household items to solve each problem using only their creativity. During the second session, the students are introduced to a specific engineering concept that must be incorporated into their solution.


They are instructed to research these concepts to explore how each is applied in the real world. The final session focuses on the redesign of their original solution which needs to include their new knowledge of the engineering concepts. To measure the student’s success, each Quest has a “test” to see if they accomplished the goal of the Quest or not.  Each problem is accompanied by a detailed story that answers the why behind Flynn’s challenges and acts as an additional link between what the GEERlings are doing and how these concepts are applied in the real world.


Interested in giving us a try? From now until Cyber Monday, use the code BLACKGGFRIDAY4132 to get access to Growin’GEERS for a full year for 40% off!

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