How to Beat Stress and Enjoy Parenting Again

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Parenting is stressful. Before you even hold your bundle of joy in your arms, you feel that stress take hold. It only gets worse as they grow older.

You find yourself with a full day with appointments, classes, games, and recitals, homework you don’t even know the answers to, and somehow you have to keep the house clean while whipping up a nutritious dinner. All of the stress in your day sucks the fun out of parenting and you find yourself just working to keep up.

These tips will help stop the stress so you can enjoy parenting again.

4 Steps to Beat Stress and Enjoy Parenting Again

How to Beat Stress and Enjoy Parenting Again

Find time to yourself. As a busy parent, this is a hard one but it is worth the effort. Trade off with your partner and take a nice long hot bath. Stay up later than the kids or wake up before them for a cup of tea or coffee. Taking just a bit of time for yourself can help you relieve stress and stay calm.

Get organized. Much of our stress is self-inflicted. We create a scattered mess impossible to control leaving us remembering things too late, scrambling to find missing shoes, and wondering how we will make it through the day. We often resist organizing our lives because the thought of the work involved is stressful in itself. By taking the time to create a system you can reduce your stress each and every day.

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Cut things out. It is okay to say no. It’s okay to limit activities. If days are so packed that stress is stealing your joy then you’re doing too much. By reducing how much your family is doing you can enjoy parenting again. Your children will benefit more from parents that can relax and enjoy life’s little moments.

Find time to connect with your family. With our busy schedules, we often overlook simple time to spend with our loved ones doing something we enjoy. When you make time to spend as a family you reduce stress and allow yourselves to relax. You can let go of the stress of the week and just embrace quality time with your child. Just for fun.

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The important part is to get back into the parenting moment that bring you joy rather than stress. Go for a walk, visit the park, cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. The rest can wait a while but you can never get this time back. Let go of the stress and enjoy parenting again.

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