Managing a Home Business While Managing Your Home

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The lines of home and home business are often blurred. These blurry lines cause conflict and added stress. It is essential for the smooth running of both our business and our home (not to mention our sanity) that clear lines are drawn.

Learn how you can successfully manage a home business and your home together!

Set Office Hours

When your business and your home are the same, it is easy to devote all your time to your business. You have a tendency to answer an email at dinner or finish one more than thing before bed. If you go like that for too long you will end up exhausted and unfocused.

You need a break from business. Without a break, your home will just be a source of frustration. One way to drawn a line is with office hours.

While it is understandable that you may have to work outside of such hours at times, it should not be on a regular basis. Guard these hours as a matter of routine.

Setting this routine will get your mind in the mode of work and allow you to become more efficient and productive. Try not to disrupt your office hours with exceptions and appointments until it is firmly set.

Download this free Action Plan printable to set your office hours and priorities for your home business every single day!


Know When You Need Help

As your business grows, your workload and responsibilities will increase. This can be problematic when it comes to managing your time.

Consider hiring a virtual assistant or someone to come in and help with the needs of the home or children.

If possible you may want to enlist help from family for babysitting from time to time. Don’t waste time being stressed by not asking for help. We all need an extra pair of hands from time to time. Determine which areas would benefit the most from added help.

Prioritize Your Mornings

The last thing you need is your day getting ahead of you. Build a morning routine that helps your day run smoother.

For some that is getting exercise or cleaning out of the way first. For others it organizing the day or tackling your toughest project.

What benefits you the most will depend on your type of business and your natural daily routine. The important thing is to be consistent and avoid common distractions like social media, TV, or phone calls or emails that do not directly affect your goals.

With consistent effort and a firm routine, you can become more efficient with your time and regain control of both your business and your home.

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  1. Great timing as I have been feeling overwhelmed as the blog audience has slowly grown! Thanks for sharing the printable – I am going to give it a try!

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