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Raising intelligent, strong, god loving and well-mannered children is challenging. We have tried a number of things including chore charts, grounding, positive incentives, and so much more…but nothing seemed to prove successful. Teaching kids the importance of good character is what we are working on now, and Character Badges (a fun and flexible child training program) had made it easier than ever!


Character Badges is all about making child training a more consistent, creative, and rewarding experience for you and your child. The three main components of the Character Badges system (charts, badges and rewards) all work together seamlessly to help make this possible. {I will have to admit that given the fact that my daughters are on the older edge of the recommended age ranges for this program, I was afraid this program would be too “young” for them. I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised.} Take a look at the program…



The charts are so much more than just boxes to check off. The challenging achievements are fun and encourage kids to behave. The customizable consequence chart makes sure everyone knows what to expect when they behave poorly. There are four different charts; Obedience, Disobedience, Consequence and Rewards!

The Obedience Chart allows you to easily monitor your child’s positive behaviors. Each category has colored boxes that follow all form a character row. When your child checks off a series of these boxes they get awarded fun sticker badges and even Character Coins which they can save and turn in for special rewards. This was especially useful for us, because so many times I tend to focus more on the negative behaviors of my children than the positive.

The Disobedience Chart is similar to the Obedience Chart, in that boxes are checked off as your child exhibits a certain behavior. Only in this case, it’s poor behavior. With a quick look, both you and your child are able see where they stand and how far or near they are to a consequence. You can keep track of up to 12 different areas of poor behavior such as pouting, bossing, back talking, and laziness. This was good for my children to see. It helped put the frequency of their negative actions in perspective for them.

The Consequence Chart allows you to set up consequences equal to your child’s misbehavior. The lines are all clearly laid out for both you and your child to see. Crossing those lines brings a predetermined consequence. Receiving consistent consequences that speak specifically to what your child did wrong is better than handing out the same consequence in frustration over and over again. This chart was super helpful to me! It helped me to stay consistent which I really feel is what helped me to make this program successful for my family.

The Rewards Chart lists the various rewards that are available to your child as they make their way through their Obedience Chart and earn Character Coins. This is a great way to show your child how much you appreciate their good efforts while teaching them the value of saving towards a goal! You can set up your own rewards like a new video game, a trip to your child’s favorite restaurant or a brand new toy. I was very thankful that we were able to personalize these rewards. We were even able to gear them to each particular child.


One little sticker, is going to change everything. When your child is awarded a Character Badge, it acknowledges that you and everyone else know how well they have done! What’s more, the pictures on many of the badges reference examples from scripture and nature allowing your child to gain a deeper understanding of 8 different character qualities.

Earning badges is simple, fun, and challenging. There are two different ways to earn them. First, when your child fills in a character row on their Obedience Chart and checks off the circle at the end of the row they receive the badge representing that particular character attribute. These are the Character Badges such as the Kindness Badge or the Cheerfulness Badge.

The second way to earn a badge is by checking off 3 boxes of any one number on the Obedience Chart. This earns your child an extra special badge and shows they’ve excelled in multiple areas of good character! There’s the #3 Badge (Very Good Behavior), the #2 Badge (Outstanding Behavior), and the #1 Badge (Exceptional Behavior). Also, numbered badges bring with them Character Coins which your child can save and apply towards rewards on their Rewards Chart.

This is the part that I thought might be a bit too “babyish” for my tween daughters. I was wrong!! They worked hard for these badges.


Incentivizing kids works! Character badges allow you to reward good behavior; but there’s more at work here than meets the eye. The real metal Character Coins make filling in your child’s Obedience Chart great fun (and a worthy challenge) but they also teach them the importance of working and saving towards a goal. That’s a great character lesson in and of itself.

The Rewards Chart is chock full of treats and special activities that your child can work towards and save their Character Coins for. Many of these rewards are lots of fun, not just for them, but for the rest of the family as well. For example, there’s a “family movie night,” “a trip to your favorite store”, “a bike ride”, and even “a slumber party with Mom and Dad.” They’re listed in order of their price in Character Coins on the chart. These rewards not only encourage your child to be on their best behavior, but they’re a great way for the family to spend some quality time together.

I was not convinced before using Character Badges that it would actually work, but I am blown away by the changes in our home!

You can learn more about the Character Badges program by visiting CharacterBadges.com!

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