Using Copywork in your Homeschool

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Copywork is all about handwriting, right? Well, not exactly.

Of course penmanship is a large factor in copywork, however, copywork is also about punctuation, grammar, spelling, reading skills, and exposure to great literature and ideas. Some say that copywork teaches spelling and grammar naturally. If the proper passages and verses are selected it can serve as a passive means to character training.

Learn how to use Charlotte Mason's copywork method successfully in your homeschool!

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Children should transcribe favourite passages. ––A certain sense of possession and delight may be added to this exercise if children are allowed to choose for transcription their favorite verse in one poem or another…   But a book of their own, made up of their own chosen verses, should give them pleasure.”  ~ Charlotte Mason

How to Implement Copywork in Your Homeschool

Copywork should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes a day. Choose a biblical verse, poetry, famous quotes, and favorite passages in literature. You can highlight the verse or passage or copy it onto a whiteboard for your children to see easily.

Provide your child a binder or composition book to keep all his copywork. You can also purchase copywork books or print copywork pages from online resources.

Charlotte Mason encouraged neat handwriting along with always sitting in proper form while doing copywork exercises. She felt the purposeful act of writing carefully during copywork formed good habits.

“Secure that the child begins by making perfect letters and is never allowed to make faulty ones, and the rest he will do for himself; as for ‘a good hand,’ do not hurry him; his ‘handwriting’ will come by-and-by out of the character that is in him…” ~Charlotte Mason

Here is a sample copywork printable you can use in your homeschool. Create similar ones that are related to the topics and subjects you are working on in order for them to really resonate with your student.

Click the image to open a full size in a new window for printing!


Tips for a Making Copywork More Productive

  • Use colored pencils and have your child write nouns in one color, verbs in a different color, and so on.
  • Let your copywork exercises do double duty by having children copy memory verses, quotes relating to the habit they are learning, vocabulary words and definitions, math vocabulary or math facts, sentences that include their spelling lists, or passages from reader books they need to study.
  • Allow younger children to draw a picture that relates to their copywork.
  • Have a child copy one verse at a time each day for a poem or scripture they are trying to learn.
  • Read the scripture, quote, or verse aloud to your child and have her write it down, adding a bit of dictation as well.

How do you use copywork in your homeschool?

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  1. Such great ideas! My 6 year old daughter really dreads copy work… I’m hoping if we start copying things SHE likes that it will help! 🙂 saving the other tips for down the road 🙂 thanks!

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