How I Have Finally Organized My Life

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I am sure by now, you have heard me raving about the new Homeschool Mom Life Binder. Ya’ll, I can’t stop raving about it, because it has seriously helped me FINALLY organize my life!! It’s just that good!

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I was live on my Facebook page today sharing a video of how I have set up and use my binder. You can view it below:


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  1. I didn’t know that I needed another planner until I purchased and started looking thru my new Homeschool Life Binder. I’m an admitted planning addict and feel the need to purchase any new planners that may come out just in case I might need them. I had only purchased this one because it was cheap and I figured that if I didn’t use all of it then I wasn’t out a whole lot of money, but I was wrong! I will use it all and I need it all, and I’m not being sarcastic. The big thing I like about this binder is that it’s digital and so I have it to keep and use over year after year. The second is that it’s undated. I like that because so many binders start in June, July, Sept, or whenever and since I school year round those planners frustrated me if the beginning month wasn’t the month that we would begin our new school year. Lastly, I was able to email Heather and get a response back right away; what other planner author is free and willing to email you back to answer questions and concerns? Not every binder is for every homeschooled but this price is just right to check this one out.

    Lisa Joy

    1. Oh, Lisa Joy! Thank you SO much for your kind words!! I am SO glad you love the Homeschool Mom Binder so much. Blessings!

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