The 10 Commandments for Homeschooling Moms

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Homeschooling is a tough business, and it is very easy for us homeschooling moms to get so focused on the little things that we miss the big picture. Often times, we need a plan to keep us in line and focused on the important things. We need a framework to hold us together. Just like God gave Moses a plan in the 10 commandments, we need a few “laws” to govern our homeschooling world.

The 10 Commandments for Homeschooling Moms

Below you’ll find my ten commandments for homeschooling moms. While I have stumbled off track many times, I find if I can remind myself of these to abide by these standards, homeschooling goes much more smoothly. And if you are like me and need a constant reminder, at the bottom of this post, you will find a beautiful 10 commandments for homeschooling moms printable that you can hang in your homeschooling space and look at each and every day.

The 10 Commandments for Homeschooling Moms

  1. Thou shall not compare. Comparison is the root of all evil in the homeschooling world. Don’t do it. It will surely sink your homeschool. God gave you YOUR children for a specific reason. God gave your children YOU as their mother because He knew there was no one better. Don’t compare your children to other children and don’t compare yourself to other homeschooling moms.
  2. Thou shall be flexible. The common denominator in homeschooling is trial and error….and flexibility is key. Curriculum isn’t working? Try another program. Need an unconventional daily schedule? That’s okay! Just had a new baby and need to take a few weeks off? Go for it! Grandparents coming to town and your children would rather hang out with them than do math? Go have fun!
  3. Thou shall ask for help. Recognize that you simply cannot do it all. You may want to, and you might try really hard, but ultimately you will need help. That’s okay! Ask for it. Need help managing housework while homeschooling? Ask your husband and children to pick up some slack. Need help teaching long division? Hire a tutor. There are resources at your fingertips, you only need to humble yourself and ask.
  4. Thou shall take care of YOU. Mom, you are important. You must make a point to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually BEFORE you can pour into others. Grab a few minutes of quiet each morning before the children wake up. Schedule time in your day for exercise. Plan a girls’ night out each month. Make time for your hobbies. Whatever it is that you like to do, and that refreshes you, make it happen. If you don’t value your personal time as important, you children won’t either.
  5. Thou shall never give up. Even on the bad days. Even on the days when math takes four hours and everyone ends in tears. Even when you’re sick. Even when you feel like you’re failing. Even when that big yellow bus is taunting you. You must keep going. You were called to this. You are equipped for this. There is no job that is more important. You can do it and do it well.
  6. Thou shall learn to say no. Busyness does not equal godliness. You cannot sacrifice your sanity, your family, and your homeschool on the altar of yet another volunteer opportunity. Or another extracurricular activity. Or another ministry position. If you are looking for a great recipe for burn out, taking on too many seemingly good “opportunities” is just the way to do it. Your homeschool must be a priority which means other activities and opportunities will have to take a back seat.
  7. Thou shall put your marriage first. As a homeschooling mom, it is very easy to fall into the trap of being “all homeschool all the time”. As much as your husband is {hopefully} a huge supporter of your homeschooling endeavor, he wants to be able to talk with you about more than just curriculum and field trips. He needs his wife, and truthfully, you need your husband. You were his wife before you were a homeschooling mother and you can’t lose sight of that cherished role.
  8. Thou shall learn that sometimes okay is good enough. Repeat after me, “perfect does not exist”. Go ahead and give that up now. There is no perfect child. There is no perfect homeschool schedule. There is no perfect homeschool curriculum. There simply is no perfect homeschool. If your expectation is perfection, do yourself and your children a huge favor and learn to embrace the “okay-ness”.
  9. Thou shall be Mom first. Sometimes your children just need Mom. Not Teacher Mom. Just Mom. Recognize those times when you must take off the homeschooling hat and simply be their mother.
  10. Thou shall trust God’s plan. Never for one moment doubt the fact that God called you to homeschool your children. He called you to this because He knew there was no one more qualified to teach your children. He entrusted this wonderful blessing to you, not because He knew you could do it, but because He wanted you to learn to depend on Him along the way. He has a plan, and even on the days when we can’t see it, it is a good plan.

Abide in these ten truths every single day and your journey as a homeschooling mother is sure to be just a little less rocky. Remember- no one ever told you homeschooling would be easy, they only told you it would be worth it.

Remind yourself of these 10 Commandments for Homeschooling Moms each day with this free printable.


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  1. Hello,
    I recently came across your website and just love the 10 commandments of homeschooling. I appreciate it so much. Thank you.

  2. As this is my second time homeschooling. We are way more flexible and easy going. We take it one day at a time. We also don’t do school on Fridays ever. Even if we didn’t get everything done for the week we had planned. And with a toddler in the house and a baby on the way some days she(grade 6) does what she can on her own. I have learned to not be so busy and it seems to be working for us. And they learn so much from just being home with me.

  3. First of all, I would never spend 4 hours on math. If the child is having that much trouble, than I would drop it for that day and take it smaller steps for a couple of days until the child picked back up on it. The purpose of schooling is for the child to learn, not to be frustrated and stuck on one thing for hours. I have found if my child is having a difficult time with a subject on one day, then it might be a good idea to drop it for the day and pick it back up the next day. Children are like adults in that they have bad days too.

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