7 Reasons Homeschool Dads Are The Best

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7 Reasons Homeschool Dads are the BEST

Since Father’s Day is right around the corner, I thought it was only appropriate to give a HUGE shout out to the amazingly wonderful homeschool dads out there! Most dads are pretty amazing, but homeschool dads, they top them all….and here’s why:

7 Reasons Homeschool Dads Are The Best

  1. You come home and save the day! At the end of a long homeschooling day, just when all of the homeschooling moms out there are ready to pull their hair out and sell the kids to the circus, we hear that magical sound of your car in the driveway and the day instantly improves! Reinforcements have come. Daddy is home and the day is saved!
  2. You don’t question the “science experiments” in the refrigerator. You recognize the kids must have learned something today and move on without asking any questions.
  3. You’re the cutest principal around! There aren’t many situations where it is acceptable for student’s teacher OR mother to be in love with the principal, but homeschool dads are so awesome, this is the status quo.
  4. You are our biggest cheerleader! You recognize the hard work that goes into homeschooling your children and you constantly make us feel valued. You’re there to lend an ear after a difficult day and you never complain about coming home to a messy house and stressed out wife.
  5. You teach your children valuable life lessons. While you may not be around for all of the daily school lessons, you are most certainly still a home educator. Math, English, and History lessons may fall on our shoulders, it is you who is there to teach the important skills of changing oil in the vehicles, mowing the lawn, and so much more.
  6. You believe in us enough to entrust the education of your children to us….and some days we think you are crazy for it. But, knowing that we have your unending love and support is often what pushes us through those difficult days.
  7. You have the future in mind. You recognize the value of homeschooling and you realize that not only are you paving the way for your children, but also for your grandchildren.

As a homeschooling mom, I just want to say thank you to the amazing homeschool dads out there. While we may not say it nearly enough, you are the backbone of our family. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for supporting us. And most importantly, thank you for drying our tears and listening to us vent when we need it most. Homeschool Dads, you ROCK!

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  1. In our home, my husband homeschool the kids while I work outside of the home. Unfortunately, it’s rare that any of the homeschooling blogs recognize the dads who do the homeschooling. My husband stopped reading homeschool blogs because everything is directed at moms.

  2. Wow! My dad worked from home so he helped out my mother a ton with homeschooling us. Dad’s are the best!

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