Homeschool Mom’s Tool Kit Giveaway {$450+ Value}

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As a homeschooling mom, I know there are certain homeschooling tools that I simply can’t function without. I’m sure you have your list of must-have items as well, right? I was curious to see which items other homeschooling moms just can’t live without, so I asked the question “What is one thing that you could NOT homeschool without?” in my Facebook group and the answers were definitely of no surprise to me, and the top answer {as it should be} was Jesus.

Homeschool Mom's Tool Kit Giveaway

The popular answers were items that are in what I call the Homeschool Mom’s Tool Kit and they include:

An amazing wireless All-In-One printer to print digital homeschool curriculum and resources {especially those you purchase from the Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale this week!}


A Kindle Fire that you can use to print to the amazing printer we just talked about.


A dry-erase board {is it even possible to homeschool without one of these?!}


An electric pencil sharpener {…and all the Homeschool Mamas said “Amen!”}


Coffee….lots and lots of coffee



….and a couple of more that are essentials for me:

Mom’s Essential Kit from Rocky Mountain Essential Oils–  The essential oils in this kit will boost your family’s health and create a relaxing and peaceful home atmosphere.


And lastly- this one is a no-brainer….money for curriculum purchases!!



There you have it, friends…these items along with a ton of prayer are my homeschooling essentials. Now for the really fun part, one lucky reader will win one of each of these items to create her own Homeschool Mom’s Tool Kit {valued at over $450!} The list of items included in this giveaway are:

To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway is open to US residents only. All entries will be verified. The winner will be notified via email on Sunday 5/22/15.  Good luck!!


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  1. The link for Misty’s Pinterest acct doesn’t work. I added in the http:// and then it worked fine.

    I’m excited about this giveaway! I have been wanting a new printer since ours hasn’t been working properly.

  2. Thank you for the chance to win and for doing so much for us moms!

  3. I would love to win. Especially the essential oils since I’ve heard they are great for sensory processing disorder

  4. I could not homeschool without my husband! He brings order where I see chaos. He is simply the best! ?

  5. Homeschool must haves? There are so many! aside from basic supplies, a library card!
    But then I love my vis a vis markers! and lots of manipulatives! I have a laser printer, love it!! but wish I had a color printer!

  6. I need lots of lights, lots of books, art supplies and coffee!!!

  7. My must have homeschool essentials is my laser printer and the internet …

  8. Pencils, paper, books, dry erase markers and board.

  9. Seems like daily I need paper, ink, and patience.

    Two of our children have special needs and we haven’t found any place that will “accept” them based solely on their diagnoses. After exhausting all of my research efforts, I started my own group last fall. Although we are small (34 kids currently) we are providing a wonderful learning environment for kids that struggle with learning, sensory issues, food allergies, etc. Winning this package would be HUGE for my group! Thanks for offering it!

  10. I wish for lots of rest, lots of books, lots of coffee, and lots of prayer!

  11. Good books! They can be relaxation for me, and for the kids, or if homeschooling is being off track, a good read aloud or snuggle and read time can reset the day! Thank you for the chance to win this amazing giveaway!

  12. Great giveaway. Coffee is definitely a go-to necessity! :). Need more hands-on and project supplies.

  13. Books, paper, and pencils.

  14. Coffee… books, and art supplies! 🙂

  15. the coffee, the essential oils, lots of prayer! 🙂

  16. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you!

  17. My must have homeschooling essentials are puzzles and tangram blocks to keep my three year old busy so I can homeschool my older kids!

  18. This is super exciting!! I would use every item in this giveaway! So helpful & practical & generous! Thank you!

  19. Jesus, coffee and my laminator!

  20. I love a good printer/copier, laminator & pencils & paper in bulk!

  21. Books, computer, dry erase board, pencils, sharpener, and art supplies!

  22. Coffee and lots of pencils! We are always chasing pencils.

  23. Winning this would be amazing! This upciming school year will be our first time homeschooling. I have three little fellas, the oldest being just shy of 5, then a 3.5 year old and a 1.5 year old.

  24. Oh and what do I need most, probably coffee and prayers for minimal stress.

  25. Some of my homeschool essentials are… A white board, good books, good tea, and YouTube! ?

  26. My must-have homeschooling items are my laptop, printer and our library!

  27. Lots of books!

  28. Crayons, Colored Paper, and Patience (If you have a toddler running around while trying to teach their siblings ??? ). We love homeschooling!

  29. I’ve been using usborn books and the ipad. I can’t live without them

  30. Must haves for my homeschooling clan is a printer, good pencils (Ticonderoga), art supplies, internet, and COFFEE! Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing prize!

  31. This giveaway is awesome! My essentials are art supplies, a big ol’ table, and of course COFFEE!

  32. Awesome giveaway! The pencil sharpener and lots of pencils are for sure an essential.

  33. Lots of prayer and coffee!

  34. Printer ink , paper,and a chalk board

  35. Hope I win!!

  36. My homeschooling essentials are pencils, books, paper, craft supplies, dry erase board, and patience.

  37. Coffee, Ticonderoga pencils, and a good library and good friends for support!

  38. Paper, notebooks, pencils, books/guides and art supplies.

  39. Currently, with the end of the school year drawing near, I could really use some self care time. *deep breath* I can do this!

  40. My homeschool essentials include our computers, the library, pencils, art supplies, and more.

  41. I need patience, paper, and a plan. I use lots more than that regularly, but have “made do” with that when we travel.

  42. My homeschooling essentials are printer paper, ink for the printer, pencils, and a butt load of patience!!

  43. Books to read, notebooks, pencils, and a decent pencil sharpener. I would love to win this.

  44. My homeschool essentials are laminator, white board, good pencils, and sharpener.

  45. Yes to the above! Definitely printer and ink! I would also add a labeler. But I am a little Type-A!

  46. I have to have a great planner, pens, sharpies and post-it’s.

  47. I’d love to win the homeschool tool kit giveaway ?. For me the most important must have is my library card?

  48. I know it sounds silly but the biggie on my wish list this year is a decent pencil sharpener and more coffee! LOL! I would probably donate the printer to local homeschooler in need. I am excited to try the oils as well. BTW, I absolutely loved the Bundle last year! Thanks for reminding me again this year!

  49. What an awesome person you are!! Thanks for the chance to win AMAZING helps!!

  50. Books, books, and more books. Am I the only mom that gets geeky about school supplies?

  51. Must have’s would be erasable pens, printer paper, ink, and my planner! 🙂

  52. My must have is a white board and definitely coffee!

  53. Now THIS is a great “bundle”!!! Thank you so much for a fun opportunity to win all this fabulous essentials!!! THANK YOU!!

  54. A printer with a copier/scanner is a must for homeschooling for me. Also coffee. ?

  55. Awesome! This would be great to win!!

  56. Must have essentials… Coffee. Girl’s Nights Out. Cooking Ahead to make meals easier. Read Aloud or Audio Books we all enjoy for a fun break. Daily Gym Time. A Curriculum(s) that we love and the wisdom and patience to know when to push and when to go slow.

  57. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! It is a wonderful package!

  58. Awesome!! Yes, coffee!!

  59. Thank you for the chance to win and for doing so much for so many!

  60. What an excellent giveaway! Everything a homeschool could want or need!

  61. Lots of great things in this giveaway! Things I use the most are lots of books from library, the internet (and printer), and art supplies.

  62. Printer and laminator!!mthis is an awesome contest! Thank you!

  63. A lot of love and patience, a bible, lots of prayer and a good printer. Oh don’t forget the laminator and the harerdest of all – cooperative children!!!!!

  64. My homeschool must haves so far have been our whiteboard and our laminator!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  65. I need my printer (and it is so frustrating when it doesn’t work).

  66. My essentials are organization and prayer. Nothing you can actually buy but so essential.

  67. These items would be awesome to have to help me be a good homeschool mom!

  68. I believe coffee and white boards are so important

  69. Homeschool must haves… A good wireless printer, a good computer, curriculum, Pinterest, coffee, Internet, my hubby. 🙂

  70. Tea/coffee, computer, paper, ink…smiles!

  71. What an amazing give away. Thank you! 🙂

  72. Paper, pencils, pens, and patience 😉

  73. I entered for my mom. Homeschooling mama of 7 and she never stops. She would love all of this so much!

  74. Anytime I work with our 6-year-old, I have to have enough patience to get me through the rest of my life! I also have to have lots of paper and plenty of colored pencils/markers/crayons. With her, absolutely everything has to be in color!

  75. This would be incredible especially since my Kindle seems to be dying a slow painful death and our printer recently died.

  76. Thank you so much for a chance at this giveaway.

  77. Thanks for this giveaway. One essential that gets used a lot at our house is a pencil sharpener. It is annoying to have dull pencil so a sharpener is a must among other things.

  78. My must haves are tablets and dry erase markers.

  79. Coffee, computer, printer with ink! Those are the biggest, anyway! Thanks for the givaway!

  80. I think a must have is a printer to copy all the activity sheets is a must have.

  81. I have been hearing good things about EO for kids with intense needs. I’d love to try some. My must-have for homeschooling is the used book store, the computer and The Writer’s Jungle. 🙂

    1. You would be amazed at the way essential oils can help with attention-deficit children.

  82. Jesus, our public library and my homeschooling mom friends!

  83. Coffee is on the top of my must-have list 🙂 but everything else on this post is also essential!

  84. Such an awesome giveaway ladies!

  85. After 18 years of homeschooling, I’ve found that a good laptop is essential for me as I homeschool my kids.

    Lisa Joy

  86. Homeschool essentials? PATIENCE! I don’t drink coffee, may be I should start. Good luck everyone!

  87. So excited for this! My homeschool essentials are hands on materials and manipulatives, lots of craft materials, and books.

  88. My must have items are a good printer/copier, a laminator, lots of fun crayons, colored pencils and markers.

  89. I love this. It’s so fantastic. If it weren’t for the advice and support from people and sites like you, I wouldn’t have ever even considered homeschooling. Thank you!

    1. Hearing comments like that make my heart smile. Thank you! <3

  90. Children, Jesus, smiles

  91. I Must have lots of prayer, wisdom in teaching and being aware of my children’s needs and abilities. I could use everything in the give away but they are second to the things mentioned above.

  92. I could sure use these supplies and I love the coffee that is too true need more of that.

  93. Our essentials are a laptop, a printer, a ton of digital resources, educational videos, and a few workbooks.

  94. A printer/scanner is definitely a must have and mine has decided to only work when it feels like it. It’s very moody. LoL

  95. This would be great!

  96. Computer, coffee and engaging curriculum.

  97. Caffeine 😀

  98. Thank you for the chance to win. My essentials are markers, puzzles, and copy paper!

  99. My Homeschooling must haves are a good color printer (which I don’t have yet), a dry erase board and some good markers to use on it, and a good pencil sharpener.

  100. This is amazing! Thank you for the opportunity this gives us all. My daughter could definitely use the Kindle Fire when we are at doctors and hospitals to still get some of her reading done without having to tote the laptop all the time. 🙂 Essential Oils are great to use for everyone during and after our school day. I have 2 we use at the moment.

  101. I am a home school mom of 4, owner of 1 year old, 90 lb Golden Pyrenees “Max”… and work full time… I could totaly use these supplies! Thanks you for thinking about the homeschoolng moms out there.

  102. Prizes look spectacular ?

  103. Dry-erase board and pens!!!

  104. Great giveaway! Some of our homeschool essentials are pencils, colored pencils, an electric pencil sharpener, printer, white board, and lots of good books.

  105. My home schooling must-haves? Patience, flexibility, and a steaming cup of coffee!! 🙂

  106. We don’t officially start homeschooling until fall but essentials I can see us needing are a library card, patience, and tons of grace!

  107. My homescholing “must haves” are: Internet, color printer and ink, paper (lots of different types and colors), my library card, art pens & pencils, paint, and patience. Money is helpful too. 🙂

  108. This would be a great package to win and very helpful as I begin my new homeschool adventure with my three boys!

  109. My printer!!!
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  110. This is such an awesome giveaway, and I’ve been so interested in trying these essential oils or quite awhile now!

  111. Must haves for me….library card and wine! Plenty of wine ?

  112. Yep… coffee is way up on my list of must haves! One thing my DH purchased for me recently is a TruBind Spiral Binder. Oh my goodness this is the greatest thing!!! I can make all kinds of books and journals from the ebooks and PDFs I have (and of course, will be getting in the future). I like it so much better than comb binding because I can flip all previous pages completely behind the page I need and there’s no ‘hump’ from the comb… it lays flat on the table. 🙂

  113. Coffee is crazy important to homeschooling!!! I love that it is included in this.

  114. Praying for some blessings! I sure could use the essential oils and the supplies look wonderful and definitely needed!

  115. Printer, computer, different kinds of paper, dry-erase board (large and small), laminator, comb binder, three public libraries…and kids who LOVE to learn!

  116. My must haves are the computer with internet access, my lesson plan binder, and a printer.

  117. Fantastic giveaway! I use my printer quite a bit.

  118. Always need consumable supplies. Books! Printer, printer paper, pencils, colors, paper, paper!!

  119. I LOVE my laminator!! But need a good wireless printer and a kindle!!!. I hope I win!!!

  120. My printer is not wanting to work – so I looked into a new printer yesterday. Haven’t bought one – so would be GREAT if I won this! Thank you for the opportunity!

  121. Necessary for homeschool: Consumables, printer, library, computer, desire to learn (students), desire to teach (mom and dad, and the burning desire to get back up after you fail on any given day.

  122. HS Essentials are: Homeschool Planner, a good color printer and 1 cent paper from Staples, a laminator, a white board (and good dry erase markers) and lots and lots of card stock.

  123. printer paper ink always need that stuff!!! and books tons of books!!!!!!!

  124. My must haves for homeschooling–spiral notebooks, pencils, printer paper and books!

  125. Printer (which is on its last leg), internet, and library card! Coffee is for living!

  126. Lots of books, a good printer and prayer!

  127. Books, computer and patience!

  128. My essentials : Jesus, various Bibles, my daughter, colored pencils, paper, stack of books, our laptop, and a sense of humor!

  129. Printer!!!!

  130. Hello! Thank you very much for this amazing giveaway! This would be a tremendous blessing. I have three boys and the printer, essential oils, dry erase board would be a wonderful asset! The boys love books, crayons and colored pencils. The Kindle would be great to be able to access the eBooks from both the Ultimate Bundle and the Homeschool Ultimate Bundles.

    Again thank you very much for this giveaway. You are a great blessing.


  131. We use the internet for everything! Which means I need a good printer, and I’m a huge fan on my laminator.

  132. I can’t homeschool without my library cards!

  133. My must haves for homeschooling would be coffee, a computer and printer!

  134. I’m just starting with our 5 year old and coffee would have to rank way up there, lol!

  135. Awesome giveaway. My essential homeschool item is the Internet!!!!

  136. Love my laminator that I got a couple years ago! Can’t believe I homeschooled for 15 years without one!

  137. My essentials are printer, printer paper, good curriculum, happy children ?

  138. I need Jesus first of all! Essentials would be my library card, art supplies for my daughter, cars and trains for my sons.

  139. Wonderful resources!

  140. Classic books (real ones, not digital), the library, a good printer, coffee, and my wife!

  141. Great homeschooling supply list.

  142. Flash cards and lots of pencils, erasers and paper.

  143. Amazing giveaway. Thankyou for the opportunity.

  144. My absolute must haves to homeschool are my precious red fountain pens, printer, and ipad. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  145. Lots of bookshelves.

  146. Coffee, prayer, community, Erin Condren planner…are some of my necessities. Fun bundle!

  147. We are just starting this fall! I need a lot 🙂 A dry erase board would be the best!

  148. I can’t homeschool without my kids… Jk iPads, todo math app, and lots and lots of imagination

  149. There are many things that I use for our homeschool. If our computer isn’t working there are many things that we can’t do, or if we’re out of printer ink that puts a few things on hold until we get some. Working technology really makes our homeschooling days run smoothly!!

  150. What a great giveaway! I am just beginning my journey so not sure of all the essentials but I would rank a good pencil sharpener and a printer at the top of my list….and lots of paper! But I am most excited about the oils and Build Your Bundle gift certificate.

  151. My must-haves are a printer, library access, Ticonderoga pencils, and a laminator!

  152. A computer is a must and good quality books. Thanks for the giveaway.

  153. My must have essentials are the internet, my laptop and the kid. Not necessarily in that order lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

  154. My must-haves include my all-in-one printer/scanner/copier and the internet!

  155. My McGuffey readers, and computer!

  156. I need a child with a good attitude, library card, and a decent tablet. Gas in the tank is handy, too!

  157. Homeschooling, for me, wouldn’t be possible without all of the wonderful resources available from you and all of the other, too many to count, amazingly generous homeschool bloggers out there that give so much to us women who aren’t nearly as creative as you all are!

  158. Wow, this is soooo nice!! My homeschooling essentials are tons of books, my printer, and art supplies. Thanks so much for the chance.

  159. What a great giveaway!

  160. My printer and my laminator! Mine are all still young so we do lots of handwriting practice and it helps to use the laminator for multiple uses and durability.

  161. Hello! Awesome giveaways it would be nice to win any of these items. I really couldnt do teaching without dry erase board and hole punch to keep things filed nicely in binders. I use my copier, printer alot and I really dont know what I would do without these things. Everything I have I use alot and I am thankful I can have these things to make my job as a homeschooler alot easier.

    Thank you Barbara

  162. My must-have home schooling essentials are our printer, ipad, classic literature.

  163. I need Jesus definitely! But I love doing read alongs with my kids. I also enjoy using Google to find pictures and videos of animals/people the kids are learning about. Would love to win the giveaway to try the build your bundle online curriculum. Have never tried it before and I’m really intrigued!

  164. I have preschool through high school in my house and simple, independent curriculum is a must have for my older two! I also need hands-on arts and crafts for the little one. She LOVES it! Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  165. I need that printer and a book binder machine would be great!

  166. Love all your hard work!! It helps me out a lot and makes homeschooling easier. Thanks!!! Would love to win the giveaway! Thanks so much for doing this!! Awesome.

  167. I love this giveaway!! Surprisingly it’s everything I need at the moment. Our printer dropped dead, my sharpened died a week later, and I’ve been researching essential oils to help me feel better. I can’t believe all the things they can help with!! It’s funny how things get sent your way…whether I win or not…just weird how things work. But would really LOVE LOVE LOVE to win!! (I’m trying to get things in order for my small facebook group for homeschooling moms….the printer would be a big help to print off new information packets for them.)

  168. Ambleside Online! It has made things so much easier for me ?

  169. Must haves…dry erase board, sharpeners, pencils, many books (readers since I have a 1st grader and a 5 year old), tablet, printer is a must, eos for wellness, caffeine…sound familiar? I think you’ve pretty much nailed it on the giveaway!

  170. I can’t homeschool without my kids (ha, ha, ha). Need my husband’s support and a planner! I love planners. I’m not an on-the-fly type person. The library is WONDERFUL and so we hit 2-3 different ones in our county per week.

  171. Most of my essentials are in the giveaway. I would love a Kindle and would certainly use the other items as well!

  172. I really want a binding machine and a laminator. Will help with printing our digital purchases from Build your own Bundle.

  173. We need Internet….printer ink and lots of it! Patience and snacks!

  174. Jesus #1 for guidence ;). Our printer stopped working a few weeks ago and that is an absolute MUST to do any activities with our children, winning this bundle would be a blessing!

  175. Coffee, Amazon cart, and plenty of fresh air!

  176. Books, coffee, my comfy couch, my hubby to support me, my quiet time with Jesus, printer, laptop, and art supplies.

  177. First and foremost is our Bibles. Ink for the printer, the printer, the computer and all of our wonderful books.

  178. My must haves is definitely a printer. Most of the curriculum is Printables. Binders to put the Printables in with page protectors. Of course internet service with a good modem and router. Also dry erase markers to save on paper. Good lighting for my girls. Dry erase board to use as a teaching tool and creative tool for the kids. I also use diffuser necklaces and put essential oils that help them concentrate, relax and to help me to be calm and not pulling my hair out. And I also use a diffuser in the house also. A do not disturb sign at the front door. It never works though lol. Of course pencils, pens, erasers, books of all types and my computer to read ebooks and watch movies and documentary online. Also I have an abundance of art supplies. I love them to show there creativity as much as they can. I think I could teach with just those but there are so many things that do make the job easier.

  179. What an amazing giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  180. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to win such GREAT prizes that would be so helpful to have in the home! You are truly amazing! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again!

  181. I would love the printer and Kindle Fire of course but the things we will probably use more than anything are the dry erase board (I ALWAYS need another!!) and the electric pencil sharpener!!

  182. What are my must haves? Chocolate is high up on that list. Along with lots of paper, good colored pencils, and read alouds. YWAM’s missionary stories are high on that list of read alouds!

  183. I could everything that you are giving away, I have been spending a lot of time on the computer looking at resources that I could print if I had a printer. Really hoping that I win. Thanks for doing things like this and all the great emails and advice.

  184. To teach at home, books are definitely a necessity. Also you need some time of internet connection with a laptop, ipad, or something. We also use a lot of craft materials for hands on type of lessons. A printer is helpful for when you need worksheets also.

  185. I will be a new homeschool mom next year and am terrified. I know I can’t do this without God, His Son, or the support of my family. Essentials would be anything for organization, right?

  186. HI, Thanks very much for offering this giveaway!!!! These are fun!!! And all these items are truly a homeschool mom’s desire!!!!

    God Bless!!!

  187. We have to have our computer!! ?

  188. I couldn’t do homeschool with Jesus who daily gives me strength in the mess. Also, my laminator!

  189. What a fantastic giveaway!! Everything in it would be used/loved by someone e in our family. We desperately need a printer and the kids would love a Kindle Fire! My daughter would go crazy over the dry erase board and colored pencils. Such a great giveaway!

  190. Internet access & a printer! I’d love to win this, our color printer just died & we haven’t been able to replace it because my husband recently lost his job. This would be such a blessing!

  191. My must haves are the internet and a printer!!!

  192. My must haves are my printer/copier and tons and tons of ink!!!

  193. Books, printer, pencils, pens, etc…

  194. prayer, coffee, internet

  195. Wow! Great giveaway! What a blessing many of these items would be to a homeschooling family.

  196. My homeschooling must haves are first of all a library card. My daughter loves books so we are always getting new books to enhance our curriculum.! My laptop is also a must have, so I can print out worksheets and activities even though my printer is isn’t the best haha. Another must have I are art supplies we love creating new art everyday. I just want to say that it’s wonderful to see someone offering such a great huddle to other homeschool a moms (:

  197. My must haves are Christ, prayer and the internet

  198. Copier, 3 ring binders, thinking putty

  199. A laser printer.
    A library card.
    A fast internet connection.
    Blogs like this.

  200. I’m new at this, so right now my most essential tool has been my daily planner. I love reading blog posts and seeing what works for others, and thank you for your! Thanks for this chance to win something useful!!! You are so kind!

  201. My essentials: Bible, prayer, coffee and laughter.

  202. Coffee…..LOTS and LOTS of coffee!
    And anything to help me get organized. I have stuff everywhere :O

  203. I never thought I would need a laminator but now that I have one I just love it and wouldn’t homeschool without it.

  204. The MOST important homeschool essentials are Internet and my printer. There are so many resources on the Internet (many free or low cost) that I can usually find something that peaks my kids interest 🙂

  205. what a fun giveaway! thanks

  206. Prayer, Wisdom (not patience) and conviction

  207. What a great giveaway!! Thanks 🙂

  208. Patience, resources, and great blog advice from those who have been there/done that…

  209. My must haves are a step by step curriculum, pinterest, and coffee!

  210. This is a fantastic giveaway! Tons of essentials! Some of my homeschooling essentials not listed in this giveaway are a Library Card, and Espresso 😉

  211. Must have essentials for me is internet access, books, and educational toys and games. Learning should be fun!

    Also, I wanted to mention, I think I messed up the information for the “tweet about this giveaway” because I don’t see it on my twitter page.

  212. Would so love to win this giveaway!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  213. Essentials for me or the kid So??? Lol me, coffee, dark chocolate and prayer. Kids, Internet, pencils, paper, separate quiet time.

  214. Jesus, coffee, schedule & lots of great books

  215. Thanks for the chance to win!

  216. Coffee, printer, internet, a library card……

  217. My most used and never teach without tool is prayer…rely on His wisdom, strength, grace, creativity and peace.

  218. Currently my family isn’t in a financial spot where I am able to home school but we are weighing our options. We also do tons of hands on lessons and try to incorporate lessons we feel are valuable every chance possible. Thank you so much for the chance !

  219. So many things that are huge helps or essentials to homeschooling but of them all I would say the support of my husband.

  220. My homeschool essentials are definitely a Bible, coffee, a printer that photocopies, three ring hole punch, and tons of binders! Oh, the Internet too – for schooling and encouragement!

  221. This is great!

  222. My homeschool must-haves are music; tons of markers, pencils, and crayons; notebooks and papers; our Bibles; computer; library card; lots of glue; printer; and Pinterest.

  223. My essential homeschool supplies have to be a library card, 3 ring binders, a printer, and Ticonderoga pencils.

  224. I really enjoy your blog, and appreciate the chance to win. I absolutely couldn’t do without a printer. I’ve gone through several. 🙁

  225. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  226. Coffee, patience and God!

  227. Much prayer, printer, paper, and ink, laminator, lots of coffee!

  228. Prayers, books, pens and pencils, paper, an inquiring mind–to begin with…

  229. Prayer, prayer, and more prayer. Oh, and some books and stuff. 😉

  230. Books, my CARL Angel-5 Pencil Sharpener and you tube.

  231. Our must have is a tablet so we can homeschool anywhere. We travel a lot.

  232. I can’t make it through the day without prayer, essential oils, and matcha green tea lattes!

  233. Memberships, book shelves, prayer. Also important: coffee, library cards.

  234. My laptop, printer with ink and paper, the Bible, pencils, and Amazon, lol! Thanks!!

  235. Teacher Lesson planner and good pencils. Having the kids use the right pencils makes so many things go smoother!!

  236. My must have essentials would be patience! And of course, books, pencils, paper….!

  237. Essentials? Hundreds of pencils, dozens of notebooks, and Internet access.

  238. What a wonderful give-away! Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. Oh, and my must have homeschooling essentials would be our Bible, prayer, coffee, my laser printer, patience… I’d say “sleep” but I somehow seem to be functioning w/o it. Oh yeah, coffee! 🙂

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