5 Reasons Intimacy Should be Included on Your Calendar

5 Reasons Intimacy Should be Included on Your Calendar

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5 Reasons Intimacy Should be Included on Your Calendar

Does it ever seem that you and your spouse have a tough time focusing on your physical relationship? Did the intimacy you once shared seem to disappear about the same time that you became parents? Once the honeymoon has ended, many couples have a difficult time building intimacy into their routine. A few changes to your habits can help you restore that connection that you may be missing. Here are 5 reasons why intimacy should be included on your calendar.

5 Reasons Intimacy Should be Included on Your Calendar

1. It Keeps the Romance on Track

The physical part of your relationship with your spouse is the foundation for the romance that you share. Whether you are newly-weds or have been married for decades, that romance is something that we all continue to desire in our marriages. By including intimacy in your regular routine, you are maintaining that romance…giving you both the understanding that you’re still very much in love with one another.

Each couple has their own approach to intimacy. Finding the approaches that work best for you and your husband will help you both to show your love and feel loved. Your goal should be to let one another know how much you desire the other and that your feelings for each other continue to grow.

2. It Allows You to Put the Rest of the World Aside

When you and your spouse are intimate with one another, it allows you to focus completely on your marriage, casting all other stressors aside. By placing your physical relationship with your spouse at the top of your priority list, you are ensuring that despite life’s challenges, you will always have that strong connection with your husband. The simple act of giving your husband a kiss in the morning when you wake up or when you see one another can make you two feel a powerful connection, if even for just a moment.

3. It Makes Your Relationship with Your Spouse Unlike Any Other

Some couples have no problem placing emphasis on intimacy, while others struggle to fit it into their busy days. Where ever you are with your husband, finding ways to make your physical connection an automatic part of your day-to-day life will help remind you of the aspects of your relationship with your spouse that make it unlike any other. He is the only one with whom you have such an intimate, vulnerable relationship.

If you find that you and your beloved are having a tough time including intimacy into your routine, begin by scheduling it as you would any other part of your day. Over time, make it a goal to have it become automatic…something that can be more spontaneous. Working together to further develop your physical relationship will help you to both make it a more regular part of your routine.

4. It Helps you to Honor Your Vows

There are plenty of references made in the Bible to the role that intimacy plays in marriage. In 1 Corinthians 7:1-4 it is said that two become one and that husbands and wives are to give themselves to one another completely. As couples work to honor those vows that they spoke, it is important that the role of physical connection not be forgotten.

5. It Helps You Overcome Challenges

As mentioned, having a routine for exploring your physical relationship with your spouse will help you to overcome life’s challenges. It also will help you to come through the disagreements and difficult conversations that you may have a stronger couple. If you and your husband have a strong physical connection, then you can return to that connection when you find yourselves struggling. A simple look or touch may help to diffuse tough situations and remind you both of the loving bond that you share.

Do you know other reasons why intimacy should be included on your calendar? Please share your ideas!

Carlie Kercheval

Carlie has been blissfully married to her best friend Michael since June 10, 2000. They have been blessed with 3 precious children that they have been able to homeschool while traveling the world as a military family. Carlie and her husband founded Fulfilling Your Vows™ in obedience to the ministry God has placed in their hearts to promote biblical marriage. Together they are the co-authors of the best selling family Bible study guide "Learning to Speak Life: Fruit of the Spirit". Carlie is also the founder of Today's Frugal Mom™ where she shares her insights on making the most of what you've been given.

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  1. Absolutely love these insights! What you said about intimacy helping to overcome challenges was particularly thought-provoking. I hadn’t thought of it like that before. I just love how you tackle this topic with such grace! You really have a gift for choosing the right language. SO GOOD: “…having a routine for exploring your physical relationship with your spouse…”

    I have to imagine there’s a health element as well! I hear again and again about how we all need touch and women especially need hugs. These, in addition to the physical relationship we get to share with our husbands, must release endorphins to help our bodies (and souls) function at their best!

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